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Personal Space: (TimexLight) The ability to create an illusionary place where the caster decides how fast the time flows, and can bring a set number of others into the space. Ex, a grove where time moves with half the speed of normal time, allowing for conversation, time to heal, etc. Very taxing, cannot be maintained forever. Requires a lot of focus and energy. Can only last for 3 posts; 30 seconds in battle.




Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 8 Height: 16.2hh

Name: Murdock
Race: Pegasus
Blood: Thoroughbred
Gender: Stallion
Age: 8 Years
Body: Pure black
Mane: Black
Tail: Black
Wings: White; secondary feathers are tipped with vibrant green
Eyes: Pale green
Hooves: Silver
Markings: In the light, he is a pure, unbroken black. In the moonlight, bright markings appear in vibrant blue. Beneath each eye is a stripe that stretches the length of his cheek, above an upturned triangle. A dorsal stripe runs down his back that splits at his hips, and trails down either flank. A spray of colour is focused at his withers, that spreads and fades across his neck and barrel, and a thin stripe runs up his nose. On the back of each ear is a blue spot, and his hooves become blue as well. The green tips on his secondary feathers also have this iridescent quality. On his right shoulder is the rough shape of a rectangle, branded onto his hide to mark him as a ranking captain.
Scent: Cedar wood and snow
Voice: Usually speaks with a thick drawl; enjoys many different accents


The Crazy Side
Although he is a talented, capable individual, Murdock’s mental state is not exactly what one would call ‘stable’. Possibly due to some form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he experiences paranoid delusions, intermittent memory loss, hallucinations, and believes in the intelligence of in-animate objects. He also has a tendency to 'channel' a specific personality for his own entertainment, and frequently becomes fixated on various subjects to the point of obsession. He is very childish and can have little respect for the personal space of others, but is generally a very cheerful individual. He can be quite charming when he wants to, and enjoys confusing the hell out of others. He is fiercely protective of those dear to him, and above all, enjoys flying. Sometimes, it is unclear whether he is actually insane, or merely exceptionally good at pretending he is.

The Serious Side
Murdock is normally quite laid-back and calm, and beneath all that craziness he is quite intelligent. Having trained with an advanced fleet as a yearling, he is very resourceful, and a skilled fighter. He is very determined and self-confident, and works well in any unit. He is very dependable and as such his skills are indispensable. Though capable, he is not typically a leader and prefers to have someone above him to look up to. He is not rascist, but rather quite intruiged by the other races present on Helovia. When a situation calls for it, he can be quite mature and civilized. Having been raised in a militant fleet, fighting is his passion and as such he is likely to be involved with mercenary groups.


Barclay x Ava

Paternal Grandparents
Altovar x Belle

Maternal Grandparents
Darnay x Noire


Dresden ( x Chernobyl)


-Born in the north-western continent of Evendim in Frostfall
-Raised in his father's fleet
-When he was 6 months old, his father was slain by an invading fleet
-2 months later, his uncle returns and usurps the throne from his mother
-Wandered with his mother and a small herd for several months
-At 14 months of age, his group settles in the northern reaches of the province
-A neighbouring fleet offers to merge, and so their group expands
-Murdock is drafted into an 'army' unit of sorts, and begins training
-Rises to the rank of Captain (hence his preference to be referred to as such)
-Travels to Anorien as part of a reinforcement crew, where he meets Roland
-Seized and held captive by an enemy fleet
-Escapes to Helovia

Helovia - Year II, Frostfall
-NEITHER HERE NOR THERE - Arrives in the Threshold of Helovia. Greeted by Svetlana.
-SMOKE AND MIRRORS - Meets Orinthia on the steppe. Races her, and agrees to teach her to fight.
-TALL TREES, LONG SHADOWS - Scares the hell out of Aryel and shares stories with a spirit.
-PAINTED IN FLAMES - Meets Calvariam and annoys her. Helps her begin flying again.
-PAWPRINTS IN THE SNOW - Travels to the Veins of the Gods to request a companion, but he is turned away due to the eclipse. (Return date - 1/26/2013)

Helovia - Year II, Birdsong
-SHE'S JUST A FLOWER GROWN WILD - Meets Yseulte and Aerwela.
-PSYCHO - Meets Chernobyl. They decide to become explorers together.
-STARK RAVING MAD - Teaches Orinthia to fight.
-CHASING DREAMS - Meets Phaedra, Lakota and Ktulu in the Deep Forest to join The Grey.
-MUD BATH - Meets Azulee, Panto and Azzuen.

Helovia - Year II, Tallsun
-DEADLY TEMPTATION - Murdock is attacked by d'Artagnan.
-WITH HEARTS CAST DOWN - While chasing his shadow, Murdock stumbles upon Chernobyl.
-CHEAP THRILLS - Murdock spars with Sumati.
-LET ME HEAR YOU - The Grey gathers at the border of the Foothills.
-IIIIIIIV - The Grey invades the Foothills.
-LOSING MY MIND - Ailith tends to his wounds from the invasion.
-ASSASSINS FALL, ONE BY ONE - Murdock joins the Grey for a herd meeting.

Helovia - Year II, Orangemoon
-MEANS FOR REDWOOD DREAMS - Murdock meets Mesec and Hotaru.
-BLOOD STAINS ON THE SNOW - Snö attacks Murdock on the Steppe, and Chernobyl intervenes.
-FLIGHT - Murdock's doppelganger stumbles across Valka on the steppe, and gets her to lead him south.
-DANGER ZONE - Valka leads Murdock's doppelganger into the Aurora Basin.
-THE PLACE WHERE THE CORPSES DANCE - Murdock's doppelganger encounters Shajake.
-INTO THE FIRE - Murdock spars with Andromeda.
-WHAT GOES UP, MUST COME DOWN - Murdock aids in the capture of Catillatio.

Helovia - Year III, Frostfall
-PATROLS - Murdock and Phaedra drag Catillatio to the Foothills for a herd meeting.
-BENEATH METAL STARS - Murdock plays in the snow in the Foothills.
-ECHOES OF SILENCE - Murdock seeks out Chernobyl on the Steppe.
-THE WEIGHT OF LIVING - Murdock's doppleganger finds himself lost in the marsh.
-DONE PRETENDING, THE END - Ophelia informs the Foothills of her decision to leave them.
-TWILIGHT THEATRE - Murdock discusses the darkness with Andromeda.

Helovia - Year III, Birdsong
-3...2...1...LIFT OFF - Murdock teaches Amara to fly.
-BLEEDING SKIES - Murdock attends a Foothills herd meeting.
-MONGREL MIND - October attacks Murdock, tearing many of his feathers out. Brighid saves him.
-OUR TIME IS NOW - Apollo promotes Murdock to the rank of General.
-THE DIFFERENTLY SENTIENT - The sun returns, and Murdock is reunited with Roland.
-IMMORTAL SOULS - Murdock comes across Eris in the Secret Grove.

Helovia - Year III, Tallsun
-GHOST - Murdock helps Brisa find her way back to The Edge.
-EVER-WARM - Murdock searches the Steppe for Chernobyl, but finds Ilacta and Pandora instead.
-ZERO GRAVITY - Murdock continues to wander farther north.
-WALKING ON AIR - Roland finds him on the Steppe.
-SO FAR, SO GOOD - Murdock returns to the Foothills.

Helovia - Year IV, Birdsong
-REVELRY - Murdock reminisces over the past months spent in darkness.
-IS ANYONE LEFT IN THIS WHOLE WORLD - Murdock takes a walk along the ocean.
-GIVE ME STRENGTH - A troubled foal draws Murdock's attention in the Heavenly Fields.
-THAT WHICH MARKS US - Murdock meets Liit and Cheveyo.

Helovia - Year IV, Tallsun
-SKY FULL OF STARS - Murdock meets Cealestis and promises to help her find her sisters.
-BETTER RUN, BETTER RUN - Chernobyl returns, and Murdock finds her on the Steppe.

Helovia - Year IV, Orangemoon
-COUNTING PATHS - Murdock joins the Edge.

Helovia - Year V, Frostfall
-COME IN CLOSER - Murdock and Thor reminisce on their glory days.
-HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS - Ktulu joins Murdock for a patrol.
-FROZEN - A herd meeting is held and the Edge is informed of mysterious disturbances upon their land.
-THE ENTS GO MARCHING ONE BY ONE - Murdock welcomes Fig to the Edge.
-YOU CAN DANCE IF YOU WANT TO - Murdock is reunited with Chernobyl.

Helovia - Year V, Birdsong
-INTO ORBIT - Murdock spars with Archibald.
-SCHOLARIZIN' AND BABYMAKIN' - Murdock seeks out Chernobyl at the caves.

Helovia - Year V, Orangemoon
-BLOOD COLOURED SKY - The Edge invades the Falls.

Helovia - Year VII, Birdsong
-FOR THE FIRST TIME - Murdock and Chernobyl are reunited.

Helovia - Year VIII, Birdsong
-FEEL IT IN MY BONES - The first child of Murdock and Chernobyl is born.

Helovia - Year VIII, Tallsun
-PLEASE LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED - Murdock helps Alysanne search for stones on the beach.

Played by
Played by Gaz.

:: [ Magic: LightxTime | he ability to create an illusionary place where the caster decides how fast the time flows, and can bring a set number of others into the space ]
:: [ Restrictions | Requires a lot of focus and energy. Can only last for 3 posts; 30 seconds in battle ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   2 SPD:   10 AGL:   3 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
9 10.5 2.5 61.5
Notable Accomplishments

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