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Character of the Month

The character of the month award is awarded by nomination of your peers. These characters get a brand new image (donated by one of our members), bragging rights for the month, and can add the above badge to their profile! Below are the previous COTMs.
June, 2017
WEAVER, Corporal of the Aurora Basin, is a relatively recent addition to Helovia and has taken it by storm. Branded with the seal of Death on her chest, intrigue and interest follow both her past and present. Though she is assuredly beautiful, her sometimes sharp personality reveals that there is more to this uni-peg hybrid than meets the eye. Proving herself able on the battlefield in the Basin’s warrior ranks, we can’t wait to see her test her mettle against the looming Kaos happenings! Congratulations!

May, 2017
YAEL, one of the Sage's of the World's Edge, is as clever as she is beautiful. Ever since she arrivedin Helovia this little mare has been an invaluable asset to her herd with consistent activity and carefully written and beautiful threads. Yael is as unique as she is interesting to read. With a knowledge of the Hebrew language, Yael seems to have an understanding of what is written on the black altar in the marshes. Could she be the key to understanding Kaos? We're so excited to see where her journey will take her! Congratulations!

April, 2017
SACRE, newly appointed Moon Doctor of the World’s Edge, and his pair of foxes have been winning over Helovians! A Helovian native, born of d’Artagnan the Nightshade and Kou, this worried brother has spent time searching for his lost twin, Roux—and has finally found him! The unique, but caring, healer is passionate about life and thus entertaining and riveting to both read and be around! (Not to mention how amusing his cunning is sarcasm, at times.) We are excited to see what Sacre does next! Congratulations!

March, 2017
TIAMAT, the newly crowed Lady of Aurora Basin, has been a Helovian favorite ever since the ocean-marked mare drifted in! Believing herself to be born of the sea and sky to avoid the truth of a tragic past, the Ocean’s Light approaches life with a lighthearted and playful nature that inspires others. Well-matched with her leviathan orca companion, the pair are a welcome and friendly sight to anyone in need. We are excited to see how Tiamat grows as she leads the Basin! Congratulations!

February, 2017
LYANNA has been making a big impact since she blew into Helovia! She's worked her way up to being a Moon Doctor in the World’s Edge, demonstrating her a natural knack for the art of healing. Though Lyanna is still haunted by the loss of her family, she has shown compassion and dedication to the new friends that she has made and perhaps Helovia will offer her new chances at a family. We are excited to see what is on the horizon for this incredible character! Congratulations!

January, 2017
TILNEY, the dedicated World’s Edge Moon Doctor, is embroiled not only in inter-herd relations, but also in drama all his own. With the recent reappearance of his mate, Arah, it will be entertaining to discover how the healer will be a father to not only his angelic daughter, but also his two sons. Tilney’s penchant for exploration allows not only to champion his band of peacekeeping Nighmoths, but also allows him to touch the lives of many Helovians. With many of his tree-marked siblings now in Helovia, we can’t wait to see how the twists and turns antlered stallion’s life will take! Congratulations!

December, 2016
ALBRECHT, Helovia’s resident grouch, has stolen the hearts of Helovians with his prickly personality. The old, grizzled stallion has shown remarkable activity in the Aurora Basin, gaining the interest of their Lady. His sarcasm and wit provides entertainment for all (except, perhaps, those on the receiving end of it), and his sharp tongue amusingly shows no diffidence for rank or status. With a magic that gives the power of pleasure and seduction, he has sired a filly and has thus far revealed a softer, paternal side that all are interested to see more of—and perhaps learn more of his intriguing and somber past. Regardless, we can’t wait to see whose feathers he ruffles, next. Congratulations!

November, 2016
ULTIMA, coming to Helovia through the Rift's Halcyon Flats, has made quite a name for herself in Helovia! The sweet and well-mannered mare has grown into herself while exploring the healing arts. Beginning her studies in the healing arts within the World's Edge, the quad-winged beauty learned quickly and ascended to Earth Medic of the Hidden Falls with her healing prowess. This social mare is quick to meet others and, with her playful personality, even quicker to make a friend in her adventures. Forever willing to lend a listening hear and helping hoof to anyone in need, she has easily worked her way into the hearts of Helovians. However, Ultima has shown that she is not always a soft-spoken beauty, and we are excited to see her spunk in the future! Congratulations!

October, 2016
ZÉKLÉ, son of Gaucho the Wildfire and Ampere the Mother of Companions, started to capture the heart of readers and his fellow Helovians from day one. This amazing, spunky boy contrasts the seriousness of his parents, easily finding friends to share in his adventures as he explores Helovia. Fun and sometimes trouble certainly seem to follow this boy around. Though born and raised in the Dragon’s Throat, Zero is now grown and made the tough decision to move out to become a Hidden Falls Mason! We’re eagerly looking forward to what the future holds for him as he begins a new chapter. Congratulations!

September, 2016
SIKEAX has come a long way from being born to a prisoner of The Grey. This Helovian native has faithfully served the denizens of the Dragon's Throat nearly her entire life. She has made quite a name for herself in healing circles, her kind heart and patience known far beyond her herd borders. Sikeax has recently been rewarded with a well-supported rise to the position of Sultana blessed by the Sun God himself, and she will surely become a great leader with what she has already achieved! We're eager to see where this new title takes her, and the impact she will have on the Dragon's Throat! Congratulations!

August, 2016
EREBOS, son of Deimos the Reaper and Huyana, is a Helovia native. Despite living in a herd led by his sire, this young stallion does not live in his father’s shadow by any means. Already experienced on the battle field, he’s made a name for himself through spars with friends and strangers alike. A gallant heart, already marking him different than his lineage, Erebos seeks adventure and power. We’re excited see what his future will bring! Congratulations!

July, 2016
BRISA, the newly crowned Hidden Falls Czarina, is a well-loved Helovian veteran. Having endured heartbreak with the unexpected disappearance of one of her sons, the beautiful grey woman rallied and became a Stone Mason for the Falls. Her dedication to her herd is remarkable, as is her activity throughout Helovia. Just recently she was graced with healing magic by the forest, itself! This beautiful and sweet woman is well-deserving of this honor and we can't wait to see how she fulfills her role as the new lead of the Falls! Congratulations!

June, 2016
RIKYN, son of Ulrik the Engineer and Illynx the GildedBlade, is a Helovia native. Despite having such infamous parents, this young stallions is already making a name for himself! Living life as an Outcast, he has already been causing ripples thorough Helovia by thieving, exploring, and sparring. A handsome man with a flair for deception, we are excited to see where his dark, electrical magic will take him! Recently winning a royal cerndyr companion, this duo will likely be entertaining Helovians with their adventures in the future. Congratulations!

May, 2016
NYMERIA, daughter of the renown Confutatis the Worldeater and Tyradon and twin to recent COTM winner, Volterra, has already made quite a stir. While in conflict with her bond to her twin and her inherit independent nature, Nymeria is attempting to show her loyalty to the Hidden Falls so she may become a spy within their ranks. At her side, her loyal dragon helps her through this life when no one else can, for even though she is a flirtatious and friendly mare, she lonely somewhere inside of her heart. We look forward to seeing how Nymeria develops on her own with such a strong cast of family around her. Congratulations!

April, 2016
ISOPIA, daughter of the God of the Earth and Kahlua, is a demigoddess that has already left a legacy in Helovia; but not through progeny, as recent events have rid her of a child, but through her dedication and adherence to knowledge and the balance. The demigoddess’s uniquely removed philosophy to life betrays the deeply felt emotions that have ensnared Helovians alike when following her ventures throughout the realm. The Storyteller of the Falls also harbors a variety of earthen magics, from crafting hot stones to shape-shifting, which further deepens her allure and intrigue. We all eagerly look forward to seeing how she continues to unfold in her relations as well as in her role as demigoddess within Helovia! Congratulations!

March, 2016
VOLTERRA, the son who carries on lines of power, is an incredibly versatile character who has already made quite the impact on Helovia. He is confident, unafraid and devout in his beliefs with makes his arrogance tolerable. Though he has many relatives on site, he has made himself into a completely independent entity, moving throughout the lands without obligation or loyaty save to a few. With two dragons, a sexy bod and a winning personality, how could he go wrong? Congratulations!

February, 2016
MESEC, the demi-god of the Moon, works tirelessly to retain balance throughout the realm, no easy task given his lineage and Helovia's penchant for violence. Haunted by his mother's shadow he seeks the light and guidance of the sun in the Dragon's Throat, making amends one smile at a time. His kindness and friendliness make him easy to befriend, and though he's still struggling to find his place in the world, crafting seems to have piqued his interest. Despite all his best efforts however, he struggles with the beast from within, literally. In duress his darker nature grips him and he turns into a warg that rips through friend and foe alike, something which might quickly crumble all he's worked so hard to build. In an epic battle of good and evil, he shows us all what it's like to conquer personal demons and strive to be better than what made you. We're eagerly anticipating the directions he'll be taking in the near future, wondering just how long he can fight his true nature. Congratulations!

January, 2016
ERTHË, a native of Helovia born from Shadow and Vadim, was born into chaos and violence. However, she retains a youthful innocence and a refreshing sense of honesty about her character. Though she is gentle and sweet, she can be prone to jealousy and confusion as she learns about the world and its strange beings. Most notably, perhaps, is her penchant for exploration! There is not a land untouched by this girl, and we look forward to seeing much, much more of her in the future. Congratulations!

December, 2015
REXANNA, the beautiful and sultry Thief of Aurora Basin, has captured the interest and hearts of quite a few Helovians. An invaluable asset to the Basin, she has ensured that leads and herd members alike remain safe from the stealthy advances of others. However this alluring Thief has a secretive and manipulative side that will leave you wondering about her true intentions. Whether recruiting, sparring, or simply exploring, this active and elegant mare has a flair for the dramatic! Currently embroiled in romantic plots of her own, it will be exciting to read how they unfold. Congratulations!

November, 2015
TEMBOVU is a giant in Helovia in more ways than one! He is tall, stout and handsome and he also has made a name for himself through his exporations and dedication to the World's Edge. He has a big heart and a strong moral code which he often interjects in conversation with wisdom and advice. Having lost so much in his past, he is a force of realism in this world who confronts others by ensuring they learn from his mistakes. This elephant of a warrior is changing hearts and minds across Helovia. Congratulations!

October, 2015
RANJIRI, a native Helovian born to Ktulu the Constrictor and Midas the Gallant, has more than forged her own path away from her parents shadows. With strong ties to the Dragon's Throat, and a hoard of loyal followers from her activity and travels all throughout Helovia, she is a familiar face to many characters. Even without magic or a companion, she is bold and beautiful in the face of imposing danger. With a strong moral compass and a spirit all of her own, Ranjiri has proven that it is not the name that makes the woman, but the spirit. Congratulations!

September, 2015
ASHAMIN, a newcomer to Helovia has truly made an impact. Starting off as a melancholy stag, this unicorn got a call to confidence and has since risen from ashes like a phoenix. A recent, but frequent, name in the battleground Ashamin is determined to level-up to be a great warrior. Despite his growing prowess in battle, Ashamin still holds rank as the Aurora Basin's Haruspex--meant to tie the herd with their patron god. A hard worker, Ashamin has proved himself to be a brilliant stallion even as he faces fears. Trailed by his loyal cerndyr, Ashamin has much more to accomplish in these strange lands. Congratulations!

July-August, 2015
ELSA, once a proud member of the Hidden Falls and brave defender of her family is now proudly representing the World's Edge in combat. Though beautiful and colorful, this softly spoken creature is not to be taken lightly. She is a proud mother of twins from a trying stallion, but her heart is big enough to love even the greatest of sins. Hard work and determination have driven Elsa to a position of power, and there is no telling where else she may go! Congratulations.

June, 2015
MEGAERA the newest Sultana of the Throat has certainly inspired many with her fiery personality and steadfast determination. The Sunspear has overcome adversity and accomplished herself as a longstanding resident of the Dragon’s Throat. Her light will always shine as bright as her magic and, as a new mother, Helovia can only wait and watch for Megaera’s next big move. Congratulations to this lovely character for all that she’s done!

May, 2015
MAREN, the angelic Diviner of the Dragon's Throat, is a recent addition to Helovia who has made a name for herself already. The tiger-striped, haloed mare is proud and unique, with wings set just behind her countenance, she finds flight through her faith in the God of the Sun. Maren is known for her unique method of entering her home, preferring to traverse the watery borders by boat rather than the magical bridge constructed by the herd. Congratulations to this deserving, beautiful mare! And our deepest apologies for the lateness!

April, 2015
ROSKULD, the only daughter of the God of the Spark and Ophelia has taken Helovia by storm as of late. Roskuld has been a passionate personality since her birth with her quick tongue and spark magic, but she has only just turned her motor on. Roskuld's ability to feel deeply has brought her to a fighting lifestyle, and has been a frequent name in the battle grounds. In Roskuld's short life she has made herself a memorable name and presence. From fighting monsters to protect Helovia, loving deeply, or fighting hard this wild-mouthed demi-god has learned about the harsh, but rewarding, ways of life. Congratulations!

March, 2015
ARCHIBALD, has been nominated time and time again and is a long time Helovian and site-wide favourite. The Dauntless, along with his faithful but ferocious companion Loretta have led multiple herds during their time in Helovia. Probably the most famous of Mandrake’s sons, Archibald likely holds the record for most on-site kills, and is not a character that you’d like to make an enemy. The newly crowned King of the Edge is now an single-Father due to the murder of his beloved Circe, but we’re sure that Archibald and his impressive progeny will continue to take Helovia by storm. Congratulations!

February, 2015
HOTARU, an invaluable spy for the Aurora Basin, is a beautiful thief who will steal your heart as quickly as she’ll steal your valuables. With a strong tie to the Goddess of the Moon, this quick-witted unicorn is a character who will always do what needs to be done without hesitation, whether that is protecting her family, or completing tasks for her Goddess. She has become a site wide favorite, and a terror on the stealth boards. With a stockpile of trinkets and powerful accessories as well as a new royal hellhound at her side, we can’t wait to see what Hotaru does next! Congratulations!

January, 2015
TANDAVI, recently promoted Sultana of the Dragon's Throat, is a beauty among mares. She developed a strong sense of the gods and deep wisdom during her time is a seer, calling upon the power of the Sun to fulfill plans for her herdland. Since, she has become a fast favorite, a constant presence and support in her herd as well as with Helovia. Her power to sense magic in others makes her deeply in tune with the gods even though she struggles to make friends. However, that does not mean she does not have many admirers. Congratulations!

December, 2014
BUCEPHALUS has taken Helovia by storm. From his arrival in the Threshold to his allegiance to the Dragon's Throat, the pegasus stallion has graced those around him with his wit, humor and excellent story telling abilities. The proud stallion is handsome as he is reckless, unafraid to enter any area with words of judgment. However, we are all aware that this comes from a deep place of caring in this secretive heart. Bucephalus has a long and wonderful future ahead to match his thrilling present. Congratulations!

November, 2014
THRANDUIL, a welcome new addition to Helovia continues to astound and amazing with his clever personality and activity. Seemingly everywhere at once, the spy of the Aurora Basin has successfully stolen armor, infiltrated a herd, and is most likely in possession of some damning information! He is an asset to anyone and any herd with his brilliance and courage, but do not be fooled. No one knows where this tricky golden boy's loyalties really lie. Congratulations!

October, 2014
BELLONA is a fiery and ambitious spy of the Hidden Falls. Her constant presence has thwarted many attempts from others to steal from her herd. The beautiful-but-dangerous warrior-maiden is quickly making a name for herself as a mare not to be underestimated. Bellona is an alluring sight, her lineage a cross of pegasus and peacock, her coat a dazzling mixture of purples, blues and greens. Along with her playful newborn Rougarou Mictla, Bellona is surely one to watch as her intriguing story continues! Congratulations!

September, 2014
MURDOCK has been a long term and unsung hero of Helovia. He started is journey as an outcast but became loyal to a group of mercenaries shortly after. With his genuine attitude and honest manners, he even managed to sway the heart of a staunchly cold unicorn mare, only to have her disappear. Every now and then, he will show his other side, is eccentric side, born from his struggle with PTSD, but most here know him as a quiet force in the background. With a long past, Murdock is sure to have an equally long and beautiful future. Congratulations!

August, 2014
ALYSANNE is the sweet and caring Moon Doctor of the Worlds Edge! Known widely for her bright personality and loyalty as a healer, the future of her herd stands in good stead. She is the perfect shoulder to cry on and a cherished friend of many. This special tobiano mare is always there to help those in need alongside her owl companion Hemlock. Together, they are a constant source of delight for many Helovians to enjoy. Congratulations!

July, 2014
RESPLENDENCE, is the devoted Moon Doctor and long standing member of the World's Edge. This one-eared mare arrived in Helovia skiddish and uncertain, but has now come to be a well-known name all around Helovia. Known for her skills as healer, her gentle and empathetic nature, and her impressive herb garden, Resplendence nevertheless continues to find herself in inspiring, and heart-wrenching situations, that have captivated so many. Congratulations!

June, 2014
ILLYNX, the Lady of the Aurora Basin, is a flattering, silver tongued leader who is bringing the unicorn herd into the land alliances. She is called the Gildedblade for a reason, as her coat sparkles with gold, a title well earned considering that she is sharp like a sword and quick to condemn. Her lust for power and lack of love have earned her a powerful position, and she oversees every task delicately, including the building of a new machine and the secret comings and goings of the spies. Meeting her is usually always a pleasant experience...unless you wrong her. Congratulations!

May, 2014
LENA is a loyal, long-standing Helovian citizen. A sheep among wolves, her sweet and gentle nature tames the rugged band of unicorns she has lived with for years. She selflessly healed many when a horrible disease plagued the land, curing those who needed it most at her own risk. At her side is her Kitsune, Imogen, who was awarded to her by the gods for her kindness and generosity. This active and beautiful mare has been a hero of Helovia. Congratulations!

April, 2014
CONFUTATIS, the dark demoness of Helovia terrorizes the land with her wicked ways. She is from a long linage of horrifying individuals and she just may be the most poisonous apple in this family tree. We love and hate this character for her beauty, quality, and loathsome acts, making her an ideal bad guy. The mare with the white skull is one who steals children and plots secretly to over throw all of Helovia so that it may be under her iron hoof. Congratulations!

March, 2014
AMPERE, the newly named Sultana of the Dragon’s Throat, is a voice of change in the lands of Helovia. Her strong opinions on companion imprisonment have gained her some friends, but many more enemies. Though she has a tendency to be a bit childish, acting first and thinking later, she is a formidable opponent in combat and is ferociously loyal to her cause and those who support it.

February, 2014
GAUCHO, recently named Sultan of the Dragon's Throat, is a primitive stallion whose primary goals in life include being the best warrior, keeping his herd safe, and protecting his property. Though his Black Mamba companion, Mara, attempts to show him a more emotional side of life, there is something about Gaucho's rustic charm that leaves the ladies swooning. Helovia will have to wait and see what - or who - he will conquer next. Congratulations!

January, 2014
AFRICA is the sweet grey mare of the Dragons Throat, who shares in her many adventures with a loyal Zephyr named Silas. One fateful day in the Aurora Basin, this peaceful pegasus was robbed of flight and a wing, the memory etched onto her shoulder and perhaps she will never be the same mare again. Yet, Africa carries on, meeting many weary travelers in the Threshold or guiding her herd as their Oracle through audiences with the Sun God. This affectionate, active traveller has surely made an impact on many Helovian lives and woven her way into the hearts of many. Congratulations!

December, 2013
KAHLUA is the life loving and most recently appointed Glazier of the Worlds Edge! This sweet, bubbly, and very active overo mare has touched the hearts of many Helovia residents and is very much a familiar face. Recently, with the help of her herd mates, Kahlua showed just how proficient she is by completing the construction of the Edge’s glass wall and successfully defended her home from invaders. On top of that, she finds time to often visit the Threshold and make wonderful glass creations for friends and even foes. What will be next in store for the accomplished and talented Kahlua? Congratulations!

November, 2013
TORLEIK is a new addition to Helovia and a welcome one at that. He is the handsome, muscular, black and white rabicano stallion from a land of snow and ice, so it is no wonder that he found himself in the Aurora Basin. Though known for its violence, Torleik keeps his strong hold to his own morality within the mountains, even going so far as to challenge another for leadership! Torleik has visited much of Helovia in a short time and met quite a few other characters already. Much to the chagrin of many a mare's heart, he seems much secluded from the wiles of females, but that will not stop us from trying!

October, 2013
KTULU has a long history in Helovia, tangled with many characters and many herds. Born in Isilme, she traveled with her twin sister, Ophelia, in this land where she spent her childhood growing up in the Foothills. After a brief leave and the formation of an outcast band called "The Grey", she returned to the Foothills to make it her own home. Her heart seems split between Midas, the champion of the Throat, and Lakota, a mare who has stood by her side in the Grey. With two children, one a demi-god, Ktulu's roots in Helovia are strong, now to we get to watch where outcast life takes her!

September, 2013
APOLLO, long standing member of Helovia's band of mercenaries, the Grey, has been recently appointed leader after the previous one left. The stallion was, perhaps, a surprise for few considering his calm and even demeanor. He is a genuine soul with charming features and a kind heart, and he avoids violence as much as he possibly can. However, like all Helovians, the world has changed him. He is dedicated now to the Grey in body and soul. The question remains: how far will the handsome gentleman go before personality breaks promise?

August, 2013
HOTOTO, the son of the God of the Earth and Ktulu the Constrictor has been vital in the absence of the gods. The eldest of the demi-gods left his home and his mother's side to bravely take care of the land, healing plants and inducing growth without the sun there to provide light. With his unique gifts from his father and an open, caring mind, Hototo bravely faces the world in an attempt to heal, though his fighting skills should not be taken lightly. Such bravery seems almost impermeable, but he does have a dark, deep fear - fillies!

July, 2013
DEIMOS is a name feared among Helovians for his ability to bring death to all he touches. The stallion is of few words, but that does not detract from the sense of foreboding and doom that fills the air when he is simply present. He is a long-standing, loyal member of the herd who was cast out of the World's Edge and now call the Basin their home, and he is also a high ranking member of the Plague. The general of the Aurora Basin exists in the darkest shadows of the herd, waiting, watching and acting for the protection of his brethren. Is he truly so evil?

June, 2013
KNOX, the black stallion with the glowing bridle, is the son of Mandrake and Roanne the Sentinel, both deceased. Though even death cannot remove him from his lineage. Knox is cursed with the ability to share the minds of his ancestors and can also morph into their figures, and this contributes to his questionable morality and sketchy line of sanity. The anchor to his madness is a black, flat coated retriever named Manhattan, and they have both recently found themselves in a new family of the Grey. With many murders painting his hooves red but friends and family to call his own, Knox is truly a juxtaposition of Helovian society.

May, 2013
MIDAS, the golden feathered stallion of the Dragon's Throat has been a long standing general for his herd. He is a father of an adopted son, father to the earth god's son, and a future father to the child of he and Ktulu, chieftess of the Foothills, showing his open heart for care and love. Since his arrival, Midas has been loyal to the Throat, but will his loyalties be divided between family and herd? Midas has shown wisdom throughout his life, having visited the earth god on many occasions for council, and he is fair and just when face with evil. This stallion truly has a heart of gold.

April, 2013
THOR is the first stallion to rise to WeyrLeader of the World's Edge. Having joined the herd in Frostfall of Year Two, he began as a Protector before deciding to study as a Nurse. He competed in the Tournament for a position as Captain, earned himself magic from the Earth God, and now he is Thor the Gentle Heart! Having proven himself worthy for each task set to him, he is an honest stallion with an even, caring temper. If you wander through the Threshold, you will be sure to see his handsome face there, recruiting. The question on everyone's lips, of course, is what does Thor's dark side look like?

March, 2013
KRI is the fearless and bold leader of the Dragon's Throat, and she has lead the herd into being the longest lasting herd without war in Helovian history. Do not let her size fool you - this winged wonder with bright, blue eyes is a fierce fighter and a stern ruler. She has been challenged multiple times for leadership and still sits on her throne, victorious. With a rich history, a gentle daughter, and a full herd, Kri seems to have it all on her sandy dunes. When you meet her though, choose your words carefully! She may just challenge you for her rights to continue being the alpha mare!

February, 2013
PSYCHE, is the darling founder and leader of the secretive and destructive group, The Plague, which upholds unicorns as the ultimate form of a horse. This of course means, to The Plague, that all other species as filth to be scrubbed from this earth. As her day job she reigns over the Aurora Basin as lady, though she is no eligible bachelorette with her twisted heart taken by Mauja the Frostheart, despite the manner their relationship has been on the rocks lately. She has no qualms with seducing you though, but closer inspection of the pegasus feathers tangled in her mane, and they may look blood stained - conquered kills rather than pretty accessories. And what's that... teeth in her mane from equines!? Why my dear, Psyche is not one to be trifled with.

January, 2013
FAELENE, the alluring, red maned mare from the Basin has been an active and dynamic member of Helovia. With her unending loyalties to the unicorns of the former Edge who now reside in the Basin, attractive features, and deep personality, Faelene has become a fixture among her herd and the wilds. She continues to be loyal, even with the tempting love affair between Leander resting in her past and possibly her future. With a character as fluid as Faelene, she has endless possibilities ahead! Congratulations!

December, 2012
OPHELIA is the famed and well loved daughter of Paladin and Soleil, the former leaders of the foothills. During her time here on Helovia she has become a fan favorite, and has been nominated for this award almost every season. She is loving and kind, but has a tortured soul- all things that make her the wonderfully complex character we love so much. During this season Ophelia has founded an outcast mercenary group with her sister, and the two are well on their way to success. Congratulations!

November, 2012
LACE the famous grulla stallion with the spider webbed face has made an impression on most in Helovia. Since his arrival, he and Fajira, the white dragon, have been making history when he faced the gods and received gold markings across his back in place of being burned. After fighting against the wicked, elitist unicorns, one of whom he has spoken to before, Lace took up the mantle of World's Edge glazier to nobly serve the mighty, victorious Qian. This bachelor has remained with his heart unspoken for and he continues to remain an active, integral part of the new, reformed Edge. Will his heart continue to belong to his dragon alone? Congratulations!

October, 2012
RICOCHET is the son of a long standing Isilme legend, determined to live up to his father's expectations. Stirring up trouble for Paladin soon after he took over lead in the Foothills, this hotheaded stallion has already been found to cause some commotion. With his stubborn will and fiery determination, Ricochet hopes to cleanse the Foothills of all other species except equines, and reforge an Equine Empire like in Isilme. However, surrounded by a bunch of do-good hippies who love all species, will Ricochet be doomed to live disgruntled and unfulfilled? With a firecracker like Rico, it's hard to think he will allow that. Congratulations!

September, 2012
D'ARTAGNAN is the Moon Doctor for the World's Edge! He is a bit troubled, often referred to as the Mad Doctor, but nevertheless impresses upon those in Helovia. He and his nurse, Kou, can be found traversing around Helovia together, with a timid little romance beginning to bloom. Trusted member of the racist unicorn group the Plague, reliable doctor to the edge, and an endless source or entertainment and laughter for the site of Helovia, please congratulate d'Artagnan on his well deserved assumption of the title Character of the Month!

August, 2012
MAUJA THE FROSTHEART is the King of the World's Edge. He is an icy, calculating stallion who is bent on making the Plague succeed. With his excellent show of activity and cool handling, it is no wonder why he was chosen to lead the Edge and the Plague, as well as win Character of the Month! Chances are, even if you never step foot inside the World's Edge, you will find yourself face to face with the Ice King soon enough. Congratulations!

July, 2012
CASSIOPEIA is the sweetest blue roan pegasus who has graced Helovia. She is extremely active, and has been an integral part of the Dragon's Throat gaining new feathered members. Though a stunning sight for any bachelor, Cassiopeia's heart belongs to Azzuen with whom she has a winged filly. This roaned mare manages to do it all: balance a lover, a family as well as keep track of the comings and goings to report back to her herdland. True to her name, she has the power to make the stars come alive, a magic just as magnificent as the wielder. Congratulations!

June, 2012
TORASIN is a golden man with the voice of a proper gentleman, but do not let his suave tones fool you completely. This green-eyed stallion has recently bonded with a rare, brown dragon which he named "Kiba" and challenged the leadership in the Dragon's Throat. He has the heart of a lion with all the kindness of a lamb, a wonderful reprieve for any Helovian. I am sure all of the ladies are wondering where stallions like him are hiding! Walk around Helovia, are you are bound to run into the happy, sweet Torasin.

May, 2012
VIKRAM is the first DragonxEquine Hybrid on the site. He has been extremely active since his joining, and is proving to be quite the humorous character. So far, Vikram has made friends with Torasin and last month's COTM, Mirage. The three have been spotted together quite frequently. Chances are, if you want to meet the impressive draconic Vikram, Mirage and Torasin will be tagging along.

April, 2012
MIRAGE was the character of the month for the month of April!

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