the Rift

MAGIC IDEAS: . imitate voices . seeing in the dark . self duplication . controlling insects . passing through solid objects


Dragon's Throat Warrior

pronounces name az-oo-lee

Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 6 years :: Orangemoon Height: 15.2 hands
full-body reference
voice claim: gaia weiss
body type: Athletic, close-coupled, boyish (think mustang); lion's tail with hair along its whole length, growing longer toward the end; cream, cloven hooves with lightly feathered fetlocks
coat: Blue roan with black 'points'; black mane and tail that are very tangled, dreadlocked in some places, long forelock
eyes: Bright, electric green-blue, white lashes
wings: Extremely large, black primaries, secondary feathers the same as coat, dorsal feathers are white; broad and densely-feathered, vulture-shaped
markings: jagged lightning markings on her shoulders and haunches that continue down the back of her forelimbs and hind limbs (they glow dimly when magic is used); white-rimmed ears, white tribal markings below eyes; white dorsal stripe

Storm-singer, lightning child, electric daughter; garbed in a pelt of blue roan, reminiscent of her mother's. Black 'points' sweep up her limbs and her entire profile, a perfect complement to the peppered motif of her coat. She is built more like a colt than a filly, with long legs and a lean torso, lacking curvaceousness (though this is hardly to say she is ugly or masculine, for she is actually quite pretty in the unconventional sense). She is far from dainty despite what she lacks in height, displaying a reasonable helping of muscle on her mustang's body. The most distinct feature of the storm child is the white bands of lighting that etch their way across her hide, crawling up the dorsal columns of both wings and down all four legs - a tribute to her wild-eyed grandmother, Naryl the Fireslayer, who had similar markings. Eyes graven of blue quartz complete the portrait of a stormborn child, staring back at you fiercely, their electric hue practically sizzling with jolts of static.

estp personality
It is difficult to define the true nature of our electric daughter, who is somewhat of a bohemian. The blood of warriors courses through her. She is fierce in her nature, passionate and hot-blooded, but somewhat guarded in her emotions; though her presence is animated and reactive, she has a hard time making meaningful connections with others. This frustrates the expression of her softer, feminine qualities, in that she finds difficulty expressing the depth of her feelings for those she loves. Additionally, she is aloof in romance, stubborn in her need to belong only to herself. If anything can be said of Azulee, it is that she is an independent creature, and rather unresponsive to suggestions from others. She must learn to be tolerant of the weaknesses of others and be fair in her judgment. Her loyalty is a finicky thing, even to family—only when one proves themselves to her will she fully pledge herself to them, but those who do find in her a steadfast ally. Still, she is untrusting, putting little reliance in others for fear of them abandoning her. She finds herself doing this even to those closest to her. Truth should always be more important than people's sensitivities; Azulee meets social situations with bluntness, and over the years has learned to wield a satirical sense of humor.

. Azulee takes great pride in her heritage and tries to learn as much as she can about the history of her bloodline, and of the Dragon's Throat.

father: Ázzuen the Ardent [dead]
  Azureus the Weaponmaster x Naryl the Fireslayer
      Voltaic the Samurai (Azureus x Naryl) [dead]
            Tares (x Iris Kaine) [dead]
                  Alisier (x Aure)
                  Adoxa (x Aure)
            Ampere (x Eltrask)
                  Aithniel (x God of the Sun)
                      Tyrath (x Volterra)
                      Matheo (x Gaucho)
                      Luther (x Gaucho)
                  Zèklè (x Gaucho)
                  Hertz (x Gaucho)
                  Tae (x Gaucho)
                  Grusha (x Gaucho)
                  Iskra (x Gaucho)
      Thalia (Azureus x Bronwyn) [?]

mother: Cassiopeia [?]
  Altair x Khalira
      Adhara (Ev'esdar x Khalira)

siblings: Cirrus (Ázzuen x Cassiopeia)

Azulee was born in the Dragon's Throat to the star-breather Cassiopeia. Her father, Ardent Azzuen the war general, was off fighting the Battle for World's Edge. The filly Cirrus, her elder sister, who would become her closest childhood playmate and protector, witnessed her birth. A dainty filly, her large wings (even as an infant) merely dwarfed her. She grew up in the Dragon's Throat led by Kri the Resolute, and learned the pains of loneliness from a young age. Azzuen died before Azulee saw her first year come to pass, and has little memory of her late father other than stories told to her by her sister and mother, who would also quickly vanish from her life. This is all she knows of the love among family.
    The years to follow made the electric daughter nomadic and feral, never staying in one place for long. She left Helovia with her mother, but the two were separated in a violent storm. Azulee decided to return, only to find Cirrus nowhere. When the shades attacked the land, she retreated with the rest of her people deep into the Earth. Endlessly she searched for her sister among the masses, but with no such luck. Azulee grew lovesick and restless, and fled Helovia and the darkness that plagued it in search of some kind of purpose. Her wanderlust had been insatiable then. She traveled far and met few, never quite sure how to fill the emptiness in her soul. She would come back to Helovia and visit the Dragon's Throat many times, but always found it rather lonely without her loved ones. When she turned

* enters Helovia through the Threshold. Greeted by one called "Sea Soul," who warns her against going back to Dragon's Throat
* goes back to Dragon Throat. Is received by Volterra, who briefs her on her duties as a warrior
* sees Reichenbach admiring the scenery and decides to catch his attention with one of her spark creatures
* meets Ru in the Riptide Isles and the two play a game of cat and mouse intertwined with the clouds

born with :: [ Magic: Earth x Spark | able to summon and manipulate electricity into desired shapes—usually into animals—for temporary animation and use; capable of animating up to two static creatures no larger than herself. ]

acquired :: [ Magic: Spark | Arcs of electricity well around her hooves and at the tips of her feathers, running off in jolts; the intensity depends on the electricity present in the atmosphere and her emotions. She cannot consciously control its intensity. Shocks upon contact—prolonged exposure may be dangerous. ]

:: [ Magic: Spark (P) | Resistant to spark magic attacks; while still harmful, the pain is dulled. ]

:: [ Item: Wakiya Feather | Wakiya feather that sparks harmlessly. ]

:: [ Magic: Spark | Ability to form electrical arcs around her hooves and feather-tips that shock on contact. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Unable to direct electricity; 10m radius. ]
:: [ Magic: Spark | Ability to create creatures of static electricity. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can create 1 large or 3 small creatures; last one post in battle and cannot be larger than Azulee. ]
:: [ Magic: Spark | Blood is electrically charged, shocking on contact and causing damage ]
:: [ Restrictions | Blood must be spilled, cannot be controlled ]
:: [ Magic: Spark (P) | Resistant to spark magic attacks. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Still harmful, pain is dulled; diminishes over time. ]
:: [ Item: Wakiya Feather | Wakiya feather that sparks harmlessly. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   7 SPD:   6 AGL:   5 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   1 CP:   0
5.0 8.5 6.0 65.0
Notable Accomplishments

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