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May 2017 N/A
April 2017 Knock knock, it's us again
March 2017 are you my mother?
February 2017 don't hate me & No Snow White [tied]
January 2017 Of Recoil and Grace
December 2016 Vices and Virtues
November 2016 itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, where's my manhood gone, you meanie?
October 2016 Things over which you have no claim
September 2016 the wolf and the whale
August 2016 The Aviary Room
July 2016 big ideas have small beginnings
June 2016 Reckoning, reconciliation, or revenge?
May 2016 do whatever, nobody cares
April 2016 The Starborn
March 2016 just one more time before i go
February 2016 between love & lust, i never know which to trust
January 2016 Red alert, bond sighted
December 2015 greet the dawn || meet your doom
November 2015 Bandaids don't fix bullet holes
October 2015 fall of the woman king
September 2015 I'm Calling You Yellow-Bellied
July/August 2015 One Red Thread
June 2015 Blood Moon Dare
May 2015 Part Two | Of Death and Demons
April 2015 Home is where the... the... oh hell, nevermind!
March 2015 mareld;
February 2015 We're Comfortable Killers
January 2015 Heavy in your arms
December 2014 Birdsong Battles
November 2014 !! Who We Are
October 2014 Break Down
September 2014 Should I Believe In The World Momma?
August 2014 the death and downfall of mecha scorpion
July 2014 One of these things is not like the other...
June 2014 River Walker's Return
May 2014 let me see your phonebook, or is that "hidden" too?
April 2014 Five Percent Pleasure, Fifty Percent Pain
March 2014 Life sucks? Eat more locoweed.
February 2014 high up above or down below
January 2014 Love Is Easy
December 2013 General  Children, All My Hospital
November 2013 Bitter Victory, Bitter Defeat
October 2013 ...And Something Else Deep
September 2013 Death Itself Was Undone
August 2013 See I Have to Burn Your Kingdom Down
July 2013 Old Routines
June 2013 A Million Pieces Of Me, On The Floor
May 2013 Born of Ash
April 2013 Shut up; I'm talking
March 2013 Easy Catch
February 2013 A beautiful day
January 2013 Mirror Problems
December 2012 Welcome Home

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