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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 8 (ages in Orangemoon) Height: 15.3 hh
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Gender: Female
Breed: Warmblood
Species: Unicorn
Height: 15.3hh
Eye Color: Light amber.
Body Color: Black
Mane Color: Black
Tail Color: Black
Markings: White stripe; white socks on all four feet.
Other: Horn is brown in color with a red rune engraved in the bottom, broken off about six inches from the base. Wears the feathers of pegasi she has killed and the teeth of hornless she has killed in her mane.
Psyche has a pelt of true black with a star and stripe down her maw. Amber eyes that seem to glow peer out from beneath a full, ebony forelock. A gnarled, twisted horn with a red rune engraved at the bottom is centered on her forehead, though its impressive length has been broken off and only six inches of horn remain. Solid black hooves show beneath white socks. Accessories include multicolored feathers and equine teeth woven into her mane, each taken from one of the pegasi or equines she has killed. In addition to these grisly trinkets, a small orb of light is also entwined in her dark locks, the soul of a unicorn that she once freed from a monster's body.
Psyche's personality is the way it is because of her dramatic history. Others see her as cunning, ruthless, and without qualms about murder, providing her skewed beliefs justify it. She is seen as extremely racist and oddly charismatic - she has always been very good at getting others to follow her. She is ambitious and determined, willing to manipulate others to get what she wants. She will do whatever necessary to help her succeed at her cause with no guilt at all. She has very few true relationships, normally electing to remain distant and cold in the face of potential suitors (unless she can use them for something, in which case she will happily flirt her way into their hearts - though this usually doesn't end very well for the stallion involved). Most of her relationships are made for her own personal gain.

However, how others have historically seen her is not necessarily true anymore, particularly after the loss of her horn. For a large portion of her life, she feared emotion and commitment, assuming that these things would create weakness in her. She has since learned that it can be beneficial in more personal ways to allow emotion into her life. Therefore, in some select cases, she has begun to draw out of her shell and allow her 'true' self rather than the almost-always masked self to show. This 'true' self possesses a quick sense of humor and, although it may be difficult to believe, actual affection, though she does not know how to show it. She is deeply scarred by her early years, which have left her feeling angry and alone.

Her ascent to the throne in the Basin and the following demotion left her with shifting ideals about leadership roles. She used to believe that a leader must be harsh and demanding, requiring loyalty above all else and ruling through fear. However, she came to realize that it is better to be loved than feared, and developed a protective sort of affection for her herd. This almost motherly instinct was what hurt her so badly when she lost her horn and was subsequently stripped of her throne. Although, technically, she willingly stepped down, she felt forced to do so because she had disappointed her followers and was no longer the horned queen she thought they wanted.

Considering herself a hornless abomination, the Empress fled the Basin. Ironically, it was through association with those she once hated that she found herself and a way to live with her failures. Though she no longer quests for their blood and no longer considers them unequal, she remains a Crux of the Plague. She feels she has a duty not to her once-followers, but to her one true friend Illynx, who she does not believe will understand or accept her change of heart. Although deeply guilty about her deception, she doesn't know how to let go of affection now that she has finally found it. She also does not know how to proceed in life without the goal that she had once sought so passionately. She has lost her fire, and without it, she feels she is nothing.
Before Helovia
Psyche was born to Riekahn and Arduenna, and was scorned as a child for her plain appearance. Both her parents had beautiful markings from the fingers of a god. Around her yearling age, Arduenna grew wary of Riekahn and planned to escape to a land far away, where her other two children already lived in a flourishing land built on peace. But Psyche didn't want to leave her family, including her father and older sister, Giselle, and refused to accompany her. Arduenna left, and Giselle took Psyche under her wing, teaching the plain little yearling everything about Riekahn's plans to eradicate the Pegasi. As a two-year-old, Psyche committed her first murders, killing two young Pegasi. The following year, she single-handedly annihilated a band of six Pegasi. Thus, she compensated for her plain appearance with her wicked ways.

Eventually, Giselle left the herd, leaving Psyche entirely alone, just like Arduenna had done years before. Psyche became angry, very angry, as she was completely alone, deserted by her mother and sister, resented by her father. And then one day, Riekahn set the world ablaze with his magic. Arduenna, who was returning for her long lost daughter, was lit in a pyre, and Psyche watched her mother burn before her eyes. It is an image that haunts her even to this day, though she refuses to admit to the nightmares. That was when she realized that it was not only the Equines and Pegasi that deserved her wrath - it was her own blood that needed cleansing. And so she traveled to Helovia, determined to purge.

Early Helovia
Psyche found her father in the World's Edge, and was greatly shaken by the encounter. Though she did not manage to purge her bloodline, she did find her hatred for him renewed. She wandered to the Frozen Arch, where she met Mauja, and they had a discussion regarding the purity of their species. He agreed to join her in her quest to decimate the Equines and the Pegasi. They formed the Plague, of which Psyche was the lead with Mauja as her second-in-command. She later found four more additions to her little band: Ulrik, Mafau, Persephone, and Balkin the Obscure. During this time, she began to find that she had feelings for Mauja. The very existence of these feelings, not to mention their depth, frightened her, and she fled, carrying his child. While outside Helovia, Psyche gave birth to Snö. Eventually, Snö left Psyche in search of her father, reminding her mother of the fragile nature of family bonds and renewing her anger.

The Rise of the Dark Empress
Psyche returned to Helovia, determined to reunite with Snö and retake control of the Plague. Upon arriving, she is granted reentry to the World's Edge by Mauja, who had remained King, but her peace was short-lived: the Qian attacked and, in the ensuing battle, took over the Edge, forcing the unicorns into the wilderness. The unicorns reunited in the Frostbreathe Steppe, where they lived through a remarkably harsh winter. Psyche found herself the leader of the Plague and the herd when Mauja was ripped from their world and forced into an alternate universe; throughout the winter, she built up their ranks and gathered their resources. The God of Time took pity on the unicorn band (or perhaps simply wished to watch them wreak havoc) and granted them the Aurora Basin.

Psyche spent the following Birdsong getting to know her herd and recruiting new members. She spent an unfortunate time as a prisoner of the Dragon's Throat, but escaped with the help of her captor, who joined their cause. Her herd captured Mirage, but the DragonHeart escaped. Psyche gained a new magic and, to top off a busy spring, Mauja returned through the mirror in the Basin's heart. Summer came, and Psyche formed an uneasy truce with the Dragon's Throat and offered an alliance to the Windtossed Foothills. She continued to build her ranks and found herself growing closer to Mauja, who had accepted leadership of the Basin once more. Kri challenged Psyche, who had broken their truce, and the contract with the Grey was confirmed as the unicorns prepared for war. By winter, the unicorns were nearly ready to act on the agreement. But then, the Endless Night came, and Psyche's efforts were given to her homeland as she attempted to keep them safe from the unknown dangers of the darkness.

The Fall of the Dark Empress
That was when everything changed. Psyche led an attack on the Dragon's Throat, while half of her forces attacked the World's Edge. They meant to topple both lands, claiming the throne for themselves. They failed. Psyche's horn was broken off in the battle, and she retreated inside herself, hiding in caves in the mountains. When confronted, she withdrew her leadership, feeling unfit to rule without a horn on her head. She took to wandering, hating herself for no longer being of the superior race. After meeting with an equine stallion in the Spectral Marsh, Psyche began to see that perhaps her life was not useless after all. She started to question all that she had held dear, and found that she no longer hated the hornless (particularly since she was one). She resolved to walk a path to redemption, though her former followers refused to believe that was what she wanted. Illynx, in particular, took her departure poorly, and tried to convince her to return. Psyche, however, has no plans to return to entrapment in the mountains, reveling in her newfound freedom and happiness.

Coming soon!
SHAPESHIFT :: Dark :: can turn into a black jackal
PARANOIA :: Dark :: able to convince others that they are about to die, or that someone or others are out to get them, or that they are going to feel pain.
Riekahn | male | unicorn | unknown
Arduenna | female | unicorn | deceased

By Riekahn:
Donovan | m. Riekahn x Vega | unicorn | black | grey eyes | deceased
Giselle | f. Riekahn x Bellona | unicorn | grullo | white eyes | living
Paladin | m. Riekahn x Tammenia | unicorn | black | red eyes | living
Out of Arduenna:
Gabor | m. Alder x Arduenna | unicorn | dark grey | amber eyes | living
And many others in her old home.

Snö | f. Mauja x Psyche | unicorn | chestnut varnish roan | blue eyes | living

Nieces and Nephews
Ktulu | f. Paladin x Soleil | uniquine | black dun | red eyes | living
Ophelia | f. Paladin x Soleil | uniquine | white | red and blue eyes | living
Rain | f. Paladin x Valhalla | unipeg | silver dun | red eyes | living
Soren | m. Paladin x Soleil | uniquine | dappled grey dun | light blue eyes | living
Varath | m. Paladin x Soleil | uniquine | dappled grey | red and silver eyes | living
Vadim | m. Paladin x Soleil | uniquine | silver grulla | blue eyes | living

Extended Family
Hototo | m. God of the Earth x Ktulu | unipeg | blue-tinted dun | green and red eyes | living
Roskuld | f. God of the Spark x Ophelia | unipeg | black | brown and blue eyes | living


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Chapter VI :: Birdsong, Year Three
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Chapter IX :: Birdsong, Year Four
Section I :: coming soon

*Denotes active thread.

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Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   5 AGL:   6 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   1 CP:   0
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11-24-2012 by Valentine
(Judge Please) Preparing for Battle (Psyche) Battleground
Psyche, Valentine
12-03-2012 by Official
a .f r o s t e d. heart is filled with cracks [open] Archives
Chester, Psyche, Valentine
12-06-2012 by Psyche
a new slave [Snö, open] Archives
Psyche, Rapha, Snö
11-08-2012 by Rapha
Gone With the Wind (Elizabeth, open) Archives
Elizabeth, Psyche, Xanthos
10-28-2012 by Psyche
Stranger than Fantasy [Open] Archives
Kanti, Ophelia, Psyche, Valentine
12-29-2012 by Tamme
We're All Together (Psyche) Archives
Psyche, Valentine
11-25-2012 by Valentine
fruitful .t h o u g h t s. [Elizabeth] Archives
Elizabeth, Psyche
10-27-2012 by Psyche
the .t a s t e. of revenge [Mauja] Frostbreath Steppe
Mauja, Psyche, Random Event
11-17-2012 by Psyche
Corrupter ((Kanti)) Archives
Abyss, Kanti, Psyche
11-15-2012 by Psyche
Unnecessary Words [Sohalia] Archives
Cera, Psyche, Rowan, Sohalia
11-16-2012 by Cera
Stalemate (open) Archives
Giselle, Psyche, Tillas
10-26-2012 by Tillas
Archangel of Vengeance [ex-Edge rally] Frostbreath Steppe
Alan, Aurelius, Aviya, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Korra, Kou, Lena, Leyra, Lloyd, Lotus, Lucius, Mauja, Myrddin, Psyche, Tamlin, Ulrik, Valentine
10-29-2012 by Korra
Aftermath | Open to all World's Edge
Alan, Hellena, Mauja, Monster, NPC, Psyche, Snö
10-11-2012 by NPC
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND FIVE] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Tares, Vikram
10-02-2012 by Kri
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND FOUR] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricochet, Tares, Vikram
09-29-2012 by Aaron
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND THREE] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Arabella, Archibald, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricochet, Tares, Torasin, Vikram
09-26-2012 by Cineviam
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND TWO] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Arabella, Archibald, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricciardo, Ricochet, Rishima, Tares, Torasin, Vikram
09-23-2012 by Rishima
Aura of { I n n o c e n c e } || Psyche/Open Archives
Lumina, Psyche
10-08-2012 by Psyche
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND ONE] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Arabella, Archibald, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricciardo, Ricochet, Rishima, Tares, Torasin, Ulrik, Vikram
09-20-2012 by Cineviam
the darkest .h o u r. never comes in the night [open] (CLOSED) World's Edge
Mauja, Psyche, Tamlin
10-09-2012 by Tamlin
the .s o u n d. of madness [open] Archives
Psyche, Tor
09-17-2012 by Psyche
I am King World's Edge
Hellena, Mauja, Psyche
06-20-2012 by Mauja
Statuesque | psyche Archives
Ambrosius, Psyche
06-17-2012 by Ambrosius
Weakness | maumau Archives
06-01-2012 by Psyche

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