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1. A companion is a creature that can form a bond with your character, providing company and aid in many situations. All companions are considered to have been abandoned somehow by their parents and thus will not survive without bonding. Companions post along with your character and do not have their own accounts. With the exception of delivering messages, companions should not be posted outside of your character’s threads.

2. Companions have heirarchies among their species and can only communicate with other members of their species. They communicate with your character through a mental and soul bond.

3. Normal companions are any non-extinct animal (all minaturized to 2.5 ft) and do not come with magic. They can be obtained by using a prize, attending a drop, winning a seasonal slot (outlined in the prizes tab) or using a VOTG pass. A companion magic pass can give magic from the normal companion magic list on this page.

4. Mythical companions are defined species and come with one magic ability. There are two types: species specific (those who can only bond to a specific species) and non specific (those who can bond to any). They can be obtained by using a prize, winning a seasonal slot (outlined in the prizes tab) or attending a drop. A second magic can be applied by earning a genetic mutation for "two companion magics".
  • Royals are the largest and strongest, growing to 2-2.5 ft in height and 7-8 ft wingspan/length (50lbs max).
  • Commons are the average, growing to 1.5-1.8 ft in height and 5-6 ft wingspan/length (35lbs max).
  • Plain are the weakest and smallest, growing to 1 ft in height and 2-4 ft wingspan/length (15lbs max).

5. All companions grow and mature at the same rate. Full maturity is reached within 1 year.
  • Companions do not reach above 2.5 ft high at the shoulder (medium sized dog) or 6 feet in length. Any companion that is supposed to be larger than this is considered a dwarfed version of the creature's natural size.
  • Any companion is born with their natural physical abilities like: flight, swim, run, bite, scratch. (0 months)
  • A mythical companion is born with their limited ability (0 months)
  • After 2 seasons have passed a mythical companion is capable of their limited ability (4 real months)
  • After 3 seasons have passed any companion is capable of childish mind speech (6 real months)
  • After a year has passed a mythical companion is capable of advanced elemental ability (8 real months)
  • After a year and 2 seasons have passed any companion is more coherent mind speech but will always mix up some words at times (1 real year)
  • Mind speech will always be imperfect but gets better with time.

6. All companions, even normal mammals, are hatched from egg-like casings. Once your character has found or received the egg, it can hatch immediately. After the egg has hatched, you can post in the CHARACTER RECORDS UPDATE thread to have the companion added to your records and stats.

Mythical Companion: Species Specific (SS)
DRAGONS for EQUINES Dragons are a flighted reptile which hatch from uncolored eggs that resemble diamonds. These companion dragons are distant cousins to the much larger and more destructive dragons which occasionally thrive in mountains or seas. Though it is common for dragons to have four limbs and a set of wings, some may only have hind legs. It is also common for dragons to have a variety of horns, spines or frills. Scales are more prevalent over feathers, but there is great diversity in this species. Females are larger than males.
  • Royal (rare): Gold (50lbs max), Silver (45lbs max), Bronze (40lbs max)
  • Common: Red, Blue, Green, Brown (Females: 35lbs max; Males: 30lbs max)
  • Plain (rare): Black, White (Females: 15lb max; Males: 10lbs max)

  • » Toxic Breath: a thick smog that chokes the senses and lungs with lingering effects and significantly compounds any present injuries or illnesses.
  • » Fire Breath: an intense jet of flame that will create severe burns. Said to be the planet's hottest fire.
  • » Frost Breath: a misty beam that will instantly freeze the surface layers of what it touches.
  • » Shock Breath: a volatile stream of electricity that lacks accuracy but has a wide striking range and leaves internal damage and temporary paralysis.

GRIFFINS for UNICORNS Griffins are a hybrid animal between a species of bird and a species of feline or canine. They hatch from eggs, but as young are often not in their adult coloration. These companion griffins are distant cousins to the much larger and very fierce gryphons that tend to travel in flocks and maintain territory with tenacity.
  • Royal (rare): Big cat or canine and bird of prey breeds. Multiple, large, unique markings.
  • Common: Medium/small cat or canine and large/medium bird breeds. Two medium, unique markings.
  • Plain (rare): domestic cat or canine and small bird breeds. Small, unique marking.

  • » Draining Clutch: pools of darkness surround the talons and beak, allowing a strong grip on an opponent to drain their strength and energy, and even their magic. The longer the grip, the more is taken and for longer amounts.
  • » Ice Blade: able to ridge its feather tips, talon and beak with thick and sharp ice to shred when cut and freeze the top layers upon touch.
  • » Molten Dagger: able to ridge its feather tips, talon and beak with liquid, searing fire which slices and burns to cauterization.
  • » Zapping Jab: beads of hot electricity surround its feather talons and beak, providing jolt of electric surge whenever these parts thrust into an opponent, blocking access to magic or a body part for a post.

ZEPHYRS for PEGASUS Zephyrs are powerful birds that hatch from eggs that typically come with storms related to their element. These companion zephyrs are distant cousins to the much larger and mysterious zephyrs which travel the globe at such heights most are never seen but more than a glimpse, though they are said in some legends to be the cause of all forms of weather. Companion zephyrs come in a multitude of patterns and colorations.
  • Royal (rare): Can have up to 4 colorations on body, two sets of wings.
  • Common: Can have up to 2 colorations on body.
  • Plain (rare): Monochromatic colors.

  • » Arctic: an ice-feathered bird that will freeze all except its bonded.
  • » Phoenix: a flame-feathered bird that will burn all except its bonded.
  • » Roc: a night-dark bird speckled with stars that is able to change the time of day and slow or speed time with its wing beats.
  • » Wakiya: a lightning-winged bird that causes intense storms to gather when it flies.

ROUGAROU for HYBRIDS Rougarou are essentially a shapeshifter. They hatch from eggs that can be disguised as any type of animal egg, but will hatch in any variety of forms. As young their form changes constantly, only settling on their set number of permanent forms once they've aged two seasons. Because of this, none know the true form a Rougarou. The mythical form can be any creature that is not already on the approved companion list. For example, it cannot be a dragon, but it can be a sphynx, manticore, or ghost. Females are larger than males.
  • Royal (rare): Can have up to 4 forms, 1 of which is mythical
  • Common: Can have up to 3 forms, 1 of which is mythical
  • Plain (rare): Can have up to 2 forms, 1 of which is mythical

  • » Electric: a trail of lightning is left when it moves. Able to shock willingly upon touch, causing numbness of tissue where affected.
  • » Flame: a trail of flame follows when it moves as parts of its body may willingly ignite and severely burn.
  • » Shadow: a trail of shadowy smoke is left when it moves. May willingly bring sickness and disease to any upon touch.
  • » Water: a trail of water pools and flows when it moves as parts of its body drip or can dissolve. Able to manipulate nearby water or pull it from the air, creating pounding waves or near drowning.

Mythical Companion: Non-Species Specific (NSS)
BOGGARTS Boggarts are mysterious creatures which are often mistaken as ghosts around Helovia. Due to their dark humor, they automatically assume a form of what any character around them fears most, though they normally are invisible. However, they also have the ability to use magic and are born as easily missed shadows spectres.
  • Royal (rare): apparitions appear real and have very high stability
  • Common: apparitions appear real but have very low stability, often affected by the bonded's mood or thoughts
  • Plain (rare): apparitions appear like spectres and have low stability, easily affected by the bonded's moon or thoughts

  • » Suffocate: can draw the air out of another's lungs, making them feel like they cannot breathe
  • » Steal: can take the objects of another and hide them without being noticed
  • » Haunt: can whisper thoughts into another's mind that will continue to haunt them for the next three threads
  • » Mayhem: ability to lift multiple inanimate objects and fling them around, using the object as a weapon

CERNDYR The Cerndyr are deer-like creatures with ornate antlers on the males and are very intricate and lightly built. They are known for their mystery and quiet behavior and hatch from orbs. Once an individual and self-governed animal, the cerndyr lost their homeland and their ability to survive on their own.
  • Royal (rare): Are large sized deer (4.5ft tall at shoulder/150lbs) where the males and females both have full sets of antlers with 20+ tines. They are often abnormally but conservatively colored and have extensive elemental markings and permanence.
  • Common: Are medium sized deer (3.5ft tall at shoulder/100lbs) where only the males have antlers (16 tines) and the females are bare headed. They are normally colored with medium expression of elemental markings and permanence.
  • Plain (rare): Are small sized deer (2.5ft tall at shoulder/60lbs) where the males have antlers (10 tines) and the females have smaller more delicate antlers (8 tines). They are normally colored with little expression of elemental markings and permancence.

  • » Earth Spirit: Antlers are woven with living plants and they can make themselves and their bond-mate disappear, blending into the natural environment.
  • » Dark Mist: Can summon thick mists that can cloud emotions and thoughts of their opponent, and their markings almost seem obscuring and dark
  • » Lamplight: Can ignite the tips of their antlers in an illusionary flame or light that can cast a beam upon a weak area/place on their opponent; their hoofprints often glow temporarily
  • » Starpast: Can conjure 2 small ethereal figures of the past that can charge itself and it's bond-mate, giving energy to move slightly faster temporarily, and their markings often have a soft glow

HELLHOUND A hellhound is a rare type of canine associated with darkness, magic and the elements. They are known for their aggressive behavior and are born as pups with little elemental properties. These hellhounds rarely run in packs and are not native to Helovia.
  • Royal (rare): Are large wolf size with extensive elemental permanence (ie have a line of fire along back) that are related to their ability element/s
  • Common: Are a medium dog size with glowing, elemental markings that are related to their ability element/s
  • Plain (rare): Are small dog size with minimal markings, mainly related to eye color

  • » Acid: their jaws produce a thick, sickly venom that causes harmful and serious acid damage in the tissues
  • » Energy Drain: howls cause those in the immediate vicinity to be overcome with weariness
  • » Hellfire: can summon flames that fall like rain in the immediate vicinity, causing multiple, small tissue burns
  • » Superspeed: able to alter the timestream dimension to leap forward into time, appearing to be travelling very quickly

KITSUNE Kitsune are fox-like creatures, often with multiple tails. They are known for intelligence and magical abilities, and are born as pups with little coloration. There are two types of kitsune: the Inari, benevolent foxes, and the Yako, malicious or mischievous foxes.
  • Royal (rare): Can have odd and abnormal coloration, are the largest fox size, and can have 7-9 tails
  • Common: Can have small, abnormal colored markings, are of normal fox size and have 4-6 tails
  • Plain (rare): Normal coloration, are of smallest house cat size and have 1-3 tails

  • » Dark Illusions: can create evil and wicked illusions to stun and confuse enemies
  • » Dreams: can enter and alter another's dreams, causes them to wake up feeling strange or believe in lies
  • » Fire: fire can manifest from the tails and be used as a whip-like weapon
  • » Electric: lightning can manifest from the tails and be used as whip-like weapons

LEVIATHAN Leviathans are kind, gentle and intelligent creatures found at great depths and rarely make their way to the surface. However, these special whales are able to swim above water in order to connect with their bonded and breath the same air. The behemoths are severely stunted from their normal size and slowly float around.
  • Royal (rare): Large, blue whale or sperm whale type with multiple glowing or elemental markings
  • Common: Medium sized orca or belgua with moderate glowing or elemental markings
  • Plain (rare): Smaller dolphin sized whales with minimal glowing or elemental markings

  • » Deafening Bellow: long-range sound waves can shake the ground and deafen enemies in a 10 meter radius
  • » Boil: blows boiling hot water from their blow hole
  • » Bubble Trap: blows bubbles from their blow hole that slow down enemies
  • » Tidal Wave: generates a 5m tidal wave with a slap of their tail

Normal Companion Magic
- Communicate: with any animate or inanimate creations, learning what transpired within 1 thread prior in that board.
- Cure: any internal unwell such as parasite, disease or mental issue for 3 posts.
- Hypnotize: another to perform small requests for 30 seconds by moving body in some manner (blinking, swaying, tail twitching).
- Read: another's most immediate thought once.

- Curse: another with parasite, disease, or mental issue for 3 posts.
- Paralyze: another into immobility for several seconds through some bodily manner (staring, biting, vocalizing)
- Poison: through either saliva, powder or liquid, causing negative effects for 3 posts.
- Terrorize: another by knowing one of their fears and creating an illusion of that for 30 seconds.

- Dirt Shield: withstands minimal physical attacks.
- Earth Move: small stones or bits of terrain.
- Grow: plants and their natural properties, though diluted.
- Heal: small bruises and cuts.

- Blur: movements from moving so quickly for 30 seconds.
- Scream: a piercing cry that causes head pain for 30 seconds.
- Sing: a trance inducing tune that confuses or stuns for 30 seconds.
- Wind Whip: into a buffeting force that can disorient or make eyes shut.

- Dissolve: body into a pool of water and travel slowly.
- Freezing Touch: produced from body in some manner that causes slight pain and outer skin damage.
- Stormcall: summon heavy rain and lightning storm for 30 seconds.
- Water mold: nearby sources of water into motion and shape, causing minor physical injury.

- Ashen: veil produced from body in some manner that obscures vision for 30 seconds and may irritate lungs.
- Flaming Touch: produced from body in some manner that causes slight burns.
- Ignite: the surrounding area for 30 seconds, though it leaves no after effect, but can burn when occurring.
- Rage: elicit this emotion in bonded or some other by removing sensation of pain and sensibility.

- Burst: with bits of energy generated from body, causing small surface abrasions
- Brighten: the sky with jolts of electricity
- Energy Shield: created to fry physical elements from causing harm
- Magnetic Field: created to pull metal objects and polarized entities toward them (includes water)

- Restore: a small or minor injury by turning back time
- Quantum Leap: through time and see what happened in a certain board
- Time slip: another, making them think they are a young child for 30 seconds
- Confusion: used to make another think that they are seeing themselves, causing disorientation and pain

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