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May 2017 "'I wonder if the Wise Ones in other herds have dragon cults?' she thought, flicking her ears back for a moment. A part of her was beginning to wish someone else had picked her up at the Threshold. The reptile fad at the Edge really put her, well, on edge."
—Ingrid , Pitch of the Year
April 2017 "Sia...' The name burns a hole in my throat, gets caught halfway, sliding out like a sticky mass, something dripping with melancholy and agony, falling from my lips gracelessly as I look to her, the Sea Soul, the silenced, the one I have destroyed with my cataclysmic touch. I'm sorry."
March 2017 "He must be a warrior, you (somewhat) correctly conclude - warriors are always overreacting to things like this."
February 2017 "So you’ve lost your fortune as well as your looks, then... Pity I’m not the romantic type who’ll fall for that sort of prince. I’m in it all for the castle and the crown jewels."
—Sheba, No snow white
January 2017 "He’d descend into Hell, a modern Hades to rest in the domicile of the wicked, and she, virtuous and tender, would return to the heavens, guarding over her flock of clouds and raindrops. Perhaps he’d been lucky with his Persephone, and she’d felt the tug of spring, the fall of winter, and rushed to be there, to watch him fall apart again – Then his last breath came, and he could see the scythe swinging, and all he could think, all he could dream was Take me there. And thereafter, he was gone, still and unrelenting – dead just as he’d lived, wild, feral, and alone."
December 2016 "Reality and adulthood taste like ash and death on his tongue, and the only cleansing rain from the fairy tales are his own salted tears."
November 2016 "You can pass a deep, deep sadness for anger only for so long, and I could feel things inside me shutting down, unable to bare the thought of this process. Someone throwing a whole piece of their life away, of their history because it hurt them so bad. I wasn’t sure who was in the wrong; I wasn’t sure who was in the right. But I knew a dude and he was in love, and the feeling of the one being forgotten was scraping too close to my soul in ways I couldn’t reconcile."
—Roskuld, Fall Underneath
October 2016 "If this Mountain truly knew... Maren would call her whatever she wanted. Then again, if Ampere was the Mother of Companions, what was there to go on? ... Perhaps it is better to not take these things too seriously. But what could she do, she was a serious mare."
September 2016 "And then, when the fire dissipates, it finally happens.
The Wildfire stops burning."
—Gaucho the Wildfire, Ashes, ashes, we all fall down
August 2016 "... and so you begin to hope, because hope is your cancer, your disease, your drug: you cannot shake it, cannot be cured, and sooner or later, it will be the death of you."
July 2016 "The top was lonely, the air so thin and the fall so high."
June 2016 "It was not how she wanted to be remembered, this broken, weak creature before them. She wanted to die valiant and beautiful. But life was cruel."
May 2016 "A shroud of loneliness and a mantle of undeserved shame, she would pray to her deaf gods and she would whip her own back and she would beg for dominion at the feet of oblivion.   Then maybe, just maybe there would be a place for her at the table of existence."
—Orithia, Wait So Long
April 2016 "It was a beautiful night to die, but even more so, it was a beautiful night to live."
—Ki'irha, The Starborn
March 2016 "She was Hotaru. Lady of the Basin. Queen of wolves and the monstrous beasts that roamed the night. She was the delicate flower that entranced and awed, the dagger's edge that cut the string of life and heralded awaiting death. She was young, and she was mortal. But she was alive. And she would rise again, a cold-fire phoenix, to burn all those who opposed she and her mighty family."
February 2016 "I’m not going to say ever heard because I can’t remember all of the noises I EVER heard and what if there was one that topped it? I mean it’s got some steep competition, just the other day I managed perfect harmony between a fart and a whistle so… you know."
January 2016 "She wandered through her home on a glimmer of stars and a song of hallelujah, begging for exaltation, craving for absolution."
December 2015 "She had learned quickly that it was better to create ghosts than to mourn those that had turned to such; for the jaws of ghosts are far more fragile than the bite of grief."
November 2015 "But his voice could create no miracles, and the love in his heart was not enough to save her."
October 2015 "'I love you!' he finally cried after him, their last rites: his final message to carry with him into the world beyond."
September 2015 "Body, brows furrowing as your eyes trace over every little detail that was to be your daughter, your very first love; gone before she ever even took a breath, before her heart ever beat, before she could know and feel the way she is so very much loved."
July/August 2015 "My life has educated me well in the ways of loss. When you find something right, something good,  something precious, then you hold on to it. You fight for it. You treasure it. There is not enough time- not nearly enough time- to spend with loved ones during this life, however long it may be. So when you find someone you love, you do not test that love. You do not threaten it. You spend every possible moment simply loving them."
—Tembovu, one red thread
June 2015 coming soon...
—coming soon(TM)
May 2015 "In a world that was so abhorrently selfish, Ampere couldn't face the fact that she was too."
April 2015 "Midas, time and time again, had been her knight in shining armour - the rock, as the world around her began to crumble. He had been the constant in her never ending confusion, the strength to balance her weakness.
He was the calm water, and she the wild fire…
She was the wrong, and he was her right."
March 2015 "The blackness of his pelt bubbled and oozed like molten tar; the crimson of his mane and tail dripped with hissing blood, steaming like the sanguine waters of the Pthlegethon; the embers of his eyes blazing like hot coals. The father before him was father no more, only the horrifying monster inside Varath had always seen, the figure responsible for the annihilation of all that was good in his own filthy bloodline."
—Varath, My final run
February 2015 "'Oh look, an Asshole and his moose,' you offer as you unceremoniously drop all of your buckets onto the ground. You’ve found Thranduil, and your drugged and cursed mind is hallucinating that Deimos is an impressively large, black moose. 'Do you enjoy the love he makes to you at night, or do you do it because you hate yourself?'"
—Oxy, Ice Ice Baby
January 2015 "He has been born with chains... she thinks, love swelling in her breast like heartburn, pity pricking in the corners of her eyes. He looked at her, so helpless and full of confusion, that she felt stolen into that stare, unable to think of anything else but him."
December 2014 "There is a fever coming down from above, a blush of golden wings and flashing feathers, heavenly; and even in her state, delirious and weakened, the cruelest of smiles curl hazily upon her lips as one eyelid blearily parts to see the smear that is Fina { mistaking it for a lovely god. } Has heaven come for her? The ultimate damnation; to be stuck with harps and lutes and angel wings in all their frivolous majesty!"
—Confutatis, No Forgivance
November 2014 "It went deeper than having those around you simply go some where else. It was about unspoken promises to always stay, to always be near if needed. Those were the ones broken - and they didn't always take distance to break."
—Gaucho, Promises to Keep
October 2014 "She was a servant, a tool to be utilized. What her herd asked of her, she would do. Would wear herself down to bone and ligament, would crawl on fractured knees and crippled limbs to do her family right. Anything to make them love her."
September 2014 "...but you would do well to remember that our plans for the herd are not, and do not have to be, Mirage’s plans for the herd. I am not her, and don’t dare to try to be her, but I am capable… just as she was."
—Kahlua, One Life
August 2014 "But I cannot take from you your freedom, not for my own selfish gain. I cannot love you when you are incapable of loving the idea of loving me."
July 2014 "Of the truth, none of the answers were without sharp edges, some designed to kill and others to only prick the skin and bring to light the bright blood beneath."
June 2014 "Only a ripple; she could unleash upon him a thousand waves that blotted out the heavens."
—Illynx, While We Sleep
May 2014 "You should not say her name, you should not ruin her sanctity by forcing yourself upon her, should not damage what is hers by mixing it with what is yours. “Sugar Lips,” you decide on instead with an angry sigh, for once wishing you were not an addict so that you might be able to say her name at a moment like this. But you are no better than the scum that lives upon the rocks of the ocean shore and so you confine yourself to your punishment, never being worthy to really say her name or do more than pine for the woman that may have secretly stolen your heart with her words of molasses."
—Oxy, Illuminated
April 2014 "A bright smile spread across his once thoughtful features and he rushed forwards to greet her, Inari hanging back a little at his bondeds side whilst nervously eyeing the fox with three tails! The cub looked at his own small, white tipped tail with a forlorn look of disappointment and shock. Life could be cruel even to the innocent."
March 2014 "Her quiet king of death, her Hades, who left ruin and corruption in his wake but offered the sweetest of kisses. Was she the raven on his shoulder or the stormcloud darkening the sky above him or the sword in his hands or the maiden who pined for his return while he slashed and slayed and slaughtered with the rest?"
February 2014 "It speaks not, moves not; it is useless, inconsequential, and the demonchild is bored. Even more than the goblin, the stallion is nothing, pushed aside from his interest by the mere lack of horn - no true son of hell does not wield a sword."
—Belial, Tin Tin au Congo
January 2014 "She bit him once—twice—but they were confused ticks of her nervousness; she didn’t know if she were punishing him or trying to find out if he was a substantial hunk of flesh and not some illusion of this alien forest-of-the-rock. “Where are my children?” she hissed against him—and in that hiss said many things. I was worried, What is this place, You’re real, I love you, You’re here, Where are my goddamned children, bastard?"
December 2013 "Because there are far more spectacular ledges to chuck me off than this one."
November 2013 "He had murdered a sick and dying soul, no matter how tainted, and for that he deserved to burn slowly in Helovia's Heart for the rest of eternity, like some sick pyro-romanticized version of Prometheus."
October 2013 "What do turtles know anyway her heart whispered to keep itself from breaking."
September 2013 "The reaper was no god of war, no death machine; he was hair and flesh, tripe and sinew. She did not wither at his barest touch, was not damned as they exchanged warmth. He aspired and dreamed and inhaled and exhaled - he was no stone cold monster, and she was no frigid rain goddess, just a girl with crushed wings, and he a swarthy soldier with sapphire eyes and a red heart. This was what the world came down to: there were no monsters, only lies and tears, joy and laughter. There was pain, too, but there was also unending happiness, and she was glad for that."
August 2013 "Has the metal done something to your feelings, sir?"
July 2013 "No matter how strong the heart, your body may not always listen. Do I fear death? No. I fear being trapped alive in a useless body."
June 2013 "I love you, Torasin. I always did, from that very first day that you greeted me with that ridiculous smile of yours. You were the first soul I ever met upon these lands, and I could not have asked for a better friend, comrade, guardian of my heart. If it weren't for you, I would not be standing here today. Torasin, I'm not ready to do this alone."
May 2013 "Wouldn't you like to see what's beyond those mountains, Roux? I want to see everything! I can take you with me, be your eyes as we explore the world. Maybe, one day, I can find a way to fix you so we can both look together."
April 2013 "'Monsters are better left in cages, far out of the reach of such beautiful creatures,' his voice almost turning hollow, reaching out toward her, 'lest they ruin them beyond repair.'"
—Osiris, A Sad Farewell
March 2013 "I could not care less if you fell in love and birthed the spawn of your indiscretion under whatever guise you call love."
—Ophelia, Ophelia, Ophelia
February 2013 "That was the last time he did a God a sexual favour. It had strange after effects."
—d'Artagnan, Intoxicating
January 2013 "Why am I to crawl on the ground before someone who hasn't earned my faith, whose purpose I don't know and for a gift I never asked for?...IN WHAT WAY AM I LESSER THAN THEM!?"
December 2012 "Threats? Warnings? Ultimatums? And what would these trespassers do to them that had not been done before? The absolution of their own melancholy had been enough to prepare them for a course in vengeance. For what did you expect when you played, toyed, and capered with fire?"

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