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Lessons You Must Learn [Nurses, Acolytes] - Smoke - 07-24-2013

More than enough time had passed for the Moon Doctor to feel prepared to begin her lessons. That time had been spent scrounging up the last of her herb supplies from the various hiding holes that she had kept Zaffre busy maintaining the stocks thereof, and collecting fresh samples where she could. It was far from an encompassing example of her knowledge, but she could only do so much when winter seemed to drag on forever in the absence of Sun and Earth and Time.

Pacing through the trees, she called out beckoningly, calling her pupils to her side. Her gaze was alert for the signs of her nurses, her acolytes, expecting them to be eager for whatever knowledge she would share with them. Expected them to come as promptly as possible to her call.

Her goal was a clearing near the cliffs, sheltered by thick underbrush to keep out the winds, warmed by a fire that cast flickering light over the hard stones that dragonfire had cleared seasons past to make way for this campfire, that attentive hooves and creative minds still kept clean even now. She chose it because it had a shelf of rock just a few inches higher than the regular ground, more than sufficient towards her plans.

Standing beside this shelf, she nosed through the bag hanging from a harness slung about her shoulders, selecting out a few samples of each plant she'd brought to show her students to place at intervals on the shelf of stone. Deliberately she kept any unwary hooves from venturing too close, gesturing for those who gathered to stand in a semi-circle before her and the herb-laden stone, the fire at her back and casting its glow over the various herbs. Leaves, twigs, roots, and bark, mostly dried, but of a wide variety.

"Most of you are aware that I intend to teach the protectors and any of the rest of the herd a little bit about herbs. But their knowledge will be scant after what I mean to teach all of you.

Not only will you be prepared to tend the bruises and cuts that our protectors incur defending our home, but you will be able to assist a pregnant mare, treat sickness, calm anxious horses, and more. You will know not only how to use these herbs, but where to find them, what they look like, what they smell like.

And perhaps one or two of you will rise to become full healers, and learn to wield the Moon's magic to heal broken bones, mend muscle, cleanse infection, and put back together whatever has gone wrong with your patients. But that is not something the weak of heart should strive for, since some terrible wounds arise not only from war, but childbirth and simple accidents. You will see friends and loved ones hurt, and be expected to remain calm in order to heal them."

Her gaze swept over them, lingering over each in turn. Seeking for signs of discomfort, signs of determination. Even as early as now she could perhaps tell who would be the most promising.

RE: Lessons You Must Learn [Nurses, Acolytes] - Resplendence - 07-24-2013

and i'd tell that i miss you but i'm sure it doesn't matter at all
She had gone out wandering. She had needed to get away from all the people. She couldn't handle it all the time. It wasn't Respledence's fault that her nerves took over and she was basically immobilized because of the constant racket all around her. It was overwhelming on her ear and all the sound. But, she was going to have to start to learn how to deal with all of this.

Heading back into the herdland she was startled by the sound of Smoke's call. The mare she had met in the healer's meeting - the one who had saved Quil. Instantly, she started to move toward her, legs snapping up in the Morgan-like movement that was of Res's breed. She was careful, constantly jumping to the side ever so slightly as she headed deeper and deeper into the darkness. The moon's glow just barely light enough for her to make out the shapes with an eery glow around them. And then, her nostril's landed upon the scent of smoke - orbs falling upon the glow of a fire. Then, her eyes traveling to the dark form of the kind mare from earlier.

The mare was placing things upon the shelf, what looked to be herbs and plants she had gathered. Res was not one to venture to close to the fire, so when she was put into the semi-circle she stood waiting, bobbing her head in greeting It was a meeting for those wanting to learn the art of healing. Within seconds her mind had shot back to Rowan. Seeing her dying there. How maybe, just maybe if she had known the art of healing that Rowan would still be alive. But, alas, she was dead now. And with a harsher resolve she was pushed even more into learning how to heal.

She listened to the words the mare had said, drinking in all of it to attempt to keep in her memory forever. And, even though her legs were trembling from being close to such other horses she had not yet met and the darkness that had been cloaking the world, her eyes were with a harder steel gaze. She would learn how to heal. The wounds did not affect her - it was the those who were perfectly well that caused her distress. She could easily heal them and then cower away, not requiring a thank you.

But one thing was for certain - Res would not let another equine die right before her eyes...

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would love for her to become an actual healer <33

RE: Lessons You Must Learn [Nurses, Acolytes] - Kiara - 07-25-2013

World's Edge Nurse

Silently, the red roan dragged herself out of isolation once again. Her growing son moving at her side, along with her growing companion. Keiran had been her light for so long, pulling her out of her silent and hidden depression. He was her savior in so many ways. Even stopped her from leaping headlong over the edge of a cliff. Her son, had not been able to do that. He was ever the reminder of her failure to protect herself. He stayed at her side most days, not really interested in mingling with the rest of the foals his age. He couldn't run like the rest.

The call went out for all those who wished to heal, and the trio answered. The roan knew of the deaths, even if she did not full know who they were. She had not gone to the meetings as she was to depressed to stand up. Well now some of the old confidence she had was returning. It had been months since Malachi had been born, and they had not been found. She was safe as long as she was in the boarders of her home. As they drew to a halt at the small gathering, Keiran jumped to Malachi's shorter back and then to Kiara's to enjoy a nice perch. He yowled a greeting to those present, as Kiara herself remained quiet. Malachi to stood silent next to his mother. Emerald green eyes watched at the Moon Doctor spoke. Was this meeting so different from that of the one she attended with the Moon Doctor then? No, not really. But maybe this time she was going to learn something.

"Sed interdum rutrum urna, sed pellentesque sapien tempor in."

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RE: Lessons You Must Learn [Nurses, Acolytes] - Sakura - 08-20-2013


She calls and I come. After all, she's now my best chance at becoming Moon Doctor like my Daddy was. The tears have long stopped flowing, as I have to be strong for my siblings. Aaron tries to be, but he just doesn't see how much losing both parents has made me grow up. I realize now, no one will always be here for us... My sister and I. Until I find a way to cure her blindness, I must be able to heal her when she needs it, and to protect us both. Sure for now we have the Qian, but for how long? One day we will have to seek our own fates, be it with the Qian or without. Either way, I was going to be ready. My head held high I moved forward to join the small gathering. There was one I recognized from right after Daddy's death... She had joined the herd that night. The other.... Well I had seen her and her son around... But not very much. Her son looked to be a few months younger than I, and kinda stepping funny. But that didn't matter. I'm sure he's just here to stay at his Momma's side... I would to if I could....

No, no damn it I will not cry again. Those tears do not bring them back. There is no point in it. Besides, Takara does enough crying at night for the both of us. I don't need to start doing it to. The new Moon Doctor was speaking now, talking of what she was going to teach us. My jaw set with determination. I was going to handle this. Takara, and maybe even Aaron or Azale would need my help. It was bound to happen one day. At least one of us needed to know how to heal and not cause harm....

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