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Species: Unicorn Gender: Colt Age: Three Seasons [Frostfall] Height: 16.3

I sing to the storms and dance in the pouring rain

Byron | Colt | One Season | 16.3hh
Born to Nephele the everburning & Tilney of the World's Edge

Breed: Warlander blood predominantly flows through this sturdy lad, a noble brave soul who is happy marching through the frothing, ever rolling tides and verdant lush forests as much as keeping pace in a line of able bodied warriors. The finer points of pintabian add touches of refinement and delicate lines over his frame, keeping him trim and elegant in appearance.
Species: Unicorn
Horns: A pair of Elk Antlers.
Coat: Silver Dapple, with minimalistic splash paint him in his colours.
Eyes: Heterochromatic — right eye Gold, left eye Green.
Hair: Cream coloured, luscious, long and curly.
Hooves: Cloven and dipped in tan.


Byron is a rather care free lad who quite happily spends his days roaming far and wide, he would make an excellent bard if the lad had the talent for song and dance, (and if he does, he's done a fine job of covering up his nightingale song) or simply an adventurer with an appetite for reaching the far places of the uncharted map.

Mischievous and devoted to his younger twin, Jude, who is a dear piece of his soul. Jude is the mountain to Byron's carefree tides, the rolling lush grasses in which his wild wind zips. His tales are spun to grandiose effect for his less adventuring other-half, tales which are also spoken to any and all who will listen.

He's charming but not the foolish like the green youngsters he see's frittering the days away. His curiosity and insatiable appetite collects to a mind which desires to be wise before it's time, his mouth an instrument for sarcasm, mischief and wit. His eyes sparkling jewels which shine with warm mirth.

However, the babe is not without his negatives. His family is a family divided, a mother who prides herself upon duty first and her motherly instincts second, with wild elder sisters whose blood is the very fire the Throat is forged from. They are fire and air, while he is crafted from water and earth. He is an oddity in his sandy lands, while the boy would happily indulge in a life wildness upon sand kissed islands, he is also a prince of the forest realm. A tidesinger who stands upon the forested cliffs edge and sings to the storms from his lofty green perch. His forest family is lost to him, he knows only names and a few faces, and the lad is conflicted for it.


Father → Tilney
Mother → Nephele
Twin Brother → Brother Jude (Tilney x Nephele)
Step-mother → Arah
Half-Sister → Maude (Tilney x Arah)
Half-Sister → Tasokh (Gaucho x Nephele)
Half-sister → Verro (Gaucho x Nephele

Grandfather → Captain
Grandmother → Anastasia
Grandfather → Vulcan
Grandmother → Urania
Aunt→ Tuppence (x Captain)
Aunt → Carlisle (x Captain)
Aunt → Aelfwine (Anastasia x Captain)
Uncle → Bartholomeo (x Captain)

:: [ Magic: TimexWater | Can look into the past by scrying with puddles of water. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can see events which occur in only the same board up to one season ago - requires permission. ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry  | Plain gold earrings. ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry  | Small golden chain necklace with various medallions and trinkets attached. ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry | A string of beads. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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