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Dragon's Throat Colt

Species: Pegasus Gender: Colt Age: 1 year Height: 17



Breed: large, strong, robust, agile - hanoverian x mustang
Eyes: teal
Coat: sooty seal bay - bay body with golden hints around girth and flanks. Darker points around muzzle and eyes, and knees are a darker black below the joints. Darker sootiness along neck's crest, back, and rump. Pale dapples across neck, shoulders, sides, and flanks.
Markings: gold tribal mark like sun around both eyes. Golden barring on leg joints and falling down from wing joints across chest.
Mane: black - shorter, tangled
Tail: black fading to a teal from the middle down - tangled
Hooves: dark gray
Wings: black - teal fading on the top primaries with gold banding, all black underneath. Feathers also sprout on either side of his tail from its base, teal with gold banding. Additionally he has a feather crest behind each ear, teal.

Notable feathers in mane:
None yet



Comedian -- Prankster -- Playful -- Curious -- Loyal -- Stubborn -- Considerate -- Flirt

Iskra was born into a time of sorrow, as his father and long-time sultan of the herd, Ascended Gaucho the Wildfire, had passed. The grief hung heavy on everyone, but especially his mother. This colored Iskra's early view of the world, in which he decided he never wanted to create more pain or misery for others. Instead he reveled in the rare moments when he could get his mother to smile, or even better, laugh! He quickly took to playing a fool to lighten the mood for others, and is often up to mischief and pranks to achieve this end.

His easy smile and frequent humor ought not belittle the seriousness with which he takes life however. He thinks living is precious, and happiness is the utmost important thing. So he carries his own burdens, as well as those of others, but would never complain or hint at suffering. Inside he has frequent turmoil and despair though, and often alleviates this through helping others and flirting to give his heart respite, however short. He leans on his family for support frequently, and is especially distraught whenever they are at odds.

Because of his strong aversion to causing others misfortune, Iskra firmly decided not to pursue a warrior's path, despite his family's heritage and his own knack for fighting. In fact, Iskra doesn't seem to excel at anything but fighting - he can't seem to create worth a damn, and he hasn't the patience for the scholarly path of wise ones. He tried healing once, a profession he greatly respects, but he frequently mixed up herbs and nearly wrought havoc on someone's life because of it. That left him with thieving as an option, and although he can't sneak his way out of deaf herd, he does stick with the pursuit of this career because he feels like he can help others by returning the things stolen from them, or learning intel that will guard his family.

Sleep: He likes to nap on the shoreline, letting the tide wake him up. He was never nimble enough to perch in trees like his mother, but will curl up beside one's trunk.

Restroom: He's very mindful of leaving any messes, and tends to have a few favorite spots that he attends to for the need.

Eating: He's never been a picky eater and seems to prefer what most other's don't, making him a great grazing companion. He eats everything in his nearest vicinity before taking the smallest step forward to graze a new circle.

Grooming: He may not be the most meticulous with his hygiene, but he bathes and preens regularly enough - he always seems to have some feather or bit of hair out of place though.

Habits: The desert rewards activity at night, so Iskra spends most of his nights with active mischief or training, but sleeps most of his day away, or idles with grazing.

Flavor: Sour
Color: Blue
Season: Summer
Scenery: Woods. He's also very fond of the desert/beach.



Dam: Ampere the Mother of Companions [blue seal bay, blue tribal marking on face, blue primaries with black banding]
Sire: Ascended Gaucho the Wildfire [bay, red handprint on left flank, blue striping across chest, yellow sun around eye, extreme barring on limbs]

Brother: Zèklè: Ampere x Gaucho
Brother: Hertz: Ampere x Gaucho
Sister: Tae: Ampere x Gaucho
Sister: Grusha: Ampere x Gaucho
Half-Sister: Aithniel: Ampere x God of the Sun [demi-goddess]
Half-Sister: Zenobia: Gaucho x Sohalia
Half-Brother: Rhoa: Gaucho x Sohalia
Half-Brother: Ivezho: Gaucho x Sohalia
Half-Brother: Hawke: Gaucho x Sohalia
Half-Sister: Aelin: Gaucho x Sohalia
Half-Sister: Vinati: Gaucho x Sohalia
Half-Brother: Arakh: Gaucho x Nyx
Half-Brother: Esinakh: Gaucho x Nyx
Half-Brother: Tasokh: Gaucho x Nephele

1st cousin/half-brother: Tyrath : Aithniel x Volterra
1st cousin/half-brother: Mathèo : Aithniel x Gaucho
1st cousin/half-brother: Luther : Aithniel x Gaucho

Dam's Side
Granddam: Eltrask [red roan, american kestrel markings]
GrandSire: Voltaic the Samurai [seal bay, yellow tribal markings on face, yellow dorsal striping, yellow shoulder markings like lightning, yellow primary feathers. used a sword]

Sire's Side
Granddam: Vorsaka
Grandsire: Lir

Dam's side
Tares: aunt
Adoxa: cousin [Tares' kid]
Alisier: cousin [Tares' kid]

Azzuen the Ardent: great uncle
Cirrus: cousin once removed
Azulee: cousin once removed

Sire's side



My heart is a ghost town -- Born in the Dragon's throat, Orangemoon 7 start.
The end of an era -- Attends first herd meeting in the Dragon's Throat, called by Sikeax.
Don't be surprised, I will still rise -- Family meeting in the Dragon's Throat with Ampere, Tae, Grusha, and Zekle.
ain't gonna be that easy to leave - make you miss me -- Wanders down the Endless Blue, runs into Mesec and his two kids, Virga and Vesper.
You be you and I'll be me -- Meets Matheo in the Dragon's Throat.
SWP :: Once upon a wave :: (Intro) -- Runs to join the sea monster party on the Riptide Isles. Stands beside Matheo and Virga.
SWP :: A CHANGE IN THE WEATHER :: -- The sea monster gathers everyone in the Endless Blue.
I'm sorry, mother -- Zekle tells Ampere he's leaving the Dragon's Throat for the Hidden Falls, eep!
Take me out to the ball game -- Playing Dragonball in the Dragons' Throat!
Trick R Treat -- Trick or treat monster in the Blood Falls.
SWP :: Impressions etched in glass -- Kis and the Moon Good in the Endless Blue.


The Flames Burn On -- Nephele summons the herd in the Dragon's Throat, voicing their stasis and suggesting herself as second lead. Ampere suggests Sohalia instead.
winner winner chicken dinner -- Aithniel summons the herd after defeating Sikeax in the Dragons' Throat.
Take me away and make it OK -- Roams on his own in the Halcyon Flats.
Holiday Celebrations! -- Ampere and Iskra attend Aithniel's holiday party in the Dragon's Throat.
:: The Giving Tree :: -- Ampere and Iskra approach the giving tree in the Thistle Meadow.


And so it begins -- Answers Kisamoa's call in the Ancient Rotunda.
We got this -- Helps Matheo clear out the dead for Kisamoa in the Ancient Rotunda.
The beginning of something new entirely -- Kisamoa reveals itself to be Kaos and a bone monster attacks everyone in the Spectral Marshes.




Royal Leviathan -- Castiel (aka Misha)

Fire and Lightning Warhammer -- Peacekeeper

:: [ Magic: FirexWind | Ability to superheat air round object to move them. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Items must be within 10m radius. ]
:: [ Magic: FirexDark (U) | Ability to transform into a lion; mane is composed of fire. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Transformation is painful. Lasts one post in battle. ]
:: [ Magic: FirexSpark (P) | Wings produce harmless sparks. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Dagger ("Ampere") | Offensive. A small iron dagger with a black hilt which is enchanted with an ability which allows the viewer to see an ongoing event in a nearby land when invoked with the phrase "the watching shift goes ever on." (from Ampere) ]
:: [ Restrictions | The event must be occurring in an active thread within a board adjacent to the board where the viewer writes as using the item. Due to the small viewing plane not all details of the event will be seen or understood. ]
:: [ Item: Shield ("Dragon's Sun") | Defensive. A metal shield capable of collapsing for easy use with leather strap. Engravings of the sun on its exterior. (from Ampere) ]
:: [ Restrictions | Is the same weight collapsed or expanded. ]
:: [ Item: Mineral Golem ("Squishy") | Offensive. Medium sized - Built in Year 5 Orangemoon (from Zekle) ]
:: [ Item: Vial of Wolf God Blood | Blood from the Wolf God of the Rift ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Bone Collar ("Gaucho") | Offensive. Worn as a thick band of leather just above the shoulders; pressing a button in the center causes bone-spikes 2 inches in length to uncoil and protrude. (from Gaucho) (from Ampere) ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Ability to bond to 2 companions. ]
:: [ Item: Boogers | A vial of boogers. ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry | Gold earring. ]
:: [ Item: Warhammer ("Peacekeeper")  | Offensive. An iron warhammer gilded with gold and copper; fire/lightning sparks produced from hammer, feels lightweight to its owner. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Sparks cause mild pain. ]
:: [ Companion: Humpback Leviathan  | Mythical, royal | Tidal Wave | 3 yrs 2 mos ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ]  :: [ Spark Amulet ]  :: [ Spark Amulet ]  :: [ Sun Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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