the Rift

Ensnare The Senses

♡ ~ ♡ ~ Bonded ~ ♡ ~ ♡

From Aodhán; Celtic; Fiery, Brightness, Splendor

Polar Bear; 12+ Months; Terrorize
Mind speech gets better and stronger with time. Advanced elemental ability is stagnant.

♡ ~ ♡ ~ Gifted ~ ♡ ~ ♡


Ability to summon a fog/mist that will poison her enemy through inhalation; also affects her should she surround herself with it or step into the cloud. Cannot cover an entire area, roughly larger than a horse. Is not immune to her poison, can only summon once in a single battle post.

♡ ~ ♡ ~ Adorned ~ ♡ ~ ♡

Orange clay beads are woven intermittently throughout her mane in memory of her dead lover, whose eyes were of the same color

the Poisoner


Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 7 Years Height: 15.1hh
The Icing of the Cake
Slim and dainty, she doesn't appear to be much, but the scars that cover her body are tributes to her life as a warrior and a killer. Snowy white coats her spine from the edge of her shoulder blades to her hips, only to be interrupted by sapphire blue that coats her down to the start of her legs. With four ebony stockings and black hooves, and a dark sapphire face with a splatter of white across her right eye, she's a unique damsel of strange color. She has striking violet eyes, framed by long black lashes, and deep black tresses. In her mane, orange clay beads are intermittently woven through her hair, a tribute to her deceased lover. Stature is slim and athletic, meant for endurance and agility, and relatively petite in comparison to her siblings. Has a deep scar across her left side, arcing from her left shoulder up to cross her spine, and ends lengthwise at her left flank. Received it from Ktulu when the Constrictor was a wraith.

Orangemoon Born.

But It Tastes A Bit Sour

Lakota was born and raised a princess, and as such is capable of being refined, aristocratic, and diplomatic. Whether or not she utilizes those attributes is entirely different. Lakota is often incredibly cynical, with a penchant (some would even call it an addiction) for sarcasm and sass. She doesn't care what anybody thinks about her, but she'll lovingly share what she thinks of you - and often quite loudly with a few creative words thrown in.

However the most important thing about the Poisoner is that each barb and threat has meaning. This mare has little to no qualms with battle and bloodshed, and she'd sooner let you choke on your own liquefied insides than deal with your bullshit.

Of course Lakota is more three-dimensional than she likes to admit to or portray freely. She loves fiercely, almost possessively, but she cares far more deeply than most anticipate. If you've won her heart or loyalty, it's everlasting. She'll display her emotions only if she trusts you, but when she does they're a little out of control, as she suppresses them so often. Lakota does nothing halfway, she loves and hates with equal ferocity.

According to Others:
"Dislikes: Generally everyone. It takes a little for me to even tolerate your existence." Love, Time
"I think the easier question is who does Kota like?" Love, Ali

Blood Best Forgotten

Trydant x Mythrish

Alleo (Trydant x Mythrish) :: Alive
Hana (Trydant x Mythrish) :: Alive

Mate: Ktulu


Considered Siblings:
          "The two had been close at one time hadn't they? And for that, Phaedra couldn't let herself fall even lower in Lakota's eyes...Alone in this herd that she ruled, but if Lakota...if Lakota would take her back, as a friend, as a sister, things could be okay again, couldn't they?"
         "this woman is a delicate flower and no harm will come to her or else they will die"


Why So Bitter?
Born in a world of pain and death, she shuttered herself to the world, losing nearly everything in the battle to keep herself. Half-dead when she left, she comes to Helovia scarred and broken, only to evolve as the land and inhabitants slowly heal her.

+ -

Chapter 1 ::
Let It Burn

Lakota was born a princess.
Eldest daughter of the King and Queen, second born to her brother, she was the crown jewel of their herd. But this herd was in no way nurturing or kind. Her earliest memory was of being kicked and bitten ruthlessly by her parents should she dare to smile, laugh, or play around. Her brother took much of the pain for her, suffering through the agony of their parent's blows with an emotionless face. Returning to Lakota to wrap her in his embrace and let her cry at having to witness such a thing. So Lakota slowly grew cold and broken. Her parents were cruel and unloving, her friends could not be named as such. They were only around her to gain the advantages of being in the presence and fold of the Princess. Slowly, Lakota grew into the fierce warrior her parents desired.

Poisons hadn't been anticipated by her parents. Lakota had grown interested in them because of her brother. They would slip away and together wander their lands, thickly forested and shadowed. Naming them with quiet breaths and concocting them whenever they had time. This bonding only increased Lakota's desire to be a Poisoner.

But there is always a downfall. Lakota knew that deep down she wasn't as cold and cruel as she was supposed to be. She still shed tears and felt pain, and was always so immensely in awe of her brother for remaining gallant and strong in the face of it all. Yes, he was a killer. But he never forgot who he was, who he fought for. Never stopped loving Lakota. Their younger sister was born, a beautiful blue flower within the fold. She was unwanted and therefore ignored. Lakota swore herself to her side, making an oath to keep the giggly little doll protected. With the help of her siblings, Hana remained pure and loving. Lakota could be herself around the little fae. Opened up the dark shell to the shy, wary mare within.

Hana was the light of their lives. And then Lakota fell in love.

Ithrim was a dark blood bay with black legs and mane, with stunning autumn orange eyes. Ithrim was the only one who didn't see the Princess with the cold violet eyes, head held high, who could kill as brutally as any stallion on the field. Lakota refused to sway under this understanding of her at first, especially since he was at the bottom of the food chain- a prisoner from one of the conquered herds. But he slowly won her over, gave her a shoulder to come to. Let her slowly heal. Lakota and Ithrim were in love in the way that comes with complete understanding and acceptance.

But her parents soon discovered this relationship. Ithrim's status was practically sinful. Enraged, they made Lakota watch as they painfully tortured and killed him before her. Leaving him with only a few breaths left, Lakota screaming her agony to the skies as she was held back by so many. Too many for her to fight. Yet Ithrim never took his eyes off her, trying his best to smile for her. It broke what was left of her heart into tiny pieces of glass. Shattered her. She ran to him as they left, knelt by his side and cried her tears over his body. When he drew his last breath, he spoke his last words to her, telling her to love once more, and not become what her parents were.

Lakota has held true to that all these years. After brutally killing her father, with Alleo helping her, she was tortured, but managed to flee with the help of her siblings. Scarred in more ways than one and barely alive, she came across a healer that fixed her up and sent her on her way without needing payment. Kota continued her journeys, learning the ways of fighting in multiple herds and outcast bands. Never staying for long. Appearing from the shadows just to disappear into them once again.

This is how she found Helovia, and The Grey.


Beloved {The Rare}

Ktulu :: Mate, Best Friend, and Lover. My everything.
Apollo :: Mate, Best Friend. The good to everything evil I've seen.
Archibald :: Unofficial Husband, Best Friend, "I'd Tap That". My rock and support.
Phaedra :: Sister, Friend. Without her, my life is not as bright.
Circe :: Sister, Friend. My platonic soulmate. With her gone, I feel as if I cannot breathe.
Alleo :: Blood Brother, Caretaker. I owe him my life, and so much more.
Hana :: Blood Sister, Child. I love her beyond doubt or question.

Acquaintances & Friends {The Few}

Resplendence :: My kitten. Meek, but has potential.
Ophelia :: Respected, intelligent. I'd like to see her more.
Arah :: Once upon a time, I might have loved her. Now, I see her as my friend.

Disliked/Hated {The Plentiful}

Confutatis :: I want her head on a pike for what she did to Apollo.
Kahlua :: Far too bubbly and scatter-brained to be a proper leader, in my opinion. She's an emotional coward and a liar, she even manages to convince herself of her manipulations. I despise her.
Kaj :: A muscle-head, until he proves otherwise.
Oxy :: Addict dickbag. I want his innards as a necklace.
Thor :: Pretentious turncoat. I want nothing to do with him, he will never be family to me even if he's in my herd once more.

Played by
The Mastermind

Brit; Cera, Nayati, Kaj, Muriel, Hotaru

The best way to contact me is through Skype. My Skype name is artisticchaos_annie. My DeviantART is MemorableMoose. If you PM me, the best account to send it to is Lakota or Kaj.

:: [ Magic: DarkxEarth | INACTIVE| Ability to summon a fog/mist that will poison her enemy through inhalation; also affects her should she surround herself with it or step into the cloud ]
:: [ Restrictions | Cannot cover an entire area, roughly larger than a horse. Is not immune to her poison, can only summon once in a single, battle post ]
:: [ Item: Beads | Orange, clay beads in mane. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle, non-magical item. ]
:: [ Companion: Polar Bear | Terrorize | 7 yrs 4 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   6 AGL:   4 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   1 MG:   0 CP:   2
5.5 9.0 4.5 64
Notable Accomplishments

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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