the Rift


We are a 4 year old play-by-post roleplay game focused on equine/horse related characters.

Where once the world narrowed into naught but gray dust and desolation, the gods called for life. Wielding the elements of fire and light, dark and wind, earth and water, spark and time, they have created Helovia. The realm is set within the mythical globe of Loorien, a planet rich with all variety of creatures and blessed with all manner of magic. Originally populated by nomadic, tribal characters, they've since grown into massive empires saturated with culture and history. Separated into four distinct segments of Helovia, called "The Regions," each band of horse strong enough and capable enough, took up the power and responsibility of leadership. Unicorns, old, wise and mysterious, took to the north, hidden in forests of mists and shadows and rarely making themselves known beyond their cliffs of the World's Edge. Equines, vast, organized and militaristic, split into two, one group went north to the Windtossed Foothills and the other group went south to the Dragon's Throat. Pegasus remained nomadic, making their homes in various parts of The Wilds in a migratory manner. For many generations, the land was peaceful and calm, but peace was never the way of the gods. With a clash of argument, war and bloodshed massacred Helovia, and in the aftermath, the realm was eerily quiet. Now, as newcomers sweep into this land, they are met with the lingering bitterness of the gods and the struggle to reclaim what was lost. Nothing remains safe or certain while sorcerers and soldiers alike brood and bide their time for revenge, honor and glory.

General Rules

1. Respect everyone. If there is an issue with another player, contact an admin and handle it privately. Bullying, bashing, flaming, bickering, negativity and out of character drama will not be tolerated. Admin reserve the right to add to, adjust and change the rules at any time if a fairness issue has been seen.

2. Power Playing, God moding and Meta playing are not allowed unless the character’s player specifically gave permission beforehand. Make a note in your post if such is the case. Your character cannot assume knowledge they do not obtain by writing; if you need examples of the three banned types of play, contact an admin.

3. Helovia is not a site where the administration or individual players make money. Direct solicitation for any monetary currency is not allowed, but you may link to an external source (such as DeviantArt) to take commissions.

4. If you have three warnings from official for breaking any rules, your posting abilities will be suspended.

5. You must be 16+ to join.

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