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Rules and How To
1. Breeding and pregnancies can occur anywhere on site and during any season, but in order to receive a foal, the characters must post their stats in the "BREEDING BOARD” board with the proper [FOAL STAT] prefix. A FORM is located in the board for each character to use to help the administrators determine the details of the foal’s creation.

2. Both the male and female character must have at least 20 posts and they should participate in a pairing thread prior to posting the form.

3. The pairing thread is only to ensure that the characters would get along in character and their union is not simply an artificial emotion created falsely by the players. At the end of the thread, please use a “fade to black” method or proceed tastefully. Due to our federal law restraints, graphic breeding is not allowed on the forums. If you feel the need for it, please take your posts to pm.

4. Before foal stats are rolled, a player must already be in place to play the foal. The player must be in accordance with the 1 month character rules located in the 'Begin' document. If the foal account is created before stats are rolled, then the account must be placed in AA (Absent Abyss). The 30-day 'countdown' for foal accounts begins when the foal is first posted (usually at their birth).

5. Depending on the season, the foal will have a reduced or greater chance of being born and being born healthy. Birdsong = 5/6 chance healthy, Tall Sun and Orangemoon = 3/6 chance healthy, Frostfall = 1/6 chance healthy. Stats are decided by administrators rolling a die.

6. The details of the foal are determined by the admin and posted once the breeding has finished and parents have both filled out and posted their forms. You can request traits for your foal which will usually be given, but understand that depending on the parents, some will not be granted. Twin requests will not be given, but there is a 1/6 chance that twins will be born spontaneously. If you want special traits such as twins, hybrids, magic or a foal from same gendered parents, you may use a prize or win a quest drop with any god.

7. When parents of two different species breed, only one species will be genetically and visually dominant. The player of the foal can request the species and it will be granted. On rare occasion, the genes of both species mix, and the result is a hybrid. Hybrids cannot be requested, but there is a 1/6 chance that the foal born of two different species of parents will display both qualities genetically and visually. When a hybrid breeds with any other species, the foal has a lower chance of being born and a higher chance of being born unhealthy. A hybrid foal is not guaranteed, but the odds of one being born increases to 2/6 if it lives.

8. Mares must be pregnant for a minimum of 2 weeks and may give birth anywhere. After birth, mares must wait a minimum of 2 months before they may breed again. There is no rule to aging foals, but be aware how a foal's age may affect the age of its parents or siblings that other members play and try to communicate with those players and adjust accordingly. If your pregnant mare engages in any battle, her stats will be re-rolled to reflect the dangers of fighting will with foal.

9. In the event that you want a foal but do not have another parent or want to be surprised, you can post “open stats”. Any opposite gendered character can respond to these, but both characters must have at least 40 posts each. A thread should follow the posting of the stats including how the characters run into each other. Though it does not have to be romantic in nature, the pair should meet in character. The thread must state the character’s choice, be it forced or not, to have a child with the other.

Breeding Resources
Breeding Form
Genetic Coat Color Calculator
Coat Color Simulator
Coat Color Guide

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