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If Only You Knew - Morrigan - 05-16-2014

Flee! Flee!
Run for your lives!
There is nowhere to hide!


Cuffs and chains kept not the scourge of the universe from beauty and bounty of Earth. They crawled from pits of magma and mother's wombs, treacherous peaks and the pits very near Hell. Gnashing of teeth and swiping of claws, they fed on the innocence of the world. They came in forms with wings and fangs, claws and hooves alike. It mattered not to the dark soul, that was what banded them together, the evil in their lifeless eyes and the fires which manifested where the heart once reigned.

This whore, this brandished murderer, this bloodied devil, walked on long-hooved legs and bore the face of an equine. She still held the ashes of good, warm to the touch, not yet swept away by the wind. But she was no shell of a creation, she had been filled by the same slow kindling which turned her soul into a raging inferno.

Ice now filled the forgotten mare, an cold layer of malice just beneath her layers of skin. This ice showed not through her eyes though, dark brown hiding the abyssal dimensions of her mind. She was hidden away in her keep, locked tightly behind this mask of purity and simplicity. A story was already on hand, lies ready on the lips in case one should ever wander too close. Not only were lies handy, but emotions as well. It was all a charade of great magnitude, so that the mistress might live long in her tower, far away from the real world.

Her mixed toned hooves trod on the layers of roots and plants which made up the forest floor. When asked, it was hard to tell what was living and what was past its death throes, being consumed by fungi and beetles. Her eyes were witness to little of this, and her mind focused on the road ahead. Numbness was all she felt, the pain had passed, as had the bitter anger and hate-filled rage. She felt nothing, it was better this way, less resistance when she assumed her new form, one of kindness and naivety. A completely new horse, but it was all a mask, a lie, a facade, she was the trickster and this her ploy. And when they finally thought they knew the sweet dappled fae, she would bite into their hearts and laugh at their pleas of mercy. But thinking of this did little to calm her nervous heart, for even a demon had her fears. What would she do if they did not accept her, if, like her mother, she was an outcast, a social pariah? How would the hardhearted menace fulfill herd life if her ruse was to fail miserably?

Banishing these thoughts she marched on, her tall form pushing through tightening brush. She would find a path and then lose it, sometimes within only a few yards. But she had not the patience to turn around and try again, she was a cliff against the seas, a mountain against the howling winds, and a horse against barring thorns and brambles. Still, she was careful to avoid the parts of the forest which threatened to mar her hide. She would have nothing stand in the way of this eager, young-faced beaut that she was to be. Stomping and kicking her way through a particularly rough set of vines, she let out a snort of frustration. Circling around, she couldn't find exactly where she had come. She thrashed and kicked, but she was nearly completely encircled by thick thorns and brambles. Even going back the way she had come was not an option, for limbs had bowed back into place and dark woods threatened the thought of getting lost. Thinking of the character which she was to perform, she tried to reason what this filly might do. Deciding, she let loose the loudest whinny she could manage, following it up by a few harsh neighs. All of which wouldn't travel far in such harsh woods, but if a being was near, it would be sure to call them. It was then that she realized her predicament, it could call a fellow horse, or it could call a predator. She looked around with wide eyes, every shadow becoming a fierce jungle cat and every swaying leaf, the frightening, lupine eyes of a wolf. With wild eyes she looked for help, some guide as to which way to choose.

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RE: If Only You Knew - Agrona - 05-16-2014

Agrona | Carnage

My ears lay back against thick white hair, dark lids closing wild violet eyes off from this world. I had moved out of the Falls to find something to occupy my time, thanks to a whole lot of nothing going on today; what a strange place we ran: one day full of fiery, emotional pegasi and a mad Eris giggling and feeding and petting her new baby doll, the next completely bland and tired. Thankfully, we are only a stones throw away from the outlining forests, and I had decided to go wander. The morning had been coated with fresh Birdsong dew, the sky littered with rain clouds and threatening to dampen my already dirty coat, but somehow I had avoided it when I disappeared into the mouth of the woods.

A solid tree stands to my right side, proving what I feel is plenty more than enough safety from one side; standing in the open is just far too dumb, it's basically like asking for someone to come knock you over. The sleepy state that had settled over me allowed a good power nap before brush began being torn down in the distance, followed up by a cry of frustration.. make that two, or three. Like an ancient dragon waken by the movement of his gold, my eyes slip open, the impure purple gaze glaring at the world already. An irritated sigh escapes through dark lips and I lift my laced snout high into the air, stretching my muscles and allowing myself to come out from under the veil of sleep.

My crown drops to shoulder height again, a yawn stretching my jaws apart before I can move deeper into the forest and find out who is causing this commotion. One slate grey foot before the next leads me down a less used trail that is crowded by heavy vines full of thorns and small purple and pink blossoms; rough lips drop to a flower, nibbling at it before I decide to not pluck it from it's life line. The rustling is much closer now, and a last cry reaches me, ears pinning against my poll; I am not ready for this yet, I just fucking woke up. "Shut the fuck up!" I growl, lilac eyes narrowed at the noise.

I crane my neck, looking around, attempting to decipher where exactly the body was hidden in all of this rat shit mess, but instead, my impatience slides over my brain like an avalanche and I growl again. "Where in the hell are you anyway?"

Walking "Talking" Thinking
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RE: If Only You Knew - Morrigan - 05-17-2014

Flee! Flee!
Run for your lives!
There is nowhere to hide!

The sound of another horse calmed the mare, her wide nostrils and snorting hushing to a quick, unstable breath. Although the noise of the other mare was a pleasant comfort, her words were not an amenity. It actually angered the demoness hiding away in her spiral tower, the first emotion in hours, maybe even days. But it was easy enough to swallow back the fury and assume the mask, her voice reflecting the sweet tone of her new character. "I'm over here, madam, I'm afraid I'm a little bit stuck," No falsity showed through in the well practiced notes, in fact she had practiced for hours on her journey to this new place. It gave her a private smile that she had started the race on a good foot, especially when the contest appeared to have no end. She hid away her grin, the flash of the devil disappearing once again behind wild, confused eyes and a sweet, innocent tone. "Let me try to get to you," Slashing through dense foliage and entangled her front legs with bright green ropes of ivy and other creeping plants. Finally, she could see the dark form which she had fought so hard to reach, but still, a veil of greenery separated them. Conquering the last set of challenges, a short hedge, as well as a few low branches, she caught a full view of the mare.

Non potest, she has horns?! Surprise rushed over the roan mare, dark eyes now widening in surprise rather then terror. She had heard the tales her mother had told, but due to her mother's insanity, which had grown as she advanced in years, she had always had to take her mother's stories with a grain of salt. So to see two spiraling, antelope horns atop this mare's head, she could barely believe her eyes. Remembering her character, the naivety and lack of filter between her thoughts and mouth. "My mother told me, but I didn't really believe her. I've never met a unicorn before..." Her voice faded as she stared at the horns sprouting from this unicorn's forehead. As if she realized she was gawking, she muttered an apology and lowered her eyes as well as drooped her ears to half mast.

Gazing up from her submissive position, her sweet tones touched the air once again, this time a little less brave and a tad more shy, all fake of course, inside she was laughing at how well she was acting the part. She questioned if she should use her real name, but all who already knew it were dead, so she couldn't find a reason not to. "Um... my name is Morrigan," Adding to her role, she shifted from foot to foot, never really moving anywhere from her designated spot, just showing her discomfort at the display this stranger had been witness. Looking around, she saw the beauty of the blooms which hid the agonizing situation she had just been stuck in. From this side of the thicket, it looked to be impassable, but lovely, due to the vibrant colors. She nearly scoffed at the lies which the forest held, but she held her character. It was then that she realized the similarity between that treacherous place and herself, they were reflections, due to the terror which they hid behind a charming facade.
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RE: If Only You Knew - Delinne - 05-18-2014

haunting my mind

Ugh, I felt like a giant draft horse. My fat belly was swinging from side to side as I walked, probably calming the foal inside of me. Like a mother rocking her baby to sleep. It couldn't be long now until I would birth, but at the moment I enjoyed every last day of my somewhat freedom before I had to take care of my third suckling. I was wandering around in the Threshold with Dezba, curious to see if I actually found someone today. The last two times had been successful and if I did find anyone before I decided to go home again and wait for the foal to come out, it would be a good day. Meanwhile, the jaguar chatted away in my head and I almost shut her up, but instead, I let her speak.

'...Aza be much better away from Abishia, she only trouble. You saw she did when trespasser came? Threw herself in fire. Stupid. She no good for your offspring. Speaking of, you should find Destry. You must tell about this pregnancy and tell what happened. What really happened. You can not lie all time and...'

Except I didn't find anyone. I gave up a heavy sigh that surprisingly enough ended the jaguar's never-ending-chatting as she had realized I wasn't listening. A voice caught my attention and I immediately pinned my ears forward, curious to see what I would find when I found the source of the voice. "Um... my name is Morrigan." A taller, blue roan equine stood entangled in ivy and vines, speaking to an antelope-horned mare who I approached from behind, even if I went slightly next to her. I inhaled quietly through my nostrils and smelled the forest and water upon the mare's hide. Herd sister?

"Good day, lady Morrigan. Welcome to Helovia." A smile crooked my lips and I turned my head to the antelope-horned, who had strange lacing markings on her face. 'Beautiful in a way, don't you think, Dezba?' 'Sure.' She was grumpy because I hadn't listened to her before and I rolled my eyes before continuing. "Excuse my companion, she's being rude. My name is Delinne and this is Dezba, my beloved bonded." The cat looked up and huffed quietly at the mares before looking away again. Why was she being so grumpy? I ignored her and turned my gaze to the lace-faced again, smiling. "I recognize your smell. We're of the same herd. Who are you?"

'Dezba thinking'

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RE: If Only You Knew - Agrona - 05-21-2014

Agrona | Carnage

The voice kept coming from the brush, but I still couldn't find a face in all of that mess. "Madam," you chuckle softly at the name, going down the list of what you have been called, and that was a first. With ears tied back against thick cream hair, I shifted backward half of a foot, "Let me try to get to you." the disembodied voice whimpers again; the brush is all shaking again and I can hear vines snapping from their roots, so I stand and wait patiently, my lace printed face slack with the most dull, bored appearance.

Slowly but surely the mare crept from the shrubbery, her blue face peeking out from behind green; no horns adorned her face, and as far as I could see, no wings settled on her back either. Dark eyes took in my body, and filled with what I suspected was either surprise or fear. The idea of pure astonishment allowed a pleased smile to pull my lips into a grin. The nameless mare with the white stripe down her face babbled for a second about her mother, "-I've never met a unicorn before." The smile split into two and my jaw dropped, a wicked laugh filling the pine scented air. "Then you're going to be in for a wild ride deary."

All of my family is made up of both horned and winged creatures, though there are a few like this stunned female.. Eris for example! But.. besides Eris, I really can't think of any off of the top of my head. Abishia, the little filly who wanted to be a unicorn bad enough to wear a fake horn. Poor girl. The laugher shakes my thin chest for a couple of seconds afterword, casually letting my lips slip back into a tight line. I can smell the crisp scent of my home and a feline, but before I can place faces to match the pair, my skull jerks to the side, finding a very pregnant mare and her black cat. I hesitate to welcome my sister of the Falls thanks to the cat, but then remember having the exact same reaction to another filly and her cat at Seele's near death experience.

"Good day, Lady Morrigan. Welcome to Helovia." Thankfully the heavy female restates the stranger's name, because I had completely missed it while working myself up over the cat; oh dear god how I hate cats. Preggers introduced herself and her companion as Delinne and Dezba, quickly questioning my own name. With my ears still back against my neck, I couldn't show how disappointed I was that she didn't know my name.. but I guess I hadn't known hers either. Wild eyes flick from the black mare to the blue-sheened one and I allow my right ear to pop forward, the metal clanking against a thick antler. "I'm Agrona, I am a warrior of our herd, the As- Hidden Falls." The Asylum was an established herd now, but we still were not exactly open for business, I don't believe? I haven't talked to Eris or Seele about it for quite some time, so how should I know?

Walking "Talking" Thinking
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RE: If Only You Knew - Morrigan - 05-25-2014

Flee! Flee!
Run for your lives!
There is nowhere to hide!

She lifted her nervous head when the lady replied to her words, she almost laughed out loud, but thought better. She relaxed at the words, the attention drawn away from her act and to an approaching couple. A large cat took elegant steps next to a hugely pregnant mare. The sight of the feline made her shudder, the scent of it touching her nose and bringing her back to the moments of finding her mother's carcass. As they came even closer, she took a step back, shying away from the predator. Eyeing the mare she had just spoken to, as well as the one accompanying the big cat, she decided it to be safe.

Keeping a close deep brown eye on the jaguar, she returned her attention to those speaking. Hearing the new names she tried to remember them, categorizing them as something she now needed to know. Before, when she hadn't had a persona to uphold, she might have shrugged off the names, trashing them immediately. But this doe-eyed dove needed to cling to these names, for they were all she knew of this new world and her new life.

Bright eyes look back from the demon's head, a shield ripping apart the evil and the false innocence. Vying for the brain's attention, the innocence took the lead, reminding Morrigan of her need to participate as well as keep her act. "It is an absolute pleasure, I wish I was in better condition," She said this while shaking vines and such from herself, lowering her head and extending her neck to itch at a particularly clingy vine. Bringing her attention back to the two, again, apologizing with her eyes for her inattention. "So... if unicorns are real, are pegasi as well?" She asked with caution and peering out from under almost closed lids, acting younger then she was. She was reminded of her abnormal height, spending most of her life with a similarly tall mother. After her question had been uttered, she stomped, thorns clinging to her short fur and perforated skin. Finally rid of the grip of the spiked vegetation, she eyed the fooled trio, keeping her cautious glance on the leopard longer then the others.

The other part of herself swirled beneath, the silent hate of the empress didn't seem to be enough. She reigned supreme, and her distaste for this feline was palpable all through the mind. Her tongue felt dry and her eyes a little blurred as she was taken back to the exact moment that ruined her. The air is thick, I can feel it settling on my pelt just above the blood, which is congealing all over me. Still, I feel powerful from this blood, as if it was some ambrosia and all she needed to do was consume a bit of it to complete the transformation. Greenery pulled against my long legs, plants welcoming me home with gentle brushes of their tendrils. A smile took my lips, I didn't know what to expect of mother, she could be furious, or proud as nothing else. Either way, she usually rested just up ahead and I was going to surprise her nonetheless. The birds didn't sing and no rodents passed amid my hooves or anywhere near. But I noticed nothing, the excitement of what was to come tumbled around in my belly. I had no warning of the sight that I beheld and all I could do was stand stock still trying to decipher exactly what I was viewing. Blood covered not only me, but the ground, the grass, and it pooled around the figure set before me. She's dead. The fury which I had bore earlier in the evening, it returned, a steady wave of warmth washing over me which grew hotter and hotter. Death. It surrounded me and consumed me, an outer demon internalized until any hope in my soul dissolved in poison of this new devil. Abiit ad maiores. She gave that demon a tower and a throne, everything that it needed because it sufficed her needs. She kept her orbs focused on the equines, but darkness had devoured any innocence which might have rubbed off from her ruse.

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RE: If Only You Knew - Tamme - 05-27-2014

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