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Magic and Companions

:: [Magic: Fire | Markings and flowers in mane produce fire and horn can control flames]
:: [Restrictions | Can only control the direction of the fire]

:: [Magic: LightxFire | Travel instantly around Helovia in a pillar of flame]
:: [Restrictions | May be used to evade an attack or travel quickly across the battlefield]


:: Companion | Gold Dragon or Zephyr


Hidden Account

Species: Tribrid Gender: Filly Age: 2 Years Height: 16.1 hands
Israfel Azardokht


Height: 16.1 hh
Horn: Antler-like with two prongs, ivory in color with golden veins carved across it
Wings: Ivory with downy feathers, has golden swirls and designs adorning the appendages
Eyes: Piercing vermillion
Body: Lean and lithe, the color of a fine ivory or a newly fallen snow. An elegant, thick golden dorsal stripe runs along her back and her legs are decorated with primitive stripes of the same gold.
Mane/Tail: Long and flowing strands of ivory that are tipped with gold, with fiery-like flowers entangled in the strands.
Hooves: Cloven, golden in color

She is the daughter of the Sun God, and beauty personified. With her coat the color of finest ivory, Israfel is a creation of light and gold. Down the length of her back runs a thick stripe of gold, and each leg is adorned with equally golden, primitive markings that define each limb. Cloven hooves are golden in color. Her eyes are a sharp, piercing shade of vermillion that can change from 'warm affection' to 'furious rage' in less than a second. Upon her shoulders, Isra is blessed with two large wings covered in soft, downy white feathers. Each appendage is decorated with an intricate etching of gold; a design that goes from one tip of her wing, across her shoulders, and to the end of the second. The same golden etching design blesses her horn; a two-prong, antler-like appendage that rises boldly from the middle of her forehead.


Israfel is what one could call a 'complex creature.' Due to the fact that she's the daughter of the Sun God, she oftentimes becomes haughty, believing that she's slightly superior than those around her. Despite that, she is never terribly overbearing over it, and still enjoys meeting new individuals. Where she can be cocky and sure of herself one moment, Isra can be timid and uncertain the next. Also because of her relationship with the Sun God, she fears that she will become 'inadequate', or 'unworthy' to her father, and will strive to become a fierce warrior the older that she gets.
Going from young and immature to inquisitive and adventure-seeking, Isra's personality will continue to grow and shift the older she gets, and the more experiences that sweep her away.


Father: The Sun God

Mother: Smoke the Wildrose

Half-Sister: Kimber

Half-Brother: Marius


COTY 2013: Strangest Markings

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Sparrow; Romani, Apollo, Rhiannon, and Luken

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