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World's Edge Colt

Species: Unicorn Gender: Colt Age: 1Year 8 Months Height: 17.1

Zubari's coat is made of liquid chocolate dripping over his heavy draft like form. Long Antelope horns break from his massive skull and reach to the sky above. His body is filled with deep dark chocolate cheetah markings hinting through his hide. As he develops his form will take on a very thick muscular body. He keeps well toned and is always looking his best for the ladies. Zubari prides himself with his rich chocolate looks, and masculine body.Bright gold eyes look to the world around him. They feel as if they can peer into the souls of others and manipulate them like a piece of clay. A dorsal stripe of the gold hairs run along his muscled back cascading into his thick chocolate tail. Two faint black lines run from his golden eyes to his dark muzzle. This is the only marking Zubari has from his father, they are so faint and almost non existent. He is his mothers child. Zubari wears his mothers markings with pride, but maybe he is just thankful he does not look like his father.


Zubari is trying to discover himself right now. He has an extreme love and passion for his mother and twin sister, but he does not really care for his father. At this point of time he tolerates his dad due to his age, but he will never fully like or love his father. Zubari is very cunning and can be manipulative at this point in time. He seems a lot older then what he really is, and his personality is developing quickly.


Tembovu x Adaeze

Paternal Grandparents
Sire: Mgomvo [d] x Dam: Kajifu [d]

Maternal Grandparents
Sire: Fethee [d] x Dam: Mlezi [d]


Half Siblings
Tembovu x Elsa :: Hawezi
Tembovu x Rexanna :: Kianzo & Kiada



:: [ Magic: Earth | Can craft with gold. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can craft 3 small items, 2 medium items, or 1 large item per season. ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Ability to have 3 active magics. ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | Verro feather. ]
:: [ Item: Kaos Necklace | An onyx necklace with a glowing teal eye in the center ]
:: [ Item: Cloak | Defensive. Gold cloak with an African Safari engraved into the fabric. Retains the properties of metal but moves and feels like fabric. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Heavy ]
:: [ Item: Dagger | Offensive. Gold dagger with an African safari scene on the blade (crafted by Zubari) ]
:: [ Companion: Melanistic African Civet | None | 3 yrs 5 mos ]
:: [ Kaos Amulet ]  :: [ Kaos Amulet ]  :: [ Kaos Amulet ]  :: [ Moon Amulet ]  :: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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35 threads
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07-13-2017 by Destrier
You might Glitter, but I am Gold Secret Grove
Zubari, Safiri
07-11-2017 by Zubari
The Last Leaves of Autumn World's Edge
Maude, Zubari
06-13-2017 by Maude
Hello, Mr. Kaos Sir.... Spectral Marsh
Zubari, Beloved, Kaos
06-05-2017 by Beloved
Her Day [Maude's birthday] World's Edge
Tilney, Aelfwine, Bartholomeo, Arah, Zubari, Maude
04-08-2017 by Bartholomeo
I don't gotta a Halo, I gave up my wings Ancient Rotunda
Zubari, Bellanaris
02-27-2017 by Bellanaris
hip hiphop hip hop anonymous Helovia's Threshold
Katua, Zubari, Maude, Weaver, Tembovu
03-20-2017 by Tembovu
You don't know the half of the mental abuse. World's Edge
02-06-2017 by Zubari
Can you feel my heart? Endless Blue
Zubari, Tembovu
06-07-2017 by Tembovu
SWP :: The beginning of something new entirely Spectral Marsh
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01-29-2017 by Kianzo
The Greedy and the Needy [EARTH MAGIC DROP] Deep Forest
Random Event, Dragomir, Zubari, Maude, Toulouse, Volterra, Syrena, Ru'in, Alysanne, Yael, Esinakh, Patrick, Astarot
02-03-2017 by Yael
How Tragic World's Edge
Kiuaji, Zubari
01-25-2017 by Zubari
none of us were angels World's Edge
Alysanne, Tembovu, Graasvoel, Raeden, Lyanna, Sacre, Oizys, Nyx, Maude, Kiuaji, Yael, Ru, Glacia, Roskuld, Rexanna, Alune, Toulouse, Mesec, Manon, Tilney, Arah, Nitika, Zubari, Iona, Ráeru, Kiada, Aelfwine, Elsa, Erthë, Tandavi, Sansa, Kianzo, Naerys, Vesper
02-08-2017 by Vesper
Hooves and sticks [clearing/cleaning] Ancient Rotunda
Vezér, Weaver, Zubari, Tyrath
02-04-2017 by Weaver
SWP :: And so it begins Ancient Rotunda
Random Event, Isopia, Mathèo, Kolr, Tae, Tarik, Shida, Ru'in, Oizys, Bartholomeo, Kiada, Lena, Glasgow, Sunjata, Erebos, Darwin, Volterra, Aelfwine, Nyx, Serenity, Thranduil, Isi, Alysanne, Tilney, Toulouse, Patrick, Byron, Nephele, Verro, Tyrath, Arakh, Rikyn, Beloved, Dragomir, Maude, Lyanna, Syrena, Yael, Mauja, Vastra, Öde, Iskra, Ampere, Sacre, Roskuld, Maren, Vesper, Rexanna, Sikeax, Abraham, Archibald, Ilios, Vezér, Johnny, Astarot, Mesec, Cassius, Saoirse, Najya, Tiamat, Iona, Mihtal, Ru, Raeden, Romina, Weaver, Graasvoel, Zubari, Tembovu, Esinakh, Larue, Aithniel, Eleanor, Aquila, Kianzo, Aisling
01-22-2017 by Aisling
:: The Giving Tree :: Thistle Meadow
Random Event, Arakh, Erebos, Deimos, Lena, Volterra, Esinakh, Nyx, Ampere, Archibald, Aquila, Bartholomeo, Larue, Kianzo, Enna, Frost Fyre, Auriel, Ilios, Oizys, Aithniel, Amalrik, Eleanor, Tyrath, Isopia, Tilney, Libertad, Byron, Toulouse, Nephele, Verro, Luther, Letha, Yael, Lyanna, Syrena, Thranduil, Serenity, Alune, Ru, Glasgow, Kiada, Mauja, Castor, Megaera, Maren, Howl, Graasvoel, Tembovu, Glacia, Kiuaji, Ranjiri, Myrrine, Arah, Ráeru, Iona, Dragomir, Maude, Rikyn, Aelin, Albrecht, Kvasir, Saoirse, Zubari, Raeden, Najya, Vesper, Tasokh, Hotaru, Laume, Eldala, Arion, Sacre, Mathèo, Tarik, Tae, Tiamat, Iskra, Aelfwine, Sunjata, Darwin, Rexanna, Vastra, Mesec, Alysanne, Johnny, Sheba, Areli, Rein, Sikeax, Arende Trefe, December, Roskuld, Vezér, Astarot
12-28-2016 by Random Event
We wait through the hours of cold World's Edge
Ru, Zubari, Kiada, Tembovu
02-12-2017 by Tembovu
Take what you can Endless Blue
Syrena, Zubari
01-02-2017 by Syrena
Back to Buisness [PATROL] Heavenly Fields
Nephele, Ampere, Zubari
11-19-2016 by Zubari
Eyes Open Veins of the Gods
Isopia, Zubari, Gawen
01-17-2017 by Isopia
Like I really care.. [Welcoming ?] World's Edge
Zubari, Sanaa, Volterra, Roskuld, Tembovu
12-27-2016 by Tembovu
Give and Take [Debate Forum] World's Edge
Erthë, Zubari
11-09-2016 by Zubari
[MINI SWP] Trick R Treat || round 1 Blood Falls
Random Event, Nyx, Larue, Oizys, Shida, Volterra, Ru'in, Tae, Arakh, Maren, Isopia, Vastra, Kolr, Mathèo, Mesec, Alysanne, Kianzo, Elspeth, Esinakh, Howl, Graasvoel, Aithniel, Amalrik, Eleanor, Tembovu, Luther, Aquila, Rikyn, Albrecht, Mauja, Maude, Dragomir, Katua, Mordecai, Chernobyl, Alune, Verro, Tyrath, Tangere, Yael, Macaria, Lyanna, Mavuto, Syrena, Aisling, Nephele, Sacre, Castor, Lena, Erebos, Erthë, Ranjiri, Elsa, Roskuld, Mercutio, Myrrine, Aleta, Tiamat, Sabre, Persephone, Själ, Sohalia, Rohan, Vinati, Xolani, Vesper, Tsavo, Najya, Iona, Enna, Calder, Raeden, Zubari, Asavvi, Ampere, Iskra, Vitani, Sansa, Farah, Kiada, Patrick, December, Ausar, Megaera, Darwin, Rexanna, Sunjata, Glasgow, Aelfwine, Naerys, Bellanaris, Tilney, Toulouse, Caine, Kvasir, Brendan
11-10-2016 by Albrecht
The Raven and the Prince World's Edge
Verro, Zubari
10-25-2016 by Zubari
pain is gain (??) World's Edge
Rohan, Zubari
10-24-2016 by Zubari
Get Up to Get Down [Herd Quest Turn-in] World's Edge
Tembovu, Erthë, Alune, Mesec, Alysanne, Vesper, Maude, Kiada, Lyanna, Roskuld, God of the Moon, Elsa, Zubari
01-16-2017 by Tembovu
Random Event, Lena, Ampere, Kaj, Raeden, Tiamat, Sacre, Nyx, Aithniel, Erebos, Rikyn, Syrena, Shida, Zèklè, Volterra, Macaria, Tilney, Isopia, Bellisma, Erthë, Rexanna, Tembovu, Glasgow, Tae, Mortuus Nox, Ultima, Aquila, Eleanor, Alune, Albrecht, Kvasir, Aelfwine, Graasvoel, Oizys, Amalrik, Tyrath, Larue, Ru'in, Airlia, Kiada, Kianzo, Verro, Arakh, Esinakh, Zubari, Kolr, Mathèo, Luther, Iskra, Sunjata, Noe, Ausar, Alysanne, Vastra, Aisling, Nephele
10-30-2016 by Random Event
the sand wolf World's Edge
Verro, Zubari, Tilney, Erthë, Maude, Tembovu
10-23-2016 by Tembovu
always gold [joining] World's Edge
Rexanna, Tembovu, Kiada, Zubari, Katua, Adaeze, Maude
10-22-2016 by Tembovu
SWP :: Once upon a wave :: (Intro) Riptide Isles
Random Event, Alysanne, Zèklè, Anzanie, Volterra, Orithia, Erebos, Airlia, Bathsheba, Astolat, Kiada, Hearth, Lyanna, Syrena, Oizys, Roskuld, Erthë, Rikyn, Vastra, Albrecht, Kvasir, Aquila, Virga, Esinakh, Zyanya, Areli, Enna, Sunjata, Isopia, Ru'in, Kolr, Mathèo, Tae, Graasvoel, Iskra, Ampere, Xolani, Vinati, Verro, Thranduil, Larue, Tyrath, Rexanna, Aelfwine, Arakh, Sacre, Tembovu, Katua, Zubari, Vesper, Raeden, Iona, Ultima, Castor, Nyx, Cathun, Tangere, Megaera, Chernobyl, Sohalia, Macaria, Persephone, Aisling, Själ, Aleta, Tiamat, Rohan, Sabre, Mesec, Ranjiri, Grusha, Maren, Saartjie, Raistlyn, Naerys, Tilney, Alune, Vitani, Romina, Ilios, Aithniel, Luther, Shida, Lena
10-22-2016 by Lena
Wait it Out Thistle Meadow
Elspeth, Asavvi, Zubari
10-21-2016 by Elspeth
More than a Mirage Helovia's Threshold
Volterra, Zubari, Sanaa
09-29-2016 by smitty
Invitation Only [Aurora Basin Festival Invitations] World's Edge
Tembovu, Tilney, Zubari, Maude, Raeden
09-10-2016 by Tembovu
sunshine girl World's Edge
Maude, Zubari, Katua
10-12-2016 by Maude
silver lining on a grey cloud World's Edge
Adaeze, Tembovu, Zubari, Katua, Tilney, Maude, Kiuaji
09-01-2016 by Zubari

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