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Ice Ice Baby - Thranduil - 02-10-2015


Well off on another fun adventure with Mr. Grump Face. The gold snickers as he jogs ahead, on this task with Haldir following. The fawn of course would not be left behind this time. He had made sure of that. Having found acceptance if he helped the gold, the small deer was carrying a large bucket. It had been so amusing to the gold, he’d let the small deer take it, even if it meant carrying extra back. Carrying several of his own the gold had rigged up an idea. At last they came to the frozen arch. Walking through the gold call into the Basin. “If you’re determined to drown might as well help save the rest of us and carry water!” That should do it. They were the first here. Brilliant. The golden was looking forward to this part. Setting down his buckets the golden turned away from ice walls and then backed up to them. The small fawn at last catching up looks on with a head tilt. Ice. It wasn’t water, but it would be. Not only would it be cleaner, but its inability to slosh out of a bucket would make transport nice and easy. Gathering his haunches the gold readies, then BOOM. Cracks reverberate all along the ice wall, but nothing else happened. The small fawn’s face fell. He was expecting more. Snorting the golden leans again and BOOM. A few shards fall but nothing else happens. Frustration gave the golden energy and his kicks out twice more, till at last a chunk or two falls from the wall. Grinning the gold moves to kick a piece or two into one of the rolled over buckets. He would need help carrying these, plus there was more ice to gather. Now where was Deimos when you needed his happy face?

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RE: Ice Ice Baby - Deimos - 02-10-2015

Begrudgingly, the malicious King followed. If he were a young, petulant child, he may have kicked at the dirt or dragged his feet along the ice and gravel, purposefully slowing down all efforts at fun or amusement, grouching and frowning the entire while. Since he was a matured, reticent fiend, however, all he did was silently brood and glower at the back of Thranduil’s head, seeing if it’d burst from the seething mounds of vehemence. When it didn’t, disappointingly, he set forth upon the given task, drawing his lips into a thin, resentful line, maw holding tightly onto his bucket, and watched the other beast and his companion for a matter of moments as they slammed against the cavern walls, catching ice. Presiding carefully, he set his bucket down upon the ground, and walked to a series of icicles only slightly taller than himself, and in a majestic-half rear, raised his frame high enough so when he slashed with his long rapier, the icicles tumbled down to the floor. Several shattered, and others remained full; he stashed each and every one into the bucket, wishing he could set fire to the container and melt them down (but then they’d likely have no bucket, and no way to get the water back; another nuisance to add to the tally of vexations). Instead, amidst his brewing silence, he continued with his task, chopping at more and more icicles.

[Task 2!]

RE: Ice Ice Baby - Oxy - 02-10-2015

"You spin me right round, baby."

Were you supposed to take four buckets? Probably not. Some other poor suckers gonna miss out… maybe. The Earth God can probably just make more buckets. Of course, he could probably just generate some water too, but he didn’t do that so… yeah. Maybe not. Who knows. ANYWAYS, you were getting pretty tired of all the raging pain that was pulsing through your body and so, even though you’re not supposed to get high around Thing 1 and Thing 2, you went ahead and did it anyways, eating a few of your vines before quickly gathering up as many buckets as you could put in your mouth and walking away. Now, it is a fact that water is probably gonna splash all over when you carry them back (because your little girl shouldn’t be straining herself carrying anything), but… oh well. You’ll just leave a bucket behind. Or get less water. Whatever.

“Oh look, an Asshole and his moose,” you offer as you unceremoniously drop all of your buckets onto the ground. You’ve found Thranduil, and your drugged and cursed mind is hallucinating that Deimos is an impressively large, black moose. “Do you enjoy the love he makes to you at night, or do you do it because you hate yourself?” you ask Thranduil. Yeah… if you were supposed to be making friends on this little Earth God adventure, you’re not doing it very well. Of course, to be fair, you hated Thranduil long before this so… this is old news.

Oxy & Shida
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RE: Ice Ice Baby - Atlas - 02-10-2015

I’d been tricked. My partner was useless, a dead slug on a log… but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to find a way to kick ass and land myself a comfortable room on that fuckin’ ship- alone. “Vacant Eyes” wasn’t yelling but she wasn’t helping either and that meant she needed a swift kick in the ass, right over the railings and into the flood.

I’d taken a bucket from the God of the Earth and retreated to the Frozen Arch with the intention of bringing back… ice. Or water. Whatever seemed to fill the quota upon my arrival? However, upon trailing behind a golden stallion and his partner, I was too intrigued by their banter to take my own path. However, I wasn’t the only one interested in the golden boy and his deer… and their ominous friend.

Some ole’ dude with some bags strapped to his shoulder came after the golden child (for all intents and purposes he acted like one) and started throwing around words such as “asshole” and “moose”… I wasn’t sure if this was some twisted sign of courtship or if the bag-man was truly more interested in young fillies… Either way, this man was fuckin’ priceless. Priceless I tell you…

That meant that I had to know him… right after I gathered some ice.
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Atlas & (?) Jorogumo
CRASHING (horrendously) but CRASHING.

RE: Ice Ice Baby - Roskuld - 02-10-2015

Fuck the sand and fuck the beach, so that means we’re headed north, I guess. Or um...whatever.

Seems like I wasn’t the only one who had the idea; in all my caution and aversion for the stupidest, most horrible place on earth, somehow it wasn’t enough to avoid the stupidest, most horrible thing on earth that I had met back at the sands. The bucket dropped from my face with a CLANG when I caught sight of Tiny--or, as I affectionately named him in my mind, Asswart. Because that’s just what the fuck he was.

Gosh. Ew. Ugh, I couldn’t help the shudder running down my spine as I looked at him.

Oh god, the memories.

The memories.

“You get the fuck outta here and leave Goldielocks alone, Tiny,” I snarled, like I was flexin’ to do something to him--but really, all I was doing was shoving and piling as many icecicles into my bucket as fast as possible, just so I could get out of his stank-ass presence. The less time I spent around him, the less likely he would try and--


--do the thing again.

RE: Ice Ice Baby - Shida - 02-10-2015

You're doing it wrong.

Getting ice was a pretty fucking clever idea. I always knew Da was the smartest fucker around. Best Dad EVER. And did you see the way those bitchy asshats hightailed it away from us in the fields? PRICELESS. That wasn't any candid camera shit, that was real life, and those bitched got pwned.


Anyways, ICE, ICE BABY [alright stop. Collaborate and BLOW SOME SHIT UP.]

"HAY. WHO THE DICK ARE YOU CALLING T-" As I move past Da's enormous girth I see exactly who it was and promptly shut my mouth. It's the weird boy/girl kid who can blow shit up too. Fuck yeah. "Oh haaay." I conclude flicking my tail slightly as Princess barks happily and sits down next to me.

I look around at the pathetic offerings that have been made to fill the buckets so far. Was the gold one stomping on the ground? Why didn't he just use his horns like ice picks? pfft. Another n00b.

"Alright fuckers, lets get this done." I shout, as I set about causing some explosions.


"Make it raaaaaaaaaaaaaain!" I shout merrily as the ice explodes apart, shooting up into the air. Quickly, I realize that ... well fuck. The falling ice is going to hurt a lot more than the clumps of dirt that I'm used to. Quickly I scurry under Da, since y'know, he's big and I'm small. Ice falls down around us, breaking and smashing into smaller pieces. "err ... hail." I correct with a slight wince, stepping out from under Da to inspect my handiwork.

"Now listen. I don't even want to hear it" I begin, eyeing the group. I know what's coming. Shida, you should be more careful, Shida, you could have given us a warning, blah blah blah. Who the dick cares. I got the job done, didn't it? "I got more ice than you fuckers did. You're welcome."

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RE: Ice Ice Baby - Jorogumo - 02-11-2015

She followed behind the sparkly man, a fucking bucket in her mouth. The spider wasn’t some wench that served at whim. But that mattered little. She kept going and the further she and her partner went, it gradually became more and more familiar. What made her stomach drop were the faces that were familiar. She instantly could identify the lord of the Basin, her former home. One ear pinned against her skull, but she remained quiet as she dropped the bucket and began to slide snow into the bucket with one hoof.

As a filly began to make explosions both ears pinned against her skull, and she looked at the fat ass man she assumed was her father. “Are you as stupid as your child?” She snapped. “You should teach her this thing called common sense.” If the man tried to make excuses for te brat she wouldn’t hear them. She herself had merely an orphan, but knew the basics of manners and intelligence. If the mother was as stupid as father or child, maybe she dropped the kids standing up. Perhaps the little babe hit a stone on the way out. Yes, that explained it.

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RE: Ice Ice Baby - Mauja - 02-11-2015

He was trying to figure out whether he hated this or not—part of him wanted to grumble, mutter curses, complain, and just park in the meadow when everyone went away because it was empty then.. at times like this, Helovia seemed cramped, when everyone had turned out to do these.. missions. Quests. Things. And to be fair, he wanted to hate it, but he couldn't. Why?

Because Elding made him have way, wayyy, waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too much fun.

There was just something about the way she was, so.. raw; yelling wasn't his cup of tea, but it made him feel alive, careless, reckless, all the things he had never been... It made the darkness more distant, and if it wasn't because buckets he probably would've pranced around and bucked on the way north. There was just something in him that wanted out.

"Hey!" he yelled, dropping the bucket at his feet as he ducked his head—what the fuck had he walked into? Sacrilege and violation, someone blowing part of the Arch up. It felt as wrong as when Elding had been blowing that crystal cave to pieces. It seemed like the mouthy filly was to blame as she was talking, and further in the cave he saw, of all the grumpy bastards, Deimos. For a split second Mauja tried to make eye contact, and nod at him, but this spitfire kid needed a good lesson first.

This—this was what he meant, with that careless, reckless shit. Normally Mauja would've just stared icily, maybe not even cared, or at least just known silent that he was better, but he was riding some kind of high and it demanded that he do something.

Besides, he was pretty sure he'd get a few bruises from all that falling ice.

"Idiot," he snapped, but he wasn't surprised. Mostly everyone was stupid. "I will always have the most ice." What a.. not-so-impressive thing to say. But in the moment he hadn't found anything better to say, and it was so incredibly petty that it was at least three miles beneath him but fuck it—this, this was the effect Elding had on him.

And in less than a heartbeat, the cave floor erupted with ice spikes, all thin and deadly, but none spawned beneath someone—much as he wanted to impale the girl and leave her here to contemplate her arrogant assitude (becase, y'know, ass + attitude? yeah), but.. he figured Earth wouldn't approve of him murdering someone on his quest.

So he settled with just showing off, before muttering, picking up his bucket, and spawning it full of small ice crystals.

Take that, bitch.

RE: Ice Ice Baby - Thranduil - 02-11-2015


Well brilliant ideas are quickly stolen. Having heard Deimos walk up and begin chipping away at ice as well the golden thought they might, just maybe have the place to themselves. But of course not. A staggering form comes into view. Snorting the golden stops and looked. Oxy. The insults begin to fly and the golden pauses. With all seriousness he turns immediately to Deimos. “You’re the moose.” Asshole was always better than a moose. Still the insults continued to fly, but that didn’t stop others from joining in. A curious create speaks right up for the golden, and yet somehow continues to insult him. The golden sighed. He really did hate to do this. It was worth a lot to his future. But, the temptation was just too great. “Tell me Oxy…”Slowly the gold exhaled and his shape began to shift.

Gold faded to white, and blue began to spark out. Earth eyes flashed blue and wings flared out from his sides. Where the gold had stood now was Elsa. “…how drugged up did you have to be to fuck this?” Snorting the cream mare looks about herself with the greatest disgust. Haldir by now was growing excited, but nervous at all these strange creatures. He looked up to the golden and nearly bounced with happiness about the change. He loved it when the gold used his magic. Looking back with ice eyes Elsa spoke. “I can’t even stand it.” Shaking that cream head the white coat and white begin to fall off like dust to reveal the golden once more.

Just in time Oxy’s kid burst in. Right on time. A smirk rises up on the golden and he moves away from the wall knowingly pushing the small fawn, growing too excited about all the horses. Sure enough. BOOM. Harks pin back and head dips away from the hail, but his buckets clumped up half full with ice. Course they also hit his back. Shaking remaining pieces off the gold looks to the child cowering under Oxy. In all honesty though he really did like this kid. She certainly made this world more amusing. Course once again everyone had to but in with their own parenting. A dark mare and the spotted king himself Mauja the head of the show. He had his own tricks to put on. Ice spikes erupted on the floor. “Who’s next for the my ass’s bigger than your’s contest?” The golden kicked a few spikes into his buckets. “Or should we all get back before we drown?” Nudging Haldir to pick up his bucket the gold looks directly at the Addict. “Though honestly, I think I’d prefer you that way.” A wicked grin lighted his lips. Yes, the dude’s kid could explode him and probably would considering, but hey, that was all part of the excitement. True the gold could slip way invisibly and fool them all, but honestly where’s the fun in that?

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RE: Ice Ice Baby - Shida - 02-11-2015

You're doing it wrong.

"Who crawled up your dick and died?" I snap, looking at the newly arrived black kid. I guess she showed up while I was making my explosions so that we could all have some fucking ice. At my side Princess began to growl. I thought hellhounds had like .. magical powers or something, but so far she hasn't really done anything but shit and bark a bit. Oh well. She's still the bomb diggity. "How about not being a huge cunty DICK to the one who can blow your ass up? How's that for some common fucking sense?"

My attention was momentarily averted from blowing this bitch sky high, by ice spikes shooting up from the ground. FUCK. Oh wait. No. It's cool. I'm not dead. My blue gaze finds the one who is taking credit, claiming he'll always have the most ice. Who gives a fuck? Ice is just frozen water asshole, ain't no one gives a shit. "Okay???" I respond, confused.

I kick some ice into the buckets Da had assembled, and generously pick one up. Princess grabs the other, and with a flick of my tail I begin to trot away. "Co' o' 'aaa" I murmer awkwardly, as the handle of the bucket is taking up most of the room in my mouth.

Shida's face in response to Mauja

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RE: Ice Ice Baby - Oxy - 02-11-2015

"You spin me right round, baby."

Jagged ice crystals rain down on you from above as T1 runs between your legs. They do kind of hurt as they land on you, but nothing as bad as the pain you experience when you’re not high on your drugs so… you’re fine with it. “If you had any common sense, you’d know to be respectful when talking to somebody who has no qualms about smashing you,” you snap back at Jorogumo. How come nobody thinks your daughter is as great as you do? Clearly, she’s fucking amazing.

And you might actually proceeded with the smashing, but you get distracted because Thranduil is doing some crazy shit and you really wish you hadn’t taken those drugs now, because you have no idea if this is reality or fiction. Shifting uneasily as you try to figure it out, you end up just scowling and doing nothing, your blood boiling over. You want to magic him, but if it’s Snowflake pretending to be Thranduil, and not the other way around, you’re gonna be in a ton of trouble. Instead, you’re uncharacteristically quiet as you gather up some ice in your buckets and take them with you, following after Shida as she’s commanded you to do.

Fuck Thranduil. And his mom.

Oxy / Shida
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