the Rift

Conflict Resolution Guidelines
Unfortunately, disagreements happen (and sometimes competitiveness can get the better of us). We understand that! However, we aim to keep Helovia as peaceful and pleasant as possible, despite inevitable differences. Below are some helpful tools for conflict resolution. Please use them!
  1. If you have a problem, seek that person out in a calm way within a few days of the incident. Allow yourself time to cool down, but also make sure that your concerns are fresh in your mind. Do not let things fester.
  2. Be sure to ask clarifying questions. Not everyone speaks or thinks the same way, so before you pass a judgment, try and gain understanding of the reasons and background of the issue.
  3. Listen and speak. A good resolution requires both. 
  4. Even when you get frustrated, don't give up. Try to explain your side calmly, and do not be afraid to say "wait a minute so that I can explain" if you feel rushed. 
  5. There are no absolutes. Make sure that you use "I" and "me" statements when you are in both agreement and disagreement. There is a very big difference between "I feel that this idea needs more thought" and "This is a bad idea". 
  6. Have a strong opinion, but understand that most of the best ideas come from compromise and combined effort. Also, understand that other people will have strong opinions too. 
  7. Always have a moderator present if you feel like things may get out of hand. The moderator's job is to look at the situation objectively and interject in areas that they think are right or wrong. The moderator is not out to get either side. 
  8. Understand that in a team setting, everything is a give and take. Ideally, the ideas would come from a combined effort, but often, time does not allow the courtesy. 
  9. When in doubt, ask if you have hurt someone's feelings or did something that bothered them. Be honest in your reply. Holding a grudge without letting the other person know is both unfair and problematic. 

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