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Wake - Torleik - 10-31-2013

Continuation of this thread: A Machine For Pigs

Death follows into your watery grave

"I know you."

These words, rasped by the Engineer, made such little sense to Torleik. I know you? Of course Urlik knew him! They had been aware of each other for the better part of a month - or more...however long this darkness had been prevalent. Was he making a comment about battle - how you learned a person's true nature through fighting him?

Likely not. That seemed too philosophical for Ulrik. Torleik doubted he ever thought that deeply. Casting a confused glance at the black and bronze stallion, Torleik chose not to speak until he had submerged himself up to his neck in the frigid Basin lake. A billion little slivers of pain shot through him like needles being forced into his flesh every time he moved; but, he knew this would help, so he did his best to stand still and let his nerves go numb.

The cloudlets of blood that bloomed around him in the clear water seemed far too gentle and silken in appearance for their cause to be violence and rent flesh. Torleik realized he could not stay in this water for long, not with the Basin as cold as it was. He could freeze to death. The hot springs would help with that...but gods, that would be painful. Still, also likely good for cleansing his open wounds. The cold was to rid his body of all the inflammation and anger that he could. Heat would kill any lurking sickness on his skin.

Heat always killed things.

"What do you mean, you know me?" Torleik finally demanded, weariness and a growing sense of subdued anger broiling in his chest. Ulrik had not conceded.

He had not won.

A certain acrid sort of judgement crept up Torleik's spine, settling itself at the back of his skull. Certainly when a male chose to augment his chances by using a metal, mechanical contraption... Torleik barely held back a sneer. Cowardly. Ulrik could not face him without help. He had lost, and there was shame in that - shame he would let run its course - but he had held his own against both the Engineer and his mechanized beast.

Who else could say the same?

Count yourself lucky, Ulrik. Without your magic, you would be nothing. The thought was bitter and venomous, and Torleik tried to push it away. Such thoughts could only harm the one who thought them, eating them from the inside. For now, Torleik would focus on what Ulrik thought he knew - which was apparently, in some new and profound way, the dual-horned stallion he had just battled.


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RE: Wake - Ulrik - 11-27-2013


Ulrik was in pain. He could not deny that. The stallion had abandoned the life of a warrior a long time ago, and he was reminded again of why he had left his small band. Beating someone else senseless seemed to have no meaning, and even as he stood victorious, that meant nothing to the engineer. He did not create anything, did not contribute. All he did was rend the flesh of a like-minded creature. He damaged on of the earth's beautiful and wonderful creations, a prime example of the capabilities of nature.


Still, fighting had revealed to him one thing, a memory from a very long time ago. His nomad band had traveled all around the north, and his dam had been a resident of a herd by the sea - a herd who had lived in great, wooden halls. The pain brought him back to reality as he pulled himself from the water and limped carefully to the hot springs. He needed to clean these wounds, and he looked over at Torleik as he asked what he had meant.

"I remember you from long ago," he replied, grimacing as he paused in his motion. "We are related, through our mothers, I think." Ulrik moved very quietly to the springs. "I believe I was born where you lived before I joined my sire's band and traveled. You are familiar to me, Torleik." The idea of family had a strange meaning to Ulrik. Even though he was not overly fond of his brother's warring ways, he held them no ill will. Creative differences had driven him to abandon the band. They had helped him, and he would remember that.

RE: Wake - Torleik - 12-05-2013

The Engineer's words drove a memory from his clouded mind, a brief snippet of time suppressed by pain and loss and the destruction of his home. A murmured conversation of a young colt born with an interesting discoloration (though the marking had not been so vibrantly bronze at the time); a few brief meetings as they grew, Torleik never paying much heed as Ulrik had not lived near enough to him to see often.

But he did remember his mother's kin. He had seen them far more...why, then, did he not remember Ulrik as clearly? Their families gathered for feasts many times. Ulrik had been the quiet one in the back that was drowned out by the noise, hadn't he? The one Torleik wondered about, but in his childish nature, had never thought to seek out and question - at his young age he'd still just accepted the world as it was, as he saw it.

Silently, horrendously burdened with pain from the freezing water, Torleik tore himself from the Basin lake and hastened, carefully, to the hot springs. "You are my cousin," he said aloud, testing the word on his tongue. Cousin. That was the closest - the only - family he had. Suddenly, an oppressively heavy pressure crushed Torleik's chest and with burning eyes, he gruffly approached the slightly taller but more wirey stallion and embraced him for all of a fraction of a second. It hurt like hell to touch anything but the pain was secondary to the rune-horned stallion right now.

Ulrik was family. Torleik would die for family. Especially the only family he had left.


"Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold."

RE: Wake - Ulrik - 03-26-2014

Ulrik the Engineer

Ulrik stood with a pained smile on his face, which on his features, looked to be more of a smirk. Legitimate emotion was difficult to show, but he was at least pleased that Torleik did not immediately spit in disdain at their relation. He struggled to wade through the emotions of having family here, and after too long of treading the tumultuous waters, he simply floated. The engineer had to admit that even in his own, mad mind, having family was good. The fact that Torleik was here now showed that he too had left the brutal, warring ways of their clans. Right? Torleik was definitely more of a brute than himself, as he had challenged Ulrik to this bloody battle, but he could not hold that against the viking.

Torleik had fought for what he believed to be right, and even Ulrik could understand that desire. However, in the event that he wanted a change, Ulrik would just set a trap and lure them into it while laughing maniacally. At least in this way, the cousins balanced each other out.

When his cousin approached, wrapping his thick, muscular neck around his, Ulrik stiffened, confused by the contact. Affection had never been a good thing in his upbringing and as such this embrace confused the engineer. Still, he did not move and opened his mouth as if to speak but no words came to mind. Ulrik felt the pain of having his bruises pressed on and inhaled the masculine and bloody scent of Torleik's braided mane. Somewhere in the back of his mind, a voice told him that he should be comforted by the embrace of family, but the mad scientist was confused. Not to say that the touch was bad, just... odd.

Parroting the actions of Torleik so as not to be a complete social idiot, Ulrik pressed his nose lightly to his cousin's neck before stepping back, bronze eyes looking thoroughly lost. The stallion shifted his weight onto one hip a little awkwardly and cleared his throat, looking down at the bleeding damage to his own, jet-black coat. "I should probably clean these out," he mumbled, walking to the springs to cleanse the wounds. Ulrik blinked trying to muddle through his feelings still.

But, he had family here now. And Torleik cared for him. This was surprising. He was... just...

Well, he had...


"I am glad that you are my cousin," he stumbled through the vocalization finally. Those words of admittance to Torleik were very new and very strange to Ulrik. Rarely did he talk of feelings and even more rarely did he speak of them positively. Torleik meant something to the Engineer, and that was a miracle.

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RE: Wake - Torleik - 04-08-2014

Long is the winter of a man's soul

Was his cousin smirking at him? What sort of mad thoughts were skittering through the labyrinthine maze of Ulrik’s mind right now, Torleik wondered. It was possible the Engineer held it against his related duocorn, this battle, but the blue-eyed demon didn’t think so. Ulrik didn’t seem the type to hold a grudge of that sort. What Torleik had done hadn’t offended the Engineer’s sensibilities, or his deeply held convictions. Offended him, maybe, that his decision to stand with Deimos was questioned – but that was every sentient being’s right: to question that of which he or she did not approve.

No matter the pictures, thoughts or emotions running through his cousin at the moment, Torleik was glad to have family again. To have someone to call his in a sense; someone to whom he was close, if only by blood. His pleasure manifested in a rough hug that hurt them both, and just as he was about to pull away, the brawnier stallion was shocked into immobility by Ulrik’s response. The pressure of a muzzle into his flesh was not at all what Torleik expected to feel; he had anticipated a stiffened, statue-esque response.

Perhaps there was more to this male than he realized. Pressure in his chest alerted Torleik to the sense that he was feeling something positive but overwhelming, something he could not name or put to words – and this feeling was amplified tenfold when his cousin said he was glad they were related.

Ulrik approved. The mad genius, the picky Engineer approved.

“As I am glad you are mine,” he murmured, following the leonine-tailed stallion into the water, hissing quietly at the pained firing of his nerves. The raw, open flesh was not prepared for temperatures such as this, nor were the already exposed and angered nerve endings in his bleeding wounds. Still, the heat soothed his aching muscles, and Torleik settled into a comfortable position, watching the steam rise from the top of the water in sensuous tendrils. Absently he wondered if Ulrik remembered much of his relations in Torleik’s home, and whether he missed them. His mother had always been kind to Ulrik. “I wish you could have seen my family one last time. They would have been proud of what you have become,” he said quietly. His people valued brute strength, yes, but there was always room for the clever thinkers, the problem solvers, the inventors. They were the lifeblood of a thriving community, what kept a herd from stagnating and dying out.

"talk talk talk"
'Mental talking'

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