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October, 2016 :: Mini-SWP :: [Item: Rotten turnip | A piece of rotten turnip]



Species: Pegasus Gender: Filly Age: 6 months (ages in Tallsun) Height: 16.0 hh

As a cross between an Andalusian and a Hanoverian, Vinati is light and quick, built for speed and stamina more than strength. She is tall and thin, boasting less curvature than her mother while maintaining the same grace of movement; her father contributed to her light musculature, though she rarely partakes in any of the physical exertion that he favors. She is a dunskin mare, her body a light brown fading to beige along her belly and dark brown-grey on her legs and face. Her otherwise clear pelt is marred with extensive barring that extends from legs to head. Crooked white markings adorn three of her four legs, with one sock and two coronet bands, in addition to a wide, crooked blaze running down the right half of her face. Her wings are the same tan color as her body, fading to dark tips with darker stripes. Her eyes are a bright, clear, light blue that threatens to peer into your very soul. Overall, she is quite the pretty little filly, destined to grow into a stunningly beautiful mare.


Artist - Willful - Daydreamer - Wanderer - Affectionate - Unreliable - Distant

Though many facets of her personality are yet to be determined, Vinati will be a bit of a free spirit. A piece of herself will go into all of her crafted items, which she will consider to be her form of art; as such, she will display her works with both pride and fear, for she will be pleased to share them with the world but terrified that others will judge them harshly. As she grows older, her crafting will become more and more dear to her, and gaining the right to a gift from her will be more and more challenging.

She will be a bit unfocused much of the time, easily distracted from whatever task she is meant to be working on to go work on something new and exciting. As such, she will have a great many projects going on at any given time, none of them completed. Despite this, she will had a great talent when she does actually manage to finish something, and this will be her new crowning achievement. She will procrastinate, she will be a bit lazy, but it will not be for lack of desire to work. Instead, she will prefer to do things her own way on her own terms.

She will be difficult to tie down, often coming and going for days at a time, though she will quickly learn to value her home and her family, which will be precious to her. She will adore her parents and all of her siblings and half-siblings, especially those who offer understanding for her ability to see the dead. Though a bit unreliable, she will be the type to willingly walk through fire for someone that she loves. She will love freely, ensuring that all she cares for know her feelings for them. It is unlikely at the current time that she will find much in the way of sexual or even romantic love; she is vaguely panromantic and asexual, but this is one of the more fluid parts of her personality.

*Please note: this is a work in progress and she may change drastically as I play her. This is in no way concrete, but is my vague concept of what she will be like.


Gaucho the WildFire x Sohalia the Transcended

Paternal Grandparents:
Lir the Marked m. unknown x Vorsaska the Demanding f. unknown

Maternal Grandparents:
Ronak m. deceased x Lavani f. deceased

Siblings and Half-Siblings, in Order of Age:
Diniel (Note x Sohalia the Transcended) f. twin of Skysong, deceased
Skysong (Note x Sohalia the Transcended) f. twin of Diniel, deceased
Zenobia (Gaucho the WildFire x Sohalia the Transcended) f. alive
Ivezho (Gaucho the WildFire x Sohalia the Transcended) m. twin of Rhoa, alive
Rhoa (Gaucho the WildFire x Sohalia the Transcended) m. twin of Ivezho, alive
Zèklè (Gaucho the WildFire x Ampere the Mother of Companions) m. twin of Hertz, alive
Hertz (Gaucho the WildFire x Ampere the Mother of Companions) m. twin of Zèklè, alive
Hawke (Gaucho the WildFire x Sohalia the Transcended) m. twin of Aelin, alive
Aelin (Gaucho the WildFire x Sohalia the Transcended) f. twin of Hawke, alive
Grusha (Gaucho the WildFire x Ampere the Mother of Companions) f. twin of Tae, alive
Tae (Gaucho the WildFire x Ampere the Mother of Companions) f. twin of Grusha, alive
Aleta (Kaj the Aurelight x Sohalia the Transcended) f. alive

Aunts and Uncles:
Ketan (Ronak x Lavani) m. deceased?
Hasita (Ronak x Lavani) f. deceased?

Nieces and Nephews:
Vidar (Rhoa x Glacia) m. nephew, twin to Kvasir, deceased
Kvasir (Rhoa x Glacia) m. nephew, twin of Vidar, alive


Year VII


Vinati was born to Gaucho the WildFire out of Sohalia the Transcended in Birdsong, Year VII. The first few weeks of Vinati's life were quite eventful. Shortly after her birth, she realized that she could see things that others could not. In a discussion with her mother, Vinati learned that she could see ghosts. That was not the girl's only magic - she also learned that she could craft using colored crystal. After weeks of practice, she sought out her father to give him a gift that she had made just for him.

:: [ Magic: DarkxLight | Can see and interact with ghosts. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Requires permission for character-specific ghosts. ]
:: [ Magic: Earth | Can craft with colored crystals. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Crystals have normal durability; can make 3 small, 2 medium, or 1 large items per season. ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Able to have 3 active magics. ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | Crystal fire-coloured rose. (from Gaucho) ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | Blue crystal whale pendant. ]
:: [ Item: Rotten turnip | A piece of rotten turnip. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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