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A Horse Has Five Hearts - Katissa - 03-26-2017


The black mare's ears pricked, and her nostrils flared. She was tired, her hooves pulsing in time with her heart. But the knowledge cut through the cloud of fatigue. She was close. Looking around, she saw nothing different about the forest surrounding her, but with each step of her long, white legs, she felt the draw growing stronger. Why, and how, she had no idea. All she could think was that the magic of the place had been woven into her with the stories her mother and father had told her and that the magic of her parents was guiding her.

The thought of her parents sent a jolt of grief through her. She squeezed her ice blue eyes shut, and lowered her head, before gritting her teeth.

They wouldn't want this, she thought. They would want to be strong. I can do that for them. I have to!

She carried on, more determined now. She had felt sorry for herself for too long, wasted too much time. She and her mother had set out nearly a year and a half ago, trying to escape the tyrant who had killed her father. Their goal had been Helovia, the place the three of them had dreamed about. Along the journey her mother had become a shadow of herself, wasting away, until one day she had died, too. Katissa had been left alone, and she had been lost in her grief. She had no idea how long she had wandered, before finally finding her purpose again. Before remembering where she was supposed to go.

And now she was here.

The mare stopped short before the entrance to Helovia. If she looked closely, she could almost see a veil before her.
"So this is it."

Her whisper seemed loud, and harsh to ears unused to the sound of speech. Her voice sounded disused. It had been a long time since she had had someone to talk to. She went out of her way to avoid other equines, hoping to avoid being taken into a herd against her will or having word get back to the despot who now ruled her father's herd. It had worked. Just a few more steps and she would be safe. He would never risk having his magic stripped, just for her, even if he did find where she had gone.

It was that thought that spurred her into action again. Safety was so close. Her limbs, though strong, had felt leaden from the extended travel. Now she felt energized, and with each step, she accelerated, until she was galloping full tilt. The wind whipped through her mane and tail, and she lowered her lashes against the sting. She felt clods of dirt hit her white splashed belly, and a layer of dust coated the lacey white marking on her legs. Twigs clawed her mane and tail as she dodged trees. She knew she would need a bath later, but right now couldn't bring herself to care.

And then the tug she'd been following lifted, and tingle spread through her, from nose to dock. She stopped once more, as a spurt of joy, the first she had felt in a while, flooded her.
"I did it, Mama and Papa! I did it!"
She couldn't help but prance in her excitement. This had been the goal for so long. Quickly though she settled down. It had been a long journey, full of fear and loss, and as happy as she was, she was still exhausted.

And one thing her father had taught her was that you always monitored who came in and out of your lands. That meant someone would be here, and soon. And she had no idea who they would be or what they would intend. She had to stay alert, and she had to rest while she could.

Katissa lowered her head to the grass below her hooves and began to graze, ears flicking, to catch the sounds around her. Her nostrils scented the air, waiting for whoever would arrive. She had no control over that. And she would cross that bridge when she came to it. But for now, she was safe, and she was here.

RE: A Horse Has Five Hearts - Sacre - 03-28-2017

The humidity that came with the peak of Tallsun wasn't agreeing very well with Sacre, whose dark coat soaked up the rays much easier, causing him to sweat often and his spirits to drop a little. He sought shade under the canopy of forgiving trees whilst his foxes went in search for water; they were much better at keeping cool than he was. On this day, he lingered in the woodland of the Threshold, taking a relief filled gulp of a stream that might have been a bigger pool at some point before summer rolled in. His mind was elsewhere, however, as he went through the number of duties he had yet to do and suppressed an inner groan as part of him missed the days when he had been an outcast, beholden only to himself. Even those lonely days had moments in them he missed.

Inari and Ríona were camping out under his belly, lazing around in the shade it provided and laying on full bellies of their own, a gift from their earlier hunt. As always, one was more disgruntled than the other, this time it was Inari, who was wilting like a flower in the heat whilst Ríona almost seemed to bask in the suns glory. It was almost like they were back at the Throat again as the same complaints echoed in Sacre's head whilst they bickered amongst one another. When the colder months came their positions would swap and it would be Ríona doing the complaining. They did this every year and Sacre found that he was almost waiting for them to start the usual bickering. 

However, they did pause long enough to take note of something moving in the woodland, their ears swivelling in sudden alertness, whats that they echoed. Taking one last gulp of water, Sacre moved away from the stream and went in search of the noise that sounded like galloping hooves. It took him a while to find her, as he meandered through the forest, trying to find clues of someone passing here and there until finally he came across a dark mare grazing in the near distance.

The young Doctor approached carefully, not wanting to startle her away and stopped a fairly respectable distance away, his eyes glittering with great curiosity. "May I join you, Miss?" he asked rather tactfully, or so he thought, as he lowered his head and took a mouthful of grass, watching her closely for her reaction out of the corner of his gaze. From fear to anger to joy, Sacre had experienced some rather strange meetings in the Threshold and none of them he could've foreseen. The last few visits here hadn't been so bad, however, and he held a small hope that this one would be similar. 

"My name is Sacre, a Doctor of the Worlds Edge. Are you new here?" he began again after a few moments. His two fox friends were now sat near his forelegs, staring across with their beady eyes at the new girl they had never seen before, their tails twitching curiously. 
and I never minded being on my own
then something broke in me and I wanted to go home

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RE: A Horse Has Five Hearts - Toulouse - 03-28-2017

'   and i am not the same   '

Since his last chaotic visit to this depressing forest, Toulouse had felt almost an obligation to make regular visits. If anyone else had been caught in such a violent predicament, it would be sure to be their end.
As he slunk through the woodland, his mithril cloak flowing behind him like a flag and covering all his back, shoulders and rump, the gelding searched for any sign of distress among the woodland creatures and habitat. He intended to investigate the scene of last week's crime once again without the prying eyes of the first-responders or the victim, now even more determined to identify the tiger.

may I join you, miss?

It was a far too familiar voice, one that caused his ear to flick and eyebrows to furrow. Sacre; the bloodstained doctor. How did he fare after their fight? Who did he speak to? Toulouse was interested to know.
Stepping forth past the treeline, Toulouse's toes took him over a brook and stream laced with daunting pebbles and weeds. Soon enough he beheld a glade, just ast a barrier of fern and shrubbery; the doctor's ren thorn towering above the natural wall of stick and leaf.
"Sacre" Toulouse cheered from beyond the mark of the treeline, steppind through with ease to join them. "Still licking your wounds old chap?" he laughed, giving the smaller man a great nudge with his shoulder, clunkind his own horns upon the vicious red weapon Sacre held upon his face.

And then, he beheld her; this miss Sacre had been speaking too.
" a friend of yours, Sacre? I can see why you never told me about her, Your friend is the most charming woman i've ever seen" the scarred gelding jeered, keen eyes of mint and seafoam kisses finding their way to that of the onyx girl. His cloaked shoulders muscled and rippling under his stride towards her gave into a bow as he dipped his crown in the lady's direction, a booming introduction escaping his lips.
"I am Toulouse, my lady"

Finally raising his crown, looking her over from hoof to head, Toulouse cocked an eyebrow. "Say, have you ever seen an aurora, Darling?"

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RE: A Horse Has Five Hearts - Katissa - 03-28-2017


Someone was here. "May I join you, Miss?" Her head raised, and she turned her white face towards him, drinking in the sight of another. It had been a long time. He seemed courteous. He hadn't tried to sneak up on her and hadn't come full of testosterone and bravado, aggressive and rude. He had asked to join her. How rare for a stallion, she thought. Refreshing, though. Maybe it was different with unicorns. She had never met one before, maybe they were more. She looked him over curiously, wondering about this, and taking note of his coloration. Black, with a red horn, and was that...? It was! A red ear! Certainly unique! Her thoughts collided with each other and jammed to a halt at a few words:

"...Doctor of the Worlds Edge. Are you new here?"

A doctor? Her mother had been a healer. Her eyes lit up, and she took a few hesitant steps towards him.
"Hello, I'm..."

Her voice rasped a bit, and she cleared her throat before trying again.
"I'm Katissa. I just arrived. And you say you're a doctor? What is World's Edge? And is that a kitsune?!"

She slammed her mouth shut against the torrent of words. Goodness, she sounded like a scatterbrained filly. She was just so lonely. It had been months since she had seen anyone who wasn't openly hostile, much less spoken to them. She shook her head at her behavior, her mane swirling around her neck.
"I'm sorry. That was rude. Please, forgive me. I haven't been around... well, anyone in a while."

As she finished speaking, another form broke through the trees, calling as he came. This one seemed as different from Sacre as the Sun to the Moon. He was bigger, and golden hue with multiple horns atop his head. And a crown? Helovia certainly was different from what she was used to.

"Still licking your wounds old chap?"

Had the two fought? Why? She wondered, as her inquisitive mind was wont to do. Were they as polar opposite to one another as their appearance suggested? As if trying to answer the unspoken question, this male (for certainly he was a male, though his scent was unlike that of any stallion she had met) jostled Sacre, touching horns to him. This was behavior she was used to. Stallions had a tendency to puff and strut, especially around those they had any form of rivalry with. It was natural. Would Sacre's demeanor change now that this one was here? She hoped not, she liked his more gentle approach, even if it wasn't expected.

She felt the flashy male's eyes on her a moment later and caught a glimpse of their color. Green, but a green like she hadn't seen before. The tone of his next statement and the words themselves were slightly mocking, and her brow creased slightly. Mocking her? Or Sacre? Who was this guy? And then he was bowing and introducing himself. Toulouse. It was a very aristocratic name, matching what she could see about him so far, with the crown and the mannerisms. But... You shouldn't judge too quickly, she reminded herself, sternly. She inclined her head, loath to drop into a deep bow with strangers this close.
"I am Katissa, pleased to meet you, Toulouse. And no, I have never seen an... A-roar-ah."
She stumbled over the unfamiliar word.
"What is it?"

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RE: A Horse Has Five Hearts - Ampere - 03-31-2017

the Mother of Companions

It'd been a long time since she'd last been to this place. As well traveled as Ampere was, running patrols and searching for ideal grazing ground, this place was one she rarely visited. Admittedly part of it was just being busy, both with the herd and motherhood these past years, but it was more than that. Ampere was a little rough around the edges at the best of times, which didn't always lend well to successful recruiting. She liked to think she'd mellowed with age though; grown wiser (maybe).

Plus is the herd needed anything now, it was adults. Their ranks were swollen to be sure, but with children that frolicked and played. Something about the desert heat and natural beauty of the herd must be some kind of an aphrodisiac, god's knew she had fallen under it's spell a time or two.

So it was that Ampere was pushing her way through the brush of the Threshold, whistling an uplifting tune as she walked. She grazed on random foliage as she went, and above her Kygo, the green parrot, flitted from branch to branch, nibbling on fruits and seeds as he went.
"Up there," he advised, pausing in his buffet as he leaned forward on his branch to peer down into the clearing where the trio stood. Ampere's ears flicked, catching the distant murmur of conversation. A bit late to welcome the stranger, but better late than never she though, pressing on. Kygo dipped from the tree tops to her neck, nestling into her mane as he peered expectantly ahead.

As she neared she caught the last snippets of what was said, her frame slowly slipping into sight. She let her electric gaze pass first over the two one stallions (and gelding), recognizing Sacre but not placing him, and finding something familiar about Toulouse too. His name escaped her, but Maren's voice seemed to echo in the back of her mind with the unic's description. Kygo was no help, not having paid enough attention, but Ampere wasn't here for him anyway and flicked her attention to the girl. From her mane the parrot trilled a "Hello!" and Ampere dipped her head in greeting. Despite the small stature of the Mother of Companions, she stood tall and with an authority that was unmistakable.

"Hello," she said herself, tone casual as a faint smile settled in afterwards. Her wings shuffled loosely on her back, and a hind hoof cocked out in preparation of conversation. "I believe I heard your name is Katissa?" Ampere tilted her head faintly, seeking confirmation. "I'm Ampere, Sultana of the Dragon's Throat herd, one of three here. Welcome." Her attention lifted to glance at the other two, clearly herd men if their well kept pelts and muscle were telling; Outcasts were as haggard looking as the Wilds they dwelled in. "Have you traveled long to get here? My herd isn't far, you're more than welcome to get some rest by our oasis, and our healers can see to any injuries." Ampere smiled, and though it was rugged, she was earnest in her invitation and intent.
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RE: A Horse Has Five Hearts - Sacre - 03-31-2017

Sacre sometimes wished he could open up and see inside another horses' head, only to watch their thoughts as they pass by; usually it was during the Threshold when he got these rather violent sounding urges to intrude rudely on someones privacy and satiate his own nosiness. Yet, he couldn't help but wonder what they thought when they saw this red and black unicorn for the first time, it was usually when they looked at him with instant suspicion despite his gentle face and jovial eyes that the fox-boy most wanted to know. Perhaps if he had been born black and fuchsia pink he would look less like a warmonger returning from battle. However, this mare was unlike those strange few he had met before, as her gaze lit up, hooves inching forwards and Sacre wove his instinctive encouraging smile across his dark mouth. She had quite a few questions it seemed, they tumbled off her lips one after the other until suddenly she went quiet as if something had suddenly occurred to her before shaking her head with an apology. Sacre laughed lightly, a merry sound that lingered in his voice "please you don't have to apologise, it's really fine, Katissa, ask as many things as you like" he tried to reassure, feeling like he understood her desire for conversation. Ríona was already parading around in front of him, her four tails dancing in the air around her, waiting for the attention she so vainly craved from everyone who noticed her. 

"Yes, she is a kitsune" he confirmed before being cut off from saying anything else by a familiar voice that sent a jolt through him. Toulouse. He watched the pale spy pick his way through the trees only to nudge his shoulder into Sacre who returned it with a friendly one of his own, allowing their horns to collide whilst pulling on all his willpower not to flinch from the memory that came with it. "I think I'll survive, are you?" he countered evasively, knowing that he hadn't been the only one to have suffered blows, despite his ineptness. Truthfully his hock wasn't entirely sound and his backside still showed the scars from the battering it got, but Sacre had patched himself back together the best he could with some help from Inari. 

"You haven't got that snake on you, have you?" he blurted suddenly, his eyes growing fearful around the edges as he eyed the spy who he considered a friend despite his terrible choice in companion.

The fox-boy was thankful when Toulouse diverted his attention to the mare, although it drew a frown across his features until finally he sighed in resignation at the spy "I'm sure she finds you just as charming" he said sarcastically before rolling his eyes comically skywards. However, by then Toulouse had already said something that made Sacre raise his brows from behind where the spy had bowed "auroras? Is there something you're not telling me?" Sacre asked, his eyes getting narrower as the tone of his voice spoke volumes.

Just then another appeared, as often happened in the Threshold when a new face showed up, and Sacre turned his attention to the other with a note of recognition. "Ampere" he chimed a greeting, flashing her a familiar grin, although his memory of her was vague from his time in the Dragons Throat, she was another he had never truly gotten to know. A Sultana now, in fact, and Sacre gazed at her with a note of awe before coughing and continuing "I hope the herd is well" he said eventually, remembering the oasis with a certain specific fondness as it had provided Sacre with a haven during the blistering Tallsun he had spent there.

After awaiting a moment when he might freely speak, Sacre returned back to the questions the mare had asked earlier "I imagine this might be a lot to take in" he started apologetically "the Worlds Edge is a herd to the west of here, my home in fact and where I serve as a Doctor. It sits on a cliff and overlooks the ocean, you are welcome to journey there with me if you wish" his youthful voice heartily offered.
and I never minded being on my own
then something broke in me and I wanted to go home

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RE: A Horse Has Five Hearts - Toulouse - 04-02-2017

'   and i am not the same   '

Her quaking and quizzical voice challenged his own words. What was an aurora exactly? All he knew of the lights was as much as any beast; that they appeared in the sky of an evening and kept the land aglow in various colours until morning, bewitching the stars and sky with a whole kaleidescope of colours.
"It's a gift from the father of the spark*" Toulouse explained. Close enough. It really was anyone's guess, and he could only assume it was one of the four's* responsibility.

Sacres youthful voice found his ears next, causing Toulouse's smile to emerge once again. "As a matter of fact, I do" he answered. Boomslang stayed burried deep within the luxurious coils of Toulouses thick mane, a mane so thick it had not been rivalled by any he'd ever met. The snake might pea out from time to time, though generally it kept to the warmth provided by his bonded's skin being a cold-blooded creature.  "Don't fret. Boomslang takes to sleeping during the day" Toulouse cooed to the tense stallion, recalling the moment the snake burried deep within his mane had paralysed the coal-coloured stag who stood beside him.
Turnign his crown towards the new arrival, Toulouse took a number of moments to recognise her after her introduction was made. The Mother of Companions. Seeing as they were on the subject, Toulouse wondered if the mother might have two cents on the topic herself, but he didn't wait long before he curled his cranium back in the direction of the one named Katissa.

"as an agent of the north I can assure you you would be most welcome there, and we can offer hospitality rivalled by none other. We have warm hot springs for your aching bones and caves to shelter you, plus a whole team of healers skilled in time magic "

*father of the spark = the god of the spark
*the four = Helovia has four gods! Sun, Moon, Earth and Spark.

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RE: A Horse Has Five Hearts - Katissa - 04-06-2017


She had just asked her question when her attention was pulled away from the two males discussing the auroras, as interesting as it was. Another pegasus was walking towards them, although it was hard to call the regal movement walking, really. This new mare had an air of power that she seemed to wear as naturally as her coat and feathers, and Katissa felt herself dipping her head automatically in deference. She fought the urge to dip lower, still wary of these strangers, although they had shown no malice.
"Hello, Ampere. You did hear correctly, my name is Katissa. I am honored to make your acquaintance. And yes, I have traveled a very, very long time."
Her eyes got a far-off look, as she thought back on her travels, before shaking her head to dispell the memories and the nightmares.
"Thankfully, I have no injuries that would require healing. Simply the wear and tear of extended travel. I'll be fine in short order, I'm sure."
She heard mention of a snake, and her head whipped back towards the males. Her head was held high, and her nostrils flared. She had learned a healthy caution of snakes, though it wasn't quite a fear. she just appreciated knowing where they were that was all. She couldn't see it, but Toulouse said he was asleep. She blew out a puff of air, in a short snort. Good. She thought.I don't blame Sacre for being afraid, they aren't my favorite either.
Within short order, Sacre and Toulouse also extended offers of healers and respite as well.
"This is a bit overwhelming, I expected someone to find me, I mean, my father patrolled our borders. But I never expected... I never thought three herds would patrol the area."
She thought about each option. Ampere seemed kind, if authoritative, but she mentioned an oasis, and her home was called Dragon's Throat. Did that mean it was a desert? She had traveled through one briefly on her way here. It had not been her favorite part of the journey. The heat was tolerable during short time frames, but her ebony pelt seemed to focus the sun, and it grew scorching after a short time. She wasn't sure how Ampere handled it, but it wasn't an experience she wanted to repeat so soon. And Toulouse, he mentioned hot springs for heat, caves for shelter and aching bones. That coupled with the fact that he mentioned the north, made her thick of snow and cold. She felt a small shudder work through her body, started from her nose, and ending with a ripple of her tail. Yes her coat was black, and she would be warmer than some with the sunlight, but she with her breeding, she had fairly thin skinned. The cold was not her friend either. The offer from Sacre was the most appealing. Though she didn't know much about him, he had shown a pleasant demeanor so far. And he seemed sincere. And he's a healer, like Mama! Maybe... maybe he could teach me something more about that, someday Before she had begun her journey, she had just been a filly, and she had been more focused on playing, frolicking with the other foals. She hadn't paid much attention to her mother's work. She had thought she had more time. By the time she was ready to learn, they had already been well into their travels. Her mother knew fewer of the plants and herbs around them, and she had less time to pass on her knowledge. And then she had been gone. It was her heart's desire to learn the skills her mother hadn't had the chance to teach her. Besides that, his home sounded pleasant. Cliffs, and oceans. She didn't mind the changing of the seasons, she was sure she would experience that there. But it didn't sound as if it would be one extreme or another, all the time. It sounded like paradise after her journey.
"Thank you all for offering to take me to your homes. It means a lot... I haven't been part of a herd in a long time."
Her voice was slightly tremulous over the last few words, and she cleared her throat.
"I think that I would like to go with Sacre. His herdland sounds like it would suit me the best, although they all sound wonderful. As long as its not too much trouble, Sacre?"
She turned her blue eyes to Sacre, hoping his offer was true, and that she was making the right decision. She held her breath in anticipation of his answer.
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RE: A Horse Has Five Hearts - Ampere - 04-08-2017

the Mother of Companions

At Sacre's greeting Ampere's gaze slipped over to him, and her smile broadened in response. He did jog some recognition in her mind, if only partly because his colors were more unique than others, but aside from that she couldn't say she knew the man at all. He had worn the Edge rank longer and more recently than the Throat, and Ampere had never been the best with names. Still, she was grateful for his manners and well wishes. "Gaucho's passing wore heavily on us," she admitted, still unable to say his name after all this time without a tightening in her chest. "Yet we're a resilient bunch and the Sun shows us his light, as always." If a sadness touched her gaze it did not reach her smile, which remained earnest on her lips. "You should visit sometime," she nodded towards him, concluding as they shifted back towards the task at hand - welcoming the stranger.

Her eyes had a pinch of worry in them, the corners of her lips perhaps a bit more taut with anxiety, so Ampere wasn't surprised to hear she was a smidge flustered by all the attention. It drew an airy laugh out of Ampere, "we're cordial, but make no mistake the herds are all a bit competitive with each other." Ampere's eyes glinted with some mischief and she gave the two males a wink. As Katissa explained her choice Ampere dipped her head, ready to depart and try again. "Good luck to you Katissa. The Dragon's Throat is always up to provide you hospitality if you're in the area." The Throat, like the Basin, was certainly at a challenge terrain wise. Of course Ampere couldn't fully understand because she loved the land as much as its horses, but it was probably least desirable in this season. She always tried to make it more appealing by offering visits - usually once you got in and saw just how beautiful and livable it was, minds could be changed. Of course invitations were not to be overstayed, but she had few concerns about who she invited in because they were fierce enough to drive anyone out if need be.

After nodding to her competitors Ampere slipped away back into the brush, intent to find someone before heading home, the only reason she didn't linger to share palavar with Toulouse, who certainly interested her.
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RE: A Horse Has Five Hearts - Sacre - 04-10-2017

Honestly, the wave of relief Sacre felt when Toulouse said his pet snake, Boomslang, was sleeping nearly knocked him off his feet. After their fight in the Edge, Sacre wasn't sure he'd be able to look at a snake again without feeling his skin crawl with repulsion. The way they slithered, flickering tongues and the widening of their jaw when they sought out their prey... The fox-boy shuddered and shifted uncomfortably, turning back to Katissa to take his mind off it.

With the choice between Toulouse's poetic offerings of northern hot springs and Ampere's quite to the point introduction, not to mention her status that was above him in rank might surely be quite an honour enough to tempt, Sacre didn't think his own humble suggestion would really encourage the gentle seeming girl, who had wandered into Helovia's den, to follow him back home. He might not even be tempted if he was in her position. Yet, before any decisions are made he finds himself drawn back to the lightning marked Sultana and the words she offered in return "I'm sorry, he was a great leader" he laments, cordially and with genuine sadness over Gaucho. He had never known the Sultan on any great personal level, but the fox-boy had learnt to treat his herd like his own family from from the Wildfire, and lived prosperously in the Throat for a time under his great influence. Sacre would not forget him. "I would love to! It was home once and I miss it at times" he smiles, perhaps when his duties were less demanding and a spare bit of time came up, he would travel to the Dragons Throat again. He needed to thank Volterra for his hospitality anyway since he had been in a rush last time. "The Worlds Edge is also open to visits" he offered Ampere in return, not knowing or really caring much if he wasn't supposed to, one day he would offer to the wrong horse, but that day wasn't here yet.

The conversation turns back to Katissa and he grins at her with encouragement, the overwhelming feeling when one entered the Threshold for the first time wasn't something Sacre could relate to, though hard he tried to understand how alien it must feel. His grin widens even more when she turns her white painted face to him, to accept his offering of home, and join his family, now their family. He couldn't help but feel a small triumph, that he was the victor in this competition, as Ampere called it, and his prize was a new friend to take back home. "You are no trouble at all, I will gladly take you to the Worlds Edge" he beamed and began to prepare himself to leave after nodding back, gracious and respectful, at Ampere as she disappeared into the forest.

He didn't leave straight away, however, pausing to regard Toulouse, his bright blue gaze tinged with the true sadness he felt. He might have gained a family member, but today he learnt that he had also lost one "I didn't know you had left us, Toulouse" he said, glumly, feeling like he wanted to say more on the matter, but the words never really materialise. He had never truly understood Toulouse, never truly known him, but once they had been part of the same herd and he lamented that it was no longer true. "Yet, I wish you well in your new northern home" he sighed, conjuring up a friendly smile, he couldn't really say anything after all with all the herd hopping he had done in the past.

With that, he turned to Katissa and then westward "coming?" he signalled his head in the direction they were travelling before, proceeded by two eager foxes, he set off back to the misty clifftops.
and I never minded being on my own
then something broke in me and I wanted to go home

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@Katissa (I'll throw a welcoming up in the Worlds Edge for you <3 but your rank is changed, so you are free to roam Helovia :D)

RE: A Horse Has Five Hearts - Katissa - 04-18-2017


She nodded her head at the other mare. She understood herd politics. Her old herd had had 'allies'. They were polite in passing, and if necessary, they would fight together, if it benefitted them. But that didn't mean they didn't compete, for resources, territory or herd members. Each herd had a responsibility to their own. She listened as she in Sacre discussed the passing of a horse named Gaucho. An old herd leader? She didn't know, but she still felt a pang of sorrow for their loss.
"I am sorrow for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose someone important to you. Thank you for the offer of a visit. I may just do that someday. Your home does sound beautiful!"
She looked at Toulouse.
"Thank you for the offer Toulouse. It was good to meet you, and I hope we cross tracks again."
She smiled briefly and faced the doctor as Ampere moved away. He began to move off and she hesitated for a moment. She took a deep breath, and raised her head, putting an arch into her neck. To be confident, one must act confident.
"I'm coming."
She answered, and stepped off after him, heading towards her new home.