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Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 3 Height: 16.1
we were born to be real
Species: Equine
Breed: Percheron x Paint
Gender: Stallion
Height: 16.1HH
Age: Three (Tallsun)
Body: Black/Bay Overo
Markings: White markings on profile, chest, abdomen, legs, withers and left ear
Mane: Black with patch of white near withers
Tail: Black
Eyes: Blue-Grey
Hooves: Front hooves are light; Back hooves are black
Trinket: Small red rosary tied into his mane near his poll

The man stands at a decent height, not towering nor shrunk. Carved muscles and a heavy skeleton give him the appearance of a lumbering vagrant, but in truth he is nimble and quick on his feet. His profile is honest and handsome, resting on an almost permanently tucked in crest. A short, roman muzzle is attributed to his draft lineage, while the rest of him is lengthy and soft. He sports shorter limbs and large hooves that lack the traditional feathering. The more interesting of features is the broken pattern of colors that adorn the man's hide. A dark base of blacks and bays make up the first layer of his coat, accompanied by splashes of a brilliant ivory. His face, left lobe, chest, abdomen, legs and withers are all adorned with this hue. If one can pull away from his dazzling array of paint strokes, they mind find themselves drawn to his stormy blue orbs. Small flecks of grey and green surround his dark pupil, while the majority of them remain the color of an angry sea. His locks compliment his hide, growing dark, save for a small patch towards the end of his crest, which grows rather light. It hangs from him in tangles, rarely groomed and almost never completely dry, for the man seeks out water where ever he can. He adorns a small, blood colored rosary upon his poll, tied into his mane to the left side.

not to be perfect

be who you want to be
Loyal :: Honest :: Pacifist :: Fun-Loving :: Intelligent
Headstrong :: Gullible :: Childish :: Distracted

Gulliver has always been a loyal man. Whether it be a cause, friendship or relationship, he does not stray away from something that he finds interesting and worth his time. Though he may be a very loyal person, it can take some time for him to find something or someone who may be deserving of that loyalty. He does not jump into situations on a whim. He can be very cautious of who he spends his time with and rarely will befriend those who can be deemed "bad influences".

He is a very stubborn man. Once he sets his mind to something, there is nothing in the world that can sway him, no matter if he is wrong or right. He believes that once you make a decision, you must stick with it, no matter what. It is because of this that he has never been in a serious relationship. He can find himself in compromising situations because of his resolve to never back down from his beliefs but his level head can usually help him out of it.

His given name stemmed from his very gullible nature. He is easy to play tricks on, and can not tell a lie from the truth without some heavy thought. This is another reason why he takes his time to befriend others. Some have said that he is childish, but he believes that he is just a very trusting soul.

Because of is gullible nature, he has vowed never to mislead another. Lies and dishonesty disgust him and he does not understand why they even exist. He believes that they bring nothing but sorrow to the world. This does not affect his trusting nature, but becomes depressed and heartbroken when lied too. He avidly avoids politics because of the untruthful nature of it.

Along with a hatred of lies, Gulliver also has a distaste for violence. He understands that sometimes it is the only way to settle disputes, and has been in a couple of fights but that does not mean he condones it. He would rather talk things out, but knows that there are those who would rather use teeth then words.

not what others want to see

we are not the makers of history

The herd that Gulliver grew up in was in the heart of the homeland. Thus it became the Capital. The Capital was a large herd, with bands of mares and foals separate from the stallions. The males were regarded with pride, and it was an honor for a mare to foal a colt rather then a filly. Mares and fillies were taught the art of healing, while the stallions and colts were brought up to be soldiers and leaders. Gulliver's sire was one such soldier. A tall, powerful stallion who, in his prime, led a army. However, when Gulliver was born, the draft was older and on the verge of being retired from the army.

His mother was a nobody in the eyes of the Capital. A smaller mare who's colored hide was the only thing going for her. Her age was also climbing, but she was chosen among a few other mares to help bear the next generation. In the Capital, your mate was chosen for you. Sure, you can have romances and fall in love, but be ready when the officials came. But that was part of the honor. It filled his mother's heart with pride to be chosen, and was delighted that the sire to her final child was a well redeemed stallion.

Her pregnancy was a difficult one, but the mare was determined to be successful in her task. Though she almost lost her life, she birthed a large, painted colt. The colt presented with his sire's massive size, and her unique coloring, and she couldn't be more excited. She was sure that her son would grow into a tough stallion and one day be a leader.

However, the colt had other things in mind. As he grew, the little horse became stubborn and began to have dreams of his own. He saw the way that the politics of the Capitol corrupted and changed others. He despised the armies that would crowd and boss others around. And when his mother passed away due to her aging body, he no longer felt the need to reside there. He had heard stories of his sire, but had never met him. He had no urge to. There was a rumor that he had perished in battle, but rumors were often engorged with fantasy. He left the Capitol and never looked back.

Year One

>Met Pippigrin in the Threshold
>Traveled to Dragon's Throat
>Became a Citizen of Dragon's Throat
>Became an Apostle of Dragon's Throat
>Attended the Dragon's Throat Party
>Met Amaris in the Secret Cove

we are made by history

Played by

:: [ Item: Trinket | Small, red rosary tied into mane ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   7 SPD:   4 AGL:   5 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
4.5 8 6 62
Notable Accomplishments

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