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Species: Hybrid Gender: Mare Age: 3 years Height: 15.1
Breed: Arabian Species: Hybrid (Pegasus x Unicorn) Black overo tobiano, with small blue death rune on her chest, black raven wings with dark blue sheen (like the Australian Raven's wings), and series of black horns around her ears/top of head

spoiled - vain - power-hungry - entitled Weaver has the personality of a princess that believes the world should be hers. She does not, however, expect it to be handed to her on a silver platter. She will work for it, and is not against getting dirty or fighting for the things she wants. In addition, Weaver is the type of beautiful that knows it and wears it on her sleeve, and will use it (along with anything else she can) to her advantage.

Weaver is the daughter of Queen Straia. When she was only a filly, she stumbled into a quest to stop the four horsemen of the apocalypse. In the end, she willingly gave herself to Death, and was able to stop him. She now bears the seal of death on her chest, and was granted the power of resurrection. This piece of magic has always made her feel invincible, and she is likely to take stupid risks. Not long after her escape from Death, her mother began a war in their homelands that left every kingdom bloodied and beaten. Weaver was taken hostage and her memory was wiped (though eventually, most of her memories were returned to her). Her mother abdicated the throne and their kingdom was destroyed. Weaver decided it was time find a new home, and ends up in Helovia.

Companion Name: Raven Age: 2 Gender: Male Species: Australian Raven Appearance: All-black plumage, beak and mouth - strong grey-black legs and feet - upper parts of his feathers are glossy with a blue sheen - reference Personality: watchful - patient - meddlesome - thieving

Played by

:: [ Magic: Dark | Ability to transform into a raven. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Transformation is painful. ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxTime (P) | Resurrection; when 'killed', reforms from her remains, though retains the scars from each death. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Normal aging; Can die of old age or if the mark of Death on her chest is removed/severely damaged. ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry  | Silver filigree chain with blue pendant that loops around horns. ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Ability to bond to 2 companions. ]
:: [ Item: Cape | Black cape with raven feather collar ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Scythe | Offensive. Black metal scythe that retracts into a necklace/spike pendant; blade causes mild poisoning. ]
:: [ Item: Breastplate | Defensive. Black metal breastplate that covers half of chest with leather shoulder straps. ]
:: [ Companion: Australian Raven | Terrorize | 3 yrs 5 mos ]
:: [ Spark Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   2.0 SPD:   4.0 AGL:   4.0 END:   10
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0.5
8.0 10.0 3.0 61
BUFF: Novice VP: 0
Notable Accomplishments

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51 threads
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These wolves don't bite [Festival Game] Aurora Basin
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gnashing of the teeth [HERD QUEST] Aurora Basin
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time honored traditions [FESTIVAL PREP II] Aurora Basin
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what big eyes you have! Heavenly Fields
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an undying dawn [PATROL/INFO GARNERING] Endless Blue
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mountains to climb Endless Blue
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What Otter Foolishness [ COMMON NSS DROP ] Thistle Meadow
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04-07-2017 by Aelfwine
everything burns [LIGHT/FIRE DROP] Heart Caves
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Meet you by the Sentinels [Welcoming and Healer Needed] Aurora Basin
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DON'T GIVE UP Aurora Basin
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Miles to go before I sleep [questing] Aurora Basin
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Their gnashing teeth and criminal tongues [Erebos vs. Weaver] Battleground
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05-14-2017 by Official
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Might as well do something Aurora Basin
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02-27-2017 by Weaver
Cause I got high Aurora Basin
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clear your throat and face the world [patrol] Frostbreath Steppe
Erebos, Vertigo, Weaver, Beloved, Wessex, NPC, Random Event, Enna
04-24-2017 by Vertigo
Today is a day for wolves Helovia's Threshold
Wessex, Weaver, Altar
03-18-2017 by Wessex
hip hiphop hip hop anonymous Helovia's Threshold
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03-20-2017 by Tembovu
SN: Dreamweaver Secret Grove
Reichenbach, Weaver
02-28-2017 by Reichenbach
Now is the time Aurora Basin
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you little...[hatching] Blood Falls
02-02-2017 by Weaver
Plants and Poisons -ALL WELCOME!- (Herb lesson) Aurora Basin
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SWP :: The beginning of something new entirely Spectral Marsh
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Strangled by their own rope. [Welcoming] Aurora Basin
Beloved, Weaver, Erebos
02-13-2017 by Weaver
Hooves and sticks [clearing/cleaning] Ancient Rotunda
Vezér, Weaver, Zubari, Tyrath
02-04-2017 by Weaver
Act like you own the place Helovia's Threshold
Weaver, Beloved
01-10-2017 by Weaver
SWP :: And so it begins Ancient Rotunda
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01-22-2017 by Aisling

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