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Absent Abyss


Species: Tribrid Gender: Colt Age: yearling Height: Growing
Black Tribrid & Twisted Glass Horn & Flightless Wings

A strange, unkempt, disheveled thing: black as the spaces between stars. Only a scattering of pale freckles interrupts the darkness. Both his mane and tail are fully black, and as he ages, both promise to grow in abundance — thick waves draping the crest of his neck and the angles of his hocks. His hair isn't particularly long just yet, of course. Still tangled in the throes of adolescence, he straddles a grey space between youth's fragility and maturity's potential for lean, rugged strength. Virga's bones promise a powerful, masculine creature lurks in there somewhere, but for now he's remarkably pretty, very awkward, and too lanky for his own good. His face remains feminine in its beauty, with large, expressive eyes and delicately curled ears. Black eyes — fathomless. He has a bad habit of staring. Between them rises a spiral of flawless black glass, the beginning of a tapering sword. And upon his shoulders are the wings — oh, the wings — he inherited so mistakenly from his father. The fluff of youth has all but disappeared, leaving behind sleek blackbird's feathers but only in part. The wings are oddly shaped, you see: the flight feathers refuse to grow in. This makes them much easier to keep folded tightly, and to gesture with, but as for their intended function.... absolutely useless.

Virga's wings are useless under daylight, at least. Once they've finally shed the very last baby feathers, anywhere the moonlight touches them, the rest of their plumage will be revealed: shining silvery feathers which glow softly in the darkness, and allow him to fly.

[ Foal Stats ]

Introvert & Inquisitive & Wary & Loyal & Impetuous

No longer the naive, silent creature of his earliest youth, Virga every now and then condescends to speak with others rather than crawling around silently in his own head. He remains a taciturn and socially awkward creature, however. Long stretches of silence don't make him uncomfortable. Most often, he is driven to speak out of curiosity — Virga asks something of almost everyone he meets. His mind is voracious, and very quick, and turbulent emotions sweep quickly over his features. He is always watching, and learning, and has a bad habit of staring at things, though he avoids prolonged eye contact, and doesn't much like looking others in the face. Virga is in fact fairly timid and very shy, though he denies it vehemently and reacts with aggression when he feels threatened. He's very protective of his family, and their reputation, and it's important to him he represents them well — and that no one disrespects them.


grandson to the Moon God x d’Artagnan

twin to Vesper !

Aunts: Aviya(d), Nao, Ráeru
Uncles: Roux, Sacre

> born on the tail of a very long winter (Frostfall, year 7)
> joined the Aurora Basin herd with his mother and twin sister, Vesper
> lost track of Vesper for a short time
> snuck into a warrior meeting called by his mother
> reunited with Vesper & met his father, Mesec; felt embarrassed because they were both prettier than he and both had companions
> wandered away from the Basin in search of his own zephyr companion
> explored the southlands a little
> returned to the Basin
> left the Basin with Mesec and Vesper after his mother was called away on an important mission
> joined the World's Edge herd
> failed to teach himself to fly (those damned wings)


Chapter 1:
Writing Music
White Room - Cream
Figure it Out - Royal Blood
Wild Things - Alessia Carra

The Starborn

Played by
kae !
If you are interested in a thread or plot with Virga, just ask! Pm one of my accounts or ask for my skype! :)

:: [ Magic: Dark | Moonlight adds glowing silver primary feathers. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Only able to support flight in moonlight. ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Ability to have 3 active magics. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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