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Legends & Ascended


An Ascended Helovian honor is a special award given to characters who have shown a long-term dedication to the site, have a reputation with the gods as being a leader, hold a position of power, and have heavily impacted the site as a whole over time.

The Ascended Helovian is awarded with either blessed progeny for the remainder of his life or is granted a special, god-given immortality status. This gift is given by the gods of Helovia. You can tell Ascended Helovians from the rest due to a special badge on their post bit section and a special title beneath their name on their profiles. These characters are also honored by having their character appear on Helovia's banner for a week!

- Midas the Gallant || November 27th 2014
- Gaucho the Wildfire || February 22nd 2015
- Ophelia the Forsaken || September 19 2015
- Mauja the Frozen Light || February 7 2016


A legendary title or legend status is a secondary name which is a sign of honor and power. It is recorded alongside your actual name in the history page and often is better remember than your true name. Other characters may call you by this name and it can be used as a name reference on the stealth board.

- A herd leader automatically receives legend status.
- Any character who has been recognized for a specific event or characteristic will be given legend status.
- Generally foals and unclaimed characters do not earn legend status.
- There is no specific method or way of earning legend status. It is a reward for characters that have been recognized as unique or epic in some manner.

You choose your legendary title, which often leaves one with the question... what should I call myself?
- All legendary titles have a 'the' before the name, but they can range from 'Max The Brave' to 'Max the Red Storm Chaser'
- Typically the name should not have many spaces or exceed more than three words (excluding 'the')

Monarch Nicknames
Military Nicknames

Voltaic the Samurai
Kri the Resolute
Paladin the Valiant
Balkin the Obscure
Ricochet the Incendiary
Soleil the Virtuous
Roanne the Sentinel
Evangeline the Pure
Smoke the Wild Rose
Virva the Matriarch
Zuriel the Seraphim


Gossamer the Benevolent
Indy the Righteous
Ra the Sun Emissary
Mauja the Frostheart
Ktulu the Constrictor
d'Artagnan the Nightshade
Evers the Able
Mirage the DragonHeart
Svetlana the Stormchaser
Onni the Illuminant
Azzuen the Ardent
Archibald the Dauntless
Psyche the DarkEmpress
Leander the LionHeart
Jackal the King of Thieves
Sumati the Sinbird
Illynx the GildedBlade
Apollo the Merciful
Deimos the Reaper
Ulrik the Engineer
Phaedra the Opulent
Midas the Gallant
Lace the Silverthorn
Gaucho the Wildfire
Thor the Gentle Heart
Kaj the StormBringer
Lakota the Poisoner
Seele the Necromancer
Kahlua the Sunshower
Oxy the Addict
Africa the Starry-Eyed
Ampere the Mother of Companions
Torleik the Bloodskald
Confutatis the World Eater
Sohalia the Transcended
Ghost the Cadaverous
Lena the Songbird
Cera the Golden Prince
Bucephalus the Morningstar
Tandavi the Fire Dancer
Megaera the Sunspear
Thranduil the Laurelin
Mauja the Frozen Light
Mesec the Nightwind
Kaj the Aurelight
Roskuld the Sparklight
Ophelia the Amaranthine
Tembovu the Elephant King
Elsa the Icebound
Isopia the Mountain That Knows
Ashamin the Clovenheart
Alysanne the Devoted
Hotaru the Valkyrie
Ranjiri the GoldenShade
Brisa the ---
Sikeax the Sea Soul
Aithniel the Inquisitor
Volterra the Indomitable
Maren the Crownless
Tiamat the Ocean's Light
Aisling the Fae
Rikyn the Puppeteer
Lyanna the Windswept

the Able, Evers [Helovia herd leader]
the Addict, Oxy [Helovia year four legend title]
the Amaranthine, Ophelia [Helovia herd leader again]
the Ardent, Azzuen [Helovia year one legend title]
the Aurelight, Kaj [Helovia herd leader again]
the Benevolent, Gossamer [Helovia herd leader]
the Bloodskald, Torleik [Helovia year three legend title]
the Cadaverous, Ghost [Helovia herd leader]
the Constrictor, Ktulu [Birthed Earth Demi-God]
the Clovenheart, Ashamin [Helovia year seven legend title]
the Crownless, Maren [Helovia year eight legend title]
the DarkEmpress, Psyche [Helovia herd leader]
the Dauntless, Archibald [Helovia herd leader]
the Devoted, Alysanne [Helovia herd leader]
the DragonHeart, Mirage [Helovia herd leader]
the Elephant King, Tembovu [Helovia herd leader]
the Elephant, Tembovu [Helovia herd leader]
the Engineer, Ulrik [Helovia herd leader]
the Fae, Aisling [Helovia herd leader]
the Fire Dancer, Tandavi [Helovia herd leader]
the Forsaken, Ophelia [Helovia herd leader]
the Frostheart, Mauja [Helovia herd leader]
the Frozen Light, Mauja [Helovia herd leader again]
the Gallant, Midas [Helovia herd leader]
the Gentle Heart, Thor [Helovia herd leader]
the GildedBlade, Illynx [Helovia herd leader]
the Golden Prince, Cera [Helovia year five legend title]
the GoldenShade [Helovia herd leader]
the Icebound, Elsa [Helovia herd leader]
the Illuminant, Onni [Helovia year one legend title]
the Incendiary, Ricochet [Isilme herd leader]
the Indomitable, Volterra [Helovia year eight legend title]
the Inquisitor, Aithniel [Helovia herd leader]
the King of Thieves, Jackal [Helovia herd leader]
the Laurelin, Thranduil [Helovia herd leader]
the LionHeart, Leander [Helovia herd leader]
the Matriarch, Virva [Isilme herd leader]
the Merciful, Apollo [Helovia herd leader]
the Morningstar, Bucephalus [Helovia herd leader]
the Mother of Companions, Ampere [Helovia herd leader]
the Mountain That Knows, Isopia [Helovia year seven legend title]
the Nightshade, d'Artagnan [Sired Moon Demi-God]
the Nightwind, Mesec [Helovia year six legend title]
the Necromancer, Seele [Helovia herd leader]
the Obscure, Balkin [Isilme herd leader]
the Ocean's Light, Tiamat [Helovia herd leader]
the Opulent, Phaedra [Helovia herd leader]
the Pure, Evangeline [Isilme herd leader]
the Puppeteer, Rikyn [Helovia herd leader]
the Poisoner, Lakota [Helovia herd leader]
the Reaper, Deimos [Helovia year two legend title]
the Resolute, Kri [Isilme herd leader]
the Righteous, Indy [Helovia herd leader]
the Samurai, Voltaic [Isilme battle championship, deceased]
the Sea Soul, Sikeax [Helovian herd leader]
the Sentinel, Roanne [Isilme herd leader, deceased]
the Seraphim, Zuriel [Defeated the Narwhal King (Isilme)]
the Silverthorn, Lace [Helovian herd leader]
the Sinbird, Sumati [Helovian herd leader]
the Sparklight, Roskuld [Helovia year six legend title]
the Starry-Eyed, Africa [Helovian herd leader]
the StormBringer, Kaj [Helovia herd leader]
the Stormchaser, Svetlana [Helovia herd leader]
the Sun Emissary, Ra [Helovia herd leader, deceased]
the Sunshower, Kahlua [Helovia herd leader]
the Sunspear, Megaera [Helovia herd leader]
the Songbird, Lena [Helovia year five legend title]
the Transcended, Sohalia [Helovia herd leader]
the Valiant, Paladin [Isilme herd leader]
the Valkyrie, Hotaru [Helovia herd leader]
the Virtuous, Soleil [Isilme herd leader]
the Wildfire, Gaucho [Helovia herd leader]
the Wild Rose, Smoke [Isilme herd leader]
the Windswept, Lyanna [Helovia herd leader]
the World Eater, Confutatis [Helovia year three legend title]

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