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SN; can fire dancers charm snakes? - Toulouse - 03-02-2017



His serpentine eyes gazed slyly over the murmuing crowd, the sussuruss of whiskers and jabbering of lips giving him an overwhelming headache. It was a downside to these particular gatherings that with plesant company always came an intolerable kind.
For example;
His eyes landed on possibly the smallest chap he had ever beheld in his entire life, standing at no taller than his mid-upper leg was he, the stout pegasus. Toulouse watched as the intolerable dwarf folded up his wings and tottled under the legs and stomachs of party-goers. Who invited this tiny fool?

With a great snort Toulouse decided it would be best to not through a scene, besides he could only lose friends and not make any by throwing out such a helpless sod from the party.
He decided to look for the woman that was his second match; a Tandavi.
This was a name he recognised from his own homeland - she was a nurse he believed, though he had never laid eyes on the one commonly known as the Fire Dancer.
Curious as to how she had earned her name, Toulouse waded through the chattering crowd in an effort to seek her out.

@tandavi !!!