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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: Two Years (at time of death) Height: 16hh
Maybe I'm A Girl, Maybe I'm A Lonely Girl

Breed: Bulky Paint Mutt
Gender: Filly
Age: Newborn
Race: Equine
Eyes: Light Green Eyes
Mane: Golden Cream
Body: Cremello Tobanio
Hooves: One darker, the rest a light cream color
Markings: Tobanio Markings, Heart on her forehead
Tail: Starts out Cream, changing into a Golden Cream

Who's In The Middle Of Something
Adventurous | Kind | Loving | Protective | Fair | Loyal | Faithful | Romantic

Sakura is a very curious and adventurous one. She loves nothing more than to explore new places not only within her home but all of Helovia. To those she knows well she is loving, protective, loyal and faithful. To those she meets she is fair and kind. When it comes to her family however she is very protective, especially so of her twin sister Takara. As she gets older, Sakura will be come quiet the hopeless romantic...

Maybe I'm A Girl, And Maybe You're The Only One Who Could Ever Help Me

Torasin x Solstice
Paternal Grandparents
Telano x Maerie
Maternal Grandparents
Gideon the WarHeart x Amani Leila the Fair
Takara (Torasin x Solstice) - Twin to Sakura
Half Siblings
Aaron (Ataraxia x Solstice)
Abel (Torasin x Brooke) - Twin to Nym
Nym (Torasin x Brooke) - Twin to Abel
Azale Moniet (Shamsiel x Solstice)


Played by

Aaron - Hidden Falls Warrior
Amani - Dragon's Throat Apostle
Calypso - World's Edge Mare
Merida - Outcast
Mirabella - Aurora Basin Mare
Vitani - Hidden Falls Filly
Solstice - Azale Moniet - Sakura - Takara - Esther

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   4 AGL:   5 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
Notable Accomplishments

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