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Species: Unicorn Gender: Filly Age: Two Seasons Height: 17.1
  • Breed: Marwari x Draft
  • Species: Unicorn
  • Height: 17.1 hands
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Color: Buckskin
  • Markings: Cheetah-like spots, black facial stripes, four white stockings.
  • Health: Healthy
    Katua is a near perfect blend of both of her parents. Her coat is as light as her father's and adored with the dark spotting of her mother's. Four white stockings start at the bottom of each of her legs and stretch up toward her knees before giving way to dark, black fur that ends at the top of each leg. Her dark facial striping mimcs that of both of her father while her tips of her ears are curved inward like her mother's. Katua's eyes are a clear, bright blue and clearly show her curiosity and excitement. However, she is not nearly as heavy as her father and, instead, has some of her mother's more delicate, chisled features. Unlike either one of her parents she has two impala horns that curve back over her ears before ending in two lethal points.

    the surface
    x. Outgoing
    x. Adventurous
    x. Overly Friendly
    x. Curious
    x. Eager
    x. Fascinated by the world
    x. Giving
    x. Loving
    x. Playful
    what lies beneath
    Katua loves to learn and because of this she asks a lot of questions and is often fascinated by the answers she receives. She is excitable and finds something new everyday that she considers utterly fascinating. She loves to tell her parents and her brother about her adventures and often acts out events that have happened while she tells her stories.

    She is always eager to make new friends and hardly ever meets someone that she doesn't like. She is a believer in second (and third) chances and is often too forgiving of those that have hurt her. Katua is quick to recognize when she's done something wrong and apologize to anyone she might have hurt. She absolutely loves spending time with her father and loves to snuggle with her brother.

    family ties
    Biological Parents:
    Sire: Tembovu the Elephant King
    Dam: Adaeze

    Zubari | Male | Tembovu x Adaeze

    Faxr | Male | Tembovu x Mara | Deceased
    Unnamed | Adaeze x Jeshi | Deceased
    Hawezi | Male | Tembovu x Elsa
    Kianzo | Male | Tembovu x Rexanna
    Kiada | Female | Tembovu x Rexanna

    my life in black and white

    x. Conceived by Adaeze and Tembovu in the Secret Grove.
    x. Born along with her twin, Zubari.
    x. Meets Maude and becomes friends.
    x. Goes to the beach with Tembovu, where she is attacked by a shark.
    x. Meets Kiada, but the meeting doesn't last long before she runs off after a squirrel.
    x. Follows her mother when she leaves Helovia and travels to Dorobo.
    x. Returns to Helovia alone and goes in search of her father.

    :: [ Companion: Pygmy Hippopotamus | None | 3 yrs 4 mos ]
    Battle Statistics
    STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
    OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
    BUFF: VP:
    Notable Accomplishments

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