the Rift

Light Magic: Ability to heal the mind of others, soothing them. Telepathic communication with Crane.

In battle: Can soothe an opponent, decreasing their ability to feel pain and thus increasing the risk they injure themselves. Soothing them may also decrease their motive to fight, making them less inclined to attack. Effect lasts for duration of a post, even if that includes extending into the next post, should it have been started at the middle or end of the prior.

the Virtuous



Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 11 Height: 17.1
Breed: Friesian x Andalusian.
Species: Equine.
Height: 17.1 hands.
Eyes: Blue.
Color: White.
[Born black, turned white with age. Legs are dappled, mane and tail are silver.]
Markings: Various scars across body.
-Gold markings from being burned by the Sun God: Lacing across her back from the base of her neck to rump.
Part of her mane was burned down to the skin of her neck and has started to grow back gold.
Health: Healthy.

Over the course of her life, Soleil has calmed from being a rambunctious foal that was always in trouble into a well mannered mare. She is courteous of others around her, but won't hesitate to put someone in their place should the need arise. She is a loving, dedicated, and protective mother and will do anything within her power to protect her children, even if it means killing someone.

Sire: Indy [d]
Dam: Gossamer [d]

Crane - Twin [Gossamer x Indy]
Aarde - Brother [adopted by Gossamer]
Enna - Sister [Gossamer x Indy]

Tyradon - [Terrador x Soleil]
Cael [d] - [Terrador x Soleil]
Ktulu - [Paladin x Soleil]
Ophelia - [Paladin x Soleil]
Vadim - [Paladin x Soleil]
Varath - [Paladin x Soleil]

Second born twin of Gossamer and Indy.

Meets Solstice and Aderes in the Windswept Cliffs.

Wanders away from the Cliffs to the Moonlit Tides where she meets Lace. Soleil tells Lace he's pretty, which is meant as a compliment. The stallion takes it as an insult and becomes rude. Soleil tries to get past Lace to play in the water but he continues to be rude to her. Gossamer arrives and saves Soleil before Lace can do anything Rash.

Meets Masq in Hollow Manor. Tome Guardian arrives and tries to throw them out. Soleil tells him he can't and the Guardian sends his Hellhounds after her and Masq. She is about to be bitten when Masq blocks her and allows himself to be bitten.

Cliffs are given back to the Pegasi by Amani Leila, resulting in Soleil and her family moving to the Tides.

Runs into Lace again and is rude to the stallion. Aera and Gossamer arrive and punish both Soleil and Lace by making them patrol the borders together. While patrolling Lace shoves Soleil down. Indy sees and comes to his daughter's rescue, threatening Lace's wellbeing for mistreating Soleil.

Turns one year old.

Meets Brendan.

Runs around, meeting various horses and travelling to various lands.

Turns Two.

Meets Spook.

Spars with Spook

Takes Spook back to the Tides and speaks to Aera about inviting him into the herd as well as becoming a warrior.

Achieves Warrior status in the Tides.

Ventures to the Glacial Wall and meets Terrador. Their conversation inadvertently turns to Soleil's virginity. Terrador offers to rid her of it and Soleil agrees. Together they venture to the Veiled Cape.

Turns Three.

War. Being pregnant, Soleil hides.

Tyradon is born.

Terrador returns from battle. Overjoyed that he is safe, Soleil allows Terrador to take her to the Veiled Cape again.

Cael is born.

Turns Four.

War. Soleil and Cael hide.


Wakes up beside her son Cael. Soothes his pain until he passes away.

Grief stricken, Soleil travels Isilme searching for Terrador and Tyradon.

Turns Five.

Meets Paladin in the Gateway where she tells him about Isilme's history.

Joins other Equines in the Oasis.

Ventures to Seronia Dreamscape. Paladin arrives and she shows him her family and reveals the loss of her youngest son. Reveals to Paladin that she wants to be a mother again. Paladin offers to give her children and she agrees before falling asleep.

Stolen by Paladin, thereafter she decides to stay with him in the Tides.

Finds Crane on the beach and invites him to stay in the Tides.

Attends herd meeting and shows her support of Paladin.

Meets Paladin at the Sky Mirror where he reveals his worries and she tries to sooth them. They agree that the Sky Mirror will be their meeting place and they will go there if anything happens or one needs the other.

Reveals her hopes and dreams to Paladin.

Finds Crane in the Frostspine and speaks to him. The meeting turns sour when Crane reveals his true feelings about his sister through their shared mental connection. Soleil becomes harsh and argues with Crane before leaving.

Finds Terrador in Eterna. He is not pleased that she has joined the Tides willingly. He threatens Paladin's life. Soleil argues with Terrador and leaves upon telling the stallion that she will meet him on the battlefield.

Searching for Paladin, Soleil finds Silverline. She tells the healer her worries of Terrador's threat.

Goes back to the Sky Mirror to wait for Paladin. He arrives and she tells him of the meeting.
B Paladin disappears.

Meets Paladin again at the Sky Mirror where he claims her as his own after speaking once again of having a family together.

Paladin disappears again.

Ready to start her family, Soleil waits for Paladin in the Veiled Cape.

Pregnant, Soleil goes to Eterna where she meets Aera again.

Gives birth to Ktulu and Ophelia on the shores of the Moonlit Tides. The birth is long and difficult. Silverline's disappearance forces the mare to struggle through it with little relief.

Nyra kidnaps Ophelia.

Nyra launches her attack on the Tides. Soleil meets her in battle and kills her.

The shades invade Isilme and Soleil is forced to flee with Paladin and their daughters. They are separated from their daughters and Soleil turns and goes back into Isilme to find them where she is met by more shades. She is finally forced to turn back again, but has been separated from Paladin as well.

Enters Helovia's Threshold and begins searching for Paladin and her daughters.

Finds Paladin.

Goes with Paladin to the Secret Grove where she concieves Varath and Vadim.

Goes to the Foothills where she meets her sister and finds that her parents are alive and well and are, in fact, the Foothills leaders.

Gives birth to Vadim and Varath in the Frostbreath Steppe.


Played by
Indy the Righteous
Evangeline the Pure

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