the Rift


Rules and How To
1. Stealing is an alternative way to capture a character or item aside from challenging by posting in the Stealth Board. Anyone can steal anything, except foals (under 2 years) cannot steal.

2. A “stealing post” is a poem, riddle, song or description about the character being stolen. The riddle must have at minimum 3, different clues describing the character that are good and relevant. The details of stealth writing and judging are outlined in the Stealth Guide.
  • Such clues include, but are not limited to: name, species, breed, gender, color, rank, history, relations, magic, etc.
  • The clues need to be easily found on the character’s profile or appear on the front page of a google search.
  • A steal must be of your own writing, but can allude towards or briefly quote something written by someone else.

3. Characters you want to steal must not be in AA and players cannot be absent. If the player of the character attempting to be stolen/stolen from goes on absent in the middle of a stealth, the stealth continues on and can still be passed. Items you want to steal must be in the "character records".

4. Once a riddle is posted, all characters have 48 hours to guess which character is sought. Only herd leaders and the two sneak class characters with rank magic in the herd can make guesses. Outcasts must block themselves, even if they are in an outcast band.
  • When guessing, all characters must post at least three reasons as to why you believe it is that character being sought.
  • Each herd gets 1 guess per every 10 herd members.
  • If one guess is used at a time, an additional 48 hours is given to that herd once the riddler replies to their guess.

5. Once a steal runs out of time or all guesses are used, it is considered successful. The stealer must reveal their clues and wait for the stealth to be passed by multiple administrators. Even if a riddle fails because it was successfully guessed in time, the clues must still be revealed, though will not be judged.
  • Characters must wait 1 week after a stealth has finished before creating another stealth. A stealth is considered finished either when it fails and is revealed, or when it is judged as passing or failed by 2/3 judges.

6. In order for a successful stealth to pass, it must score at minimum 3 points from at least 2/3 judges. Stealths are scored based on the way the clues are revealed. Stealths must make sense when revealed and it should be possible that the correct character could have been reasonably guessed.
  • Each good clue that is passed by an administrator judge is given +1 point.
  • Fluff or non-misleading bad clues are awarded a 0 point.
  • Misleading clues are awarded a -1 point.
  • Ever if a stealth scores 3 points, the overall picture will be taken into account by the judges, meaning if it is overall a lie, full of too much fluff or bad clues, too vague, or had less than 3 different clue types which passed, it will be failed.

7. If the stealth fails, the character who blocked will know the appearance and identity of the character who attempted to steal, but not any details about name, herd or position. If a stealth passes, then the character that stole cannot be known in any way and can only be found through posting with them and visibly seeing the stolen character/stolen item.
  • After 2 seasons, the herd lead(s) that a character was stolen from will know the current location of the stolen character without having to thread with or see the character through posting.
  • After 2 seasons, the character that was stolen from will know the current location of their stolen item without having to thread with or see the character through posting.
  • If a character has a stolen item and goes on an extended absence, the original owner of the item may steal/challenge it back regardless if the player is marked absent or is in absent abyss. This can only occur after the 2 seasons to know the stolen item's location has passed, and only in the case of extended absences or complete disappearances from the site where it has been 4 months or more, consecutively since the character's last IC post.

8. A character that is successfully stolen is termed a prisoner. Prisoners must be guarded and are immediately released if their guard does not reply to a thread within 72 hours. Prisoners can only post where their captor allows (in the herdlands).
  • If the new prisoner (A) was successfully stolen by someone while guarding a prisoner (B), then prisoner (B) automatically goes free.

9. After 1 week, prisoners can try to escape. If the thread is responded to by any captors within 48 hours, their probability of escape is rolled based on the character’s speed and endurance stats. In the event that they do not have stats, they will be created by the admin immediately.
  • A “Random Event” will post indicating if the captive remains or goes free.
  • Please contact an admin to roll for your escape with a link to the thread!
  • You may only attempt to escape once per week.

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