the Rift


Account Creation
1. Create TWO ACCOUNTS: One should have the name of your CHARACTER and the second should have your OOC NAME. Generally the name of your account is the shortened version of your character’s name if they have a long name. For example: “Dahlia von Vennetie” would simple be named “Dahlia”.

2. Link your character to your OOC account by going to "User CP --> Account Switcher ---> (enter info) ---> Attach Account".

2. Please also note that using any title such as “the BLANK” (example: Darren the Dastardly) is prohibited as such titles are called “Legend Titles” and are earned on site.

3. You may only create one character/account per month (30 days). Regular activity checks are performed and your account can and will be deleted if you do not respond to the check.

Editing Profile
1. Fill out your profile (there is no word limit) by going to "Userp CP ---> Edit Profile". Please be as detailed as you possibly can be. Please be sure to use horse related anatomy terms and horse heights when filling out your profile for ease of understanding of all.

2. HTML is allowed in profiles and you can find free-to-use HTML and tables here: TABLE CODE HERE. ** All fields must be visible or easily accessed and admin reserve the right to ask you to change your profile no matter the reason. The coding should be neat, clean, easy to read and access and should never hinder the site's function. If the admin feel that your profile does any of these, we will ask you to change your code.

3. - Profile images must be no wider than 750px. - Avatars must be 1020px wide by 140px tall. - All profile code must leave a header with the slider, the sidebar and ads below the site visible at all times! (tabs must include a tab for all sections of the profile except 'other)

Character Guidelines
1. Generally characters should appear as normal horses, but odd coloration and markings are permitted so long as they don't reach an excessive amount.
¤ Equines | Are the most conservative of all designs. Equines cannot join with cloven hooves, lion tails, horns, and can only have one, small odd color or marking. Eye color is not restricted. Most appear in patterns that naturally appear in the horse world.

¤ Unicorns | Have more liberal designs. Generally they are allowed to join with one large and two small markings with no restriction on eye color. No approval is needed on the finer details of your unicorn design. Horns can appear anywhere on the body and in any shape or size. They may have lion tails, cloven hooves, and may also have more than one horn or antler.

¤ Pegasus | Are similar to unicorns and allow the same amount of odd coloration. No approval is needed to determine wing types or special features. Common wing types are feathered, leather, dragonfly, butterfly or other insects, and they often have feathers instead of manes or tails – sometimes they have a combination of the two.

2. In addition to coloration, your character is only allowed to join with one, small item. Larger items cannot be joined with automatically and must be earned on site.

3. In your application, your character will need to be drawn using one of these template: TEMPLATES HERE, or described in detail. Admin may ask you to adjust your design based on these rules.

4. Apply your character (only necessary for your first character).

1. The first post you make in Helovia is in a board titled “Helovia’s Threshold". Helovia is connected to an imaginary, larger land mass where your character comes from (refer to site map). The planet “Loorien” on which Helovia exists, is a rich world with characters of multiple backgrounds, and if you want your character to originate from one of these places, check out the “Loorien” board.

2. All posts need to be at least 150 words long, but how your character gets into Threshold is entirely up to you! No humans exist in Helovia and a magical barrier strips all characters of any companions or magic they may have had in a previous life. If you want to join a character with some Helovian history, you may look at the “adoptables” board.

3. If you know ahead of time what herd you want your character to go to, select a prefix for your post. This will indicate to members of that herd to come fetch your character from the Threshold. Post in this thread: Rank Updates to be able to post outside the Threshold.

4. Helovia is accepting of any writing level but, we do ask that you try to “mirror” your threading partners by reading what they write carefully and trying to put equal amount of detail and effort into your posts.

Common Knowledge
1. After being in Helovia for some time, all characters may know 'common knowledge' in the land. Including:

2. Legend Titles : Not the character's first name, but may know a rough description of the character.

3. Herd Leaders: Their name and their rough description.

4. Ascended Helovians : After 1 season all characters will know their name, but not what Ascended gift they chose.

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