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Moving Mountains [Clearing] - Isopia - 04-09-2017

[Clearing thread for the HQ! All welcome. No posting order!]

Clearing was something Isopia could do. It was the type of work that involved very little chatter. After all, they had all heard the Moon Goddess and knew what it was which was asked of them. So there was no need for inquiry with regards to direction and tasks. And, because of the physical exertion of clearing the cliff edge of debris, hopefully everyone would be so focused on their tasks and on their breathing, that they wouldn't bother to talk.

Or at least maybe they just wouldn't bother to talk to her.

Shifting into her dragon form so that she would have the use of a dexterous tail and fingered-hands, Isopia began to work. At her side, Babel and Hubris began to clear smaller rocks and stones, while Isopia began to work on fallen trees and larger barriers to their building project.

Although the day was hot, her reptilian body did not sweat. She did have to constantly replenish and keep an eye on her hydration levels, and often had to move into the shade so that her body temperature would lower. Although it was cumbersome, she enjoyed the feeling of the breeze on her relatively slick scales, free of sweat and the signs of hard work. 

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RE: Moving Mountains [Clearing] - Lyanna - 04-09-2017

let the winds erase me,

like the memory of a kiss

Sometimes she misses the days she could control the magic. The loss of her power has been one of the few things she generally doesn’t miss. It’s strange some days not to control the wind as she once did, but she has largely grown used to this change. It is easier to stomach the loss of magic than the loss of her family. That doesn’t seem to get much easier, doesn’t seem to stop being something that plagues her almost daily.

She is almost glad of the excuse to throw herself into more clearing. It is hard, tiring work. The sort of work that pulls the ghosts from her mind and leaves her too tired to let them come back. She enjoys, in a strange way, the exhaustion that comes with accomplishment. She is not the first to the cliff. There are three dragons, only two of which she vaguely recognizes. The new Seer, The Mountain that Knows. They are her companions, anyway, if Lyanna recalls correctly. She isn’t entirely sure if the third dragon is The Mountain herself, or another companion she doesn’t know.

But there are no other horses around yet, and she can’t imagine companions are here entirely alone. So she nickers in greeting, offering a simple, “Hello, I’m Lyanna,” before setting herself into work. These sort of tasks are the ones where she misses her magic though. Because it would be really helpful to just use a few large wind gusts to clear the debris. They’d be done in a few minutes rather than what looks like at least a few hours. In the middle of Tallsun.

But she sets to work, using her wings to scoop small debris and carry it away into a pile. For larger rocks and braches and logs she uses her head or teeth as necessary, pushing and dragging at the bigger objects. It’s exhausting work, and she disappears frequently to get water, making sure to keep herself hydrated. She debates cheating, calling on the healing magic to just keep her energized, but she can’t bring herself to do it. That’s not the point of her magic, really. And certainly not the point of this task. So she keeps working, black coat quickly becoming drenched in sweat, ghosts fleeing her tired mind.


let these waters takes me

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RE: Moving Mountains [Clearing] - Ingrid - 04-09-2017

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Ingrid arrived at the cliff a few minutes later. She didn't really like manual labor, but she knew the cause was worthy. She glanced around, and suddenly her blood turned to ice. Dragons. Why must it always be dragons? she wondered, unable to control her rapid heartbeat as she stared at the trio. She had to fight the urge to turn tail and flee as she started clearing, working as far away from the scaly creatures as possible.

She tried moving a rock, but all she ended up accomplishing was bruising her cannon when she tripped over the darn thing. She then tried pulling up a few saplings, but for the most part could only strip them of branches — which at the very least tasted alright. The roots remained intact though. Eventually, she gave up on clearing trees and rocks since she lacked any means by which to move them. Determined to help somehow, she started picking up branches and small trees that the others had already ripped out of the ground and set aside. She carried them away from the cliff, looking for all the world like a 16 hand puppy as she cantered back and forth with saplings between her teeth.

RE: Moving Mountains [Clearing] - Isopia - 04-10-2017

Turning slowly, for although her draconian body was roughly the same size as her normal one, the proportions were slightly different, Isopia looked towards Lyanna. Had she met the mare before? Had Lyanna been a friend of her mother, Kahlua's? Those memories seemed so far away now, that The Mountain simply couldn't remember. So instead, the dragon simply nodded her head. "Hello Lyanna. I am The Mountain that Knows..I....can take this form if I choose." She added, motioning to the draconian body that she had wrapped herself in.

As another appeared and began to work, without offering a greeting, The Mountain merely shrugged. A lack of conversation was what she had been hoping for, after all.

"Here is some water, should you find yourself thirsty." She called out, and, using her magic, created two large floating orbs of water. The hung easily reachable in thin air. It only took minor control on Isopia's part to maintain them, and given how hot the day would soon be, she thought that they were necessary. To prove that they were as she had said they were, Isopia stuck her dragon-snout into one of them, drinking from it, before pulling back and nodding.

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RE: Moving Mountains [Clearing] - Ingrid - 04-10-2017

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Ingrid had arrived back to pick up more things just as the dragon spoke. It left her with a lot of questions. She'd started to accumulate unanswered questions when she first moved to the Edge. Her collection was pretty sizable at this point. Now she could add, "How can a dragon talk in horse-speak?" and, "Since when can dragons use telekinesis?" to the list. At the very least, the fact that it was talking served to make Ingrid slightly less frightened of the large dragon and its two small children. She glanced at the floating water orb and nodded, "Thank you."

A little while later, she even got within maybe ten yards of the tiny gold one to get some debris to carry back. She smiled inwardly, Well shit, I'm not sure this is good enough to be called progress, but it's  something. I'm gonna have to learn do deal with these reptiles eventually.

RE: Moving Mountains [Clearing] - Mesec - 04-10-2017

Although Mesec was pretty sure Vesper would prefer to go searching for coloured stones, and that seemed like a wonderful way to spend some time together, he thought it might be a good idea to help out in a more active way. He hadn’t been a very good member of this herd so far, after all - preferring to spend his time with Vesper and his family - and this quest seemed to be a good way for him to throw himself into the herd.

And today, he was going to do that quite literally.

He hadn’t been too sure of where to start himself, so Mesec had kept an eye out for someone else starting to clear the area where the temple would be. He hadn’t been at the meeting where the quest was given out, after all, but had heard about it later on.

Finally, he was wandering and caught sight of a group working away - Lyanna, a dragon that looked an awful lot like Isopia, and a mare he didn’t recognize. Seeing the dragon gave him an idea and he lingered in the shadows of some trees and pulled on his own transformation magic. Lyra was already bounding into the area where the mares were working - yipping excitedly in greeting to first Lyanna, then the large dragon, then the white faced mare.

A few moments later, Mesec followed - as a warg. He moved slowly, hoping no one would be freaked out by his appearance - or not too freaked out. He was a large, vaguely wolf-ish creature right now, after all. “Can I help?” He asked, as he padded over to a spot not currently occupied so he could start pushing aside objects. Lyra was too busy introducing herself and waiting to be greeted by her friends - eyeing Babel cautiously as she made her rounds - but Lucius swooped down to lend his large talons to the cause.

“I’m Mesec.” The silver and black warg introduced himself to the one he didn’t know, and used it as an explanation for the others - in case they weren’t sure.

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Mesec is in warg form! :D

RE: Moving Mountains [Clearing] - Aaron - 04-13-2017


I can't say, I was really thrilled about building a temple for the Moon Goddess. After all, I have seen to much from her to really give a shit about worshiping her. However, I am back in her patron herd so... I had heard about the quest, and figured hell why not. I probably need to get back in the good graces of the Goddess after leaving her herd so much through out my life. Alanna fell in step along side me, heading toward some noises close by. Maybe they would tell me how to help out.

Sure enough, I found an odd assortment clearing out a place for this temple thing. I had arrived just in time to catch the dragon introducing herself as my former Czarina. With a resigned sigh I moved in. "Hello Mountain that Knows. Fancy seeing you here." I speak casually. I do not know if she will know or remember me, but honestly I don't care. I am here to do a job, one that being part draft I am well built for. "For those that don't know me, i'm Aaron and the hellhound is Alanna." I left it at that, heading over to a decent sized boulder that would need to move.

Alanna settles in quietly, moving back and forth gathering small mouth fulls of loose debris and carrying it out and around the edges.

"Alanna speaks"

RE: Moving Mountains [Clearing] - Lyanna - 04-13-2017

let the winds erase me,

like the memory of a kiss

Lyanna had seen Isopia around, knew The Mountain by the moniker, but little else. After the Hidden Falls had been disbanded, there were so many new faces in the Edge that she never did quite keep up. Not that she wasn’t trying, but all too often she got lost in the greenhouse and spent entire days there instead of only a few hours every morning. It was too easy to spend entire days weeding, planting, or out searching for new herbs for the garden.

The Mountain, currently a dragon, introduces herself as The Mountain, confirming what she had thought. At least she wasn’t so oblivious and lost in all thoughts of ferns and cedar to not recognize distinctive companions.

More come, one not offering anything in the way of conversation. Isopia offers them water, creating orbs of it, and Lyanna smiles, taking a short break from the walk. “Thank you,” she says, about to say more but a yipping little kitsune comes into view. “Lyra!” Lyanna says happily, seeing the familiar companion. Likely the kitsune couldn’t understand her, but hopefully the tone of her voice would convey her meaning.

When Mesec comes, he is not what Lyanna is expecting. Like Isopia, he is something entirely different. It’s quite impressive, really, and just slightly intimidating to be surrounded by dragon and…beast? There’s a word for her, certainly, but she just doesn’t know what it is. She laughs slightly, a pleasant and amused sound, laughing largely at her own ignorance. “Mesec,” she greets first, “What exactly are you?”

She takes a drink before heading back to picking up debris and branches, another coming to join then as well. Like with the others, she smiles and nods. “Lyanna,” she says to Aaron, cutting herself off with a branch that she drags along like a dog. Right about now, it would be really nice to be a dragon or a beast-thing, because doing this as a horse sucks.


let these waters takes me

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RE: Moving Mountains [Clearing] - Isopia - 04-17-2017

Isopia couldn't help but feel relieved to see Mesec. Despite the fact that the last time she'd seen him in this form there'd nearly been a fight between she and Ampere, she'd never considered him a threat. Perhaps if she'd known that he was the cause of all those wounds she'd seen on Zekle so many seasons ago, she might have felt differently. Although, knowing her, she probably wouldn't have.

"Good choice." She mumbled through rows of sharpened teeth, assuming he had taken on his warg form in order to more aptly help them with their task.

As Aaron appeared, Isopia felt a pang of guilt well up in her chest. Every time she saw someone from the Falls, she felt a stab of anger towards her Father for allowing her to lead them all, only to snatch it all away from her and throw them all into the wilderness. Although it had been her Father's doing, she nevertheless felt partially responsible, and although no one had ever accused her of failing them, she still felt as though she had. "Aaron." She returned, nodding her draconic skull. "I am glad that you've made it here."

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RE: Moving Mountains [Clearing] - Amaris - 04-23-2017

Dragon. It was unspoken, unannounced, and for Amaris, unexpected. That another possessed the ability to call upon a draconic body was something still so unique to her, that when the golden queen within Amaris, the golden heart that was her dragon side, felt the change, she didn't know what to do for several moments. Dragon? she seemed to question herself, sending the query uselessly across the bond that linked her and Dramyrth, who merely responded with a huff. Amaris still had not revealed exactly what it was this deep, carnal sensation within her, seemingly summoned to the surface by the presence of other dragons (why then, did it not surface when they visited her father's homeland? Had they been too distracted by Dramyrth's illness, too swept up with worry and concern, too hasty to retreat back to Helovia's borders to notice?). Perhaps it wasn't dragons so much as the magic that summoned them - maybe it was nothing but an odd feeling, an undefinable sensation that urged her to the location that their temple would be built.

Amaris hovered, unmoving, for some time as she watched the others work. Dramyrth dived right into the thick of it, trilling a greeting to any he recognised, lending his breath to aid the breaking down of stumps and larger branches, following Hubris and Babel as they cleared smaller, lighter debris. He was curious about Isopia in her dragon form, and he recognised her easily not only by the proximity of her companions but also her markings, which seemed to have carried over to her draconic form. Amaris' golden gaze eyed her carefully, as she spent time ensuring her other nature did not rise to challenge this other dragon, like what had occurred at the Heart recently. She wondered, if Yael were to attend in her dragon form, whether the golden queen who resided near Amaris' heart would rise in an angry torrent again, but Yael was not here, and nor was her cousin imitating the magic that allowed one to transform - the dragonmare stood, and breathed away her worries, surprised at the sweat darkening her hide even though she had not even started contributing to the work being done physically just yet.

She surveyed the area, looking at each who arrived to help, her eyes widening in surprise as she fell upon Mesec's furred form - she recognised it, and was filled with tentative happiness to see him looking so happy in his warg body. The last time he had transformed, it had been unwillingly, and (she recalled amongst memories of simply getting the hell out of there) utterly savage. Finally, the dragonmare stepped forth from the shade of the treeline, to join in the work, calling out a low greeting to those she passed, a sharp whinny of surprise leaving her as she recognise Aaron as well. "Aaron! It's good to see you!" she trotted eagerly up to him, wondering, hoping, praying he would remember her, the daughter of the DragonHeart. The last time she had seen him had been Mirage's very death-day, and she wanted to tell him that it hadn't been that long for her, that she hadn't wanted to be away for so long, but it didn't matter, because they were all here now, were they not?

Offering a smile and a low greeting to the others present, Amaris turned her attention to the task at hand. She did not possess transformation magic, but instead was half dragon herself - it lent her some greater strength, though that very well could have been from the draft blood that also gave her body its sturdy resilience. Using the scythe on the end of her tail, Amaris began stripping down what small twigs and branches she could reach on a particularly large felled tree, before unfurling her whip and looping it tightly around the naked stump. Dramyrth collected all the debris he could manage that Amaris had stripped from the tree, and watched as his beloved then moved to pull it away. It was not a fast process, but the dragonmare kept at it anyway. The zappyness of her whip crackled every now and then, but it was strong enough to withstand this new task Amaris had come up with for it.

Idly, Amaris recalled her mother talking about similar activities, that got the entire herd together to build a veritable wall around the Edge. Had that failed, because they did not first seek the Goddess' blessing to construct it? Had it failed, ultimately, because it had been built by mere mortals, bastardising the magic of the lands to build something they thought suitable? Now great spikes that could be raised or set into the earth marked the borders of the lands (Amaris was reminded sharply of Mauja's icy magic, which he had demonstrated to her and Aaron at her mother's funeral, though she was surprised she hadn't seen him since her return, for when she left, it was he who had been a King of the Edge). The dragonmare performed the labour required for this task anyway, because the herd viewed it as an improvement to the lands, because the Goddess sanctioned it, and she wanted only to prove her worth to them - she was no better than any of them, and she did not necessarily want for that, no. She wanted to simply belong, and found herself doing just that the more time she spent as a returned member of the herd.

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RE: Moving Mountains [Clearing] - Ingrid - 04-23-2017

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Ingrid was forced to halt mid-canter, "Woah, watch it!" she scolded. A jumpy fox had appeared out of nowhere, and was weaving around her legs. Ingrid noted that it had several tails, which made it a kitsune. She'd read about those once. She definitely didn't want to trample one. She set aside the branch she was carrying to greet it, and she put her nose to the ground, "Hey bud," she said, giving the fox's head a gentle nudge. Only a companion would be this friendly. "So, where's your bonded?" she asked it.

She looked up just as Mesec introduced himself, "Oh. Got it. Hi Lyra."

She grabbed the branch again as Lyra bounded off, glancing at her bonded, who could apparently turn himself into a giant shadow dog. Now that she thought about it, the dragon was probably like that too. It still freaked her out a little though. Two more arrived, the second brought yet another dragon. Ingrid was starting to think she attracted them. Trotting back and forth with debris, she found herself falling into step with the new gold dragon and the hell hound, who were doing the exact same thing she was. I think this officially makes me the most useless herd member, she thought dryly.

RE: Moving Mountains [Clearing] - Mesec - 04-23-2017

Mesec was completely relieved that no one freaked out when he arrived as a warg - he was still learning how to be comfortable in this menacing form. But, then, he supposed it helped that he wasn’t snarling and completely losing control and trying to eat everyone.

Lyra was delighted by the greetings of Lyanna and Ingrid and was careful to heed the unicorn’s warnings to ‘watch it’. She hadn’t meant to get under her hooves - she was just so excited! She yipped happily as she was nuzzled and moved to help the friendly Ingrid. Not that Lyra could carry much, really, just a stick at a time, but her five tails were wagging proudly at the idea of helping out her new friend.

Mesec grinned back at Lyanna, his own tail wagging a little bit and hopefully making his grin less frightening (even though he still felt incredibly embarrassed every time his tail moved). “A warg. If it makes anyone uncomfortable though, I can shift back into a horse.” His silver gaze flickered to those around him, ready to watch for any signs that someone was unhappy. It would be easier to dig at roots and clear things in this form but if the price was upsetting one of his herd mates, he wasn’t willing to pay it.

His silver eyes brightened at the mumbled comment from the dragon-Isopia. “You too.” He found her dragon form much more impressive than his own new shape.

Amaris joined them as well, moving to help Aaron, and Mesec turned his attention back to the task - moving to work near Lyanna. He hoped he’d be able to help her out if there was something too awkward for her to move as a horse - but she seemed to be handling the branch she was dragging away just fine. There was an upright, small dead tree in the way and he stretched out with his claws, digging at the earth around it and tearing into the roots that would have kept it from being knocked over and removed.

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RE: Moving Mountains [Clearing] - Isopia - 04-28-2017

[what is posting order]

Deciding that all of these hello's, and how are you's were not something she needed to be a part of, Isopia turned her attention back to the task at hand. She was already feeling quite uncomfortable by the amount of Edgers who had turned up to assist with this task, and wanted simply to drown herself in the work at hand.

Hubris helped by grabbing rocks, sticks, and other debris that was in the way. Babel however was entirely uninterested in helping. In fact, he was making a bit of a mess by stirring around some dirt and rocks, as if creating pictographs in the ground. Isopia ignored this, not wanting to get into a fight - mental or otherwise - with the small dragon with so many around. Anything that required attention to be diverted her way would be avoided at almost all costs. Hubris however glared towards the gold dragon, crossing his arms and trilling his disapproval a how little the gold was contributing.

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