the Rift

Items and Prizes

1. Characters can have a maximum of 8 items on the site. You can get items by having them be crafted for you by another character, participating in an item drop (appears randomly on the site), by using a prize, or as a random surprise. In order to get a surprise item, it must be on your WISHLIST.

2. Items can be traded among players and characters, and they can be challenged for and stolen.

3. Items can be anything you can imagine and are categorized in three different sizes:
  • a. Small items are items which can easily fit in the palm of a human hand or are roughly the size of your first such as beads, necklaces, etc.
  • b. Medium items can be compared to the size of half of your horse. For example, four leg wraps, a headband, etc.
  • c. Large items are items which cover the entirety of your horse, like armor. Depending on the bulk of the armor, the admin may ask you to engage in an additional quest or provide an additional prize to account for the size.

4. In order for an item to be utilized, the item must be added to your characters records. Please post in the CHARACTER RECORD’S thread to redeem prizes or link a thread in which you got an item.

5. A special type of item is a “magical” or “custom item”. They can be any size and can have up to two special, magical functions. The magical function is not to perform as an additional magic slot, but should be inherent to the item itself. Magical items can eventually wear down or lose their power. All of these require administrator permission. Examples of acceptable and unacceptable magical items are as follows:
  • a. Yes! Expanding and contracting armor
  • b. Yes! Storing devices such as bottomless bags, sound bite recorders, or preserving boxes
  • c. Yes! Tiaras or trinkets that will never fall off
  • d. Yes! Musical instruments that play themselves
  • e. No! Items that entrance, bewitch or ensnare another character
  • f. No! Items that will give the user an extra, magical ability like fire breathing

Prize Explanations
  • VOTG Pass [used to get a quest for magic, item or normal companion in the veins of the gods board]
  • VOTG Chat [used to get a personal conversation with a god of your choosing in the veins of the gods board]
  • Earth God Magic [Earth or water magic]
  • Sun God Magic [light or fire magic]
  • Moon God Magic [dark or wind magic]
  • Time God Magic [time or spark magic]
  • Custom Item [Item with one magical property (there are some with two)]

  • SS Companion [Species specific companion]
  • NSS Companion [Not species specific companion]
  • Normal Companion [Any animal, no magic]
  • Companion magic [To give a normal companion magic]

  • Extra Companion Slot [ Able to bond to two companions ]
  • Extra Companion Magic [One companion can have two magics, magic included for mythical]
  • Extra Magic Slot [Able to have 3 active magics on one character]

  • Tribrid Foal pass/stats [ Guarantees a healthy tribrid foal - parents must have all genes ]
  • Hybrid Foal pass/stats [Guarantees a healthy hybrid foal - parents must have all genes]
  • Twin Foal pass/stats [ Guarantees live twins ]
  • Foal pass/stats [ Guarantees design of your character ]

  • Small Mutation Pass [elongated ears, fangs, altered hooves, widened jaw, etc]
  • Medium Mutation Pass [lion tail, body scales, body feathers only 50% of body, etc]
  • Appearance Change Pass [Allows 1 change to character appearance]

Seasonal Slots
1. At the beginning of every season, threads will be posted in the "Updates Board" allowing you to join a new character with magic, companion, a unique design or as a hybrid. The threads outline what can and cannot be joined.

2. The character you want to bring in must not have been posted on site before.

3. Post to the thread with an outline of your character to be considered for the ranom roll. The roll will happen 24 hours after the thread is posted.

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