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Aurora Basin Weaver

Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: Four Height: 17.2hh

I move the stars for no one


Breed - Shire x
Gender - Mare
Age - Four (Ages Birdsong)
Species - Unicorn
Horns - White deer antlers
Eyes - Dark blue
Mane/Tail - All black mane and black with white streaked tail
Body - Black with white markings
Hooves - Cream colored
Markings - All white legs; white blaze that leads to a pink muzzle; belly and rump white markings

Vertigo is a rather stocky girl, her draft blood quite evident in her appearance. She would appear rather normal if it weren't for her antlers poised elegantly atop her head. Entwined among her antlers are seasonal flowers that she replaces when the ones there die. Her eyes are a deep sapphire blue that appear black unless you're closeup. Vertigo's mane is pitch black, though her tail is black with white streaks littered throughout it.


Vertigo is more on the shy side, tending to stick to herself more so than seeking out companionship. It takes a bit for her to trust others and feel comfortable enough in their company to act herself. Once she gets to know you though, Vertigo is very easy going and loves to crack jokes and laugh. She can be moody, just like any other equine, but most of the time she's a positive girl.


Vertigo was constantly teased as a youngster, the other foals in her herd belonging mostly to light breeds. Her antlers weren't a common sight amongst the other equines either, yet another reason for her to be endlessly teased. The mare started isolating herself because of this, not really eager to get close to others in the fear that the teasing would repeat itself. As she aged, the maiden found herself growing farther and farther away from her herd. It had become a question as to why she even bothered to stay with them. The draft took the initiative and left on her own accord, wandering until she found a place where she felt more welcomed and wanted.

Helovia History

Birdsong; Year Eight
You Precious Thing - Vertigo meets Patrick, Lyanna, and Tiamat. Chooses the Basin
You Remind Me Of The Babe - Vertigo is welcomed by Tiamat into the Basin
As The World Falls Down - Vertigo meets the not so friendly Imogen
Clear Your Throat and Face the World - Ve goes on patrol with the herd warriors. Discovers she's not made for the job.
Never Wake a Sleeping Lion - Vertigo meets Livingston
Tallsun; Year Eight
DON'T GIVE UP - Vertigo Attends Herd Meeting; Promoted to Weaver
Don't Look Down - Vertigo Meets Isopia
What Otter Foolishness - Vertigo assists in saving an otter family (REFUSAL)
The Rune That Sends Her - Vertigo crafts her first item; Cloak for Weaver

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
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Notable Accomplishments

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clear your throat and face the world [patrol] Frostbreath Steppe
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you remind me of the babe [welcoming!] Aurora Basin
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SN - As The World Falls Down Secret Grove
Vertigo, Imogen
03-07-2017 by Imogen
[O]You Precious Thing Helovia's Threshold
Vertigo, Patrick, Tiamat, Lyanna
02-11-2017 by Tiamat

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