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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 10 Height: 16.1hh
A heavy build with lithe and slender muscling, Hasovir almost always appears underweight. His red-chestnut coat is usually dull, though the white banding on his back, chest, and legs show brightly against his coloring. His back legs fade to black along with his chest, forelegs, under-neck, and face. A white mask overlays his dark blue eyes and chin. An old scar runs over his left eye and down his nasal bone, ending above his nostril. His mane and lion’s tail are thin, with dark brown fading to lighter, unbleached brown. Two large, Bongo horns sprout proudly from his head.

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Hasovir was designed by Nikkayla

Hasovir is the result of an ambitious drive bolstered to thrive in a greed driven empire. His one, true loyalty is only to himself, regardless the cost to others. He is sharp, cunning, and has a proclivity towards cruelty. Inherently jealous of other’s success, he becomes resentful if his own talents are superseded. Viewing others as pawns in his own, life-sized chessboard, Hasovir is a naturally selfish beast. Though, on occasion, he can ingratiate himself to those he feels are worth the effort. A sharp tongue betrays his quick temper and intolerance for idiocy. Though it is debatable if Hasovir truly has a ‘good side,’ it is advisable to avoid his bad side— as he will gladly enjoy devising your misery.

italicized = deceased

Sire: Mgomvo ("brawler") ref
Dam: Kajifu ("stern grey") ref
Siblings: Tembovu ("elephant strength")

not yet (;

Born in Dorobo as a prized first son with two horns (a sign of luck and good fortune), he was raised accordingly by two parents that were relatively peaceful in a land obsessed with forceful territory expansion. Greatly enjoying the attention of his family, it was an unpleasant surprise when, at 1 year of age, his younger brother was born. Despite his little brother being second born and having only one horn, familial attention shifted away from Hasovir and to Tembovu. From birth, Tembovu was bigger, stronger, and simply better liked by others, much to Hasovir’s dismay. So, with the familial spotlight shifted to the other son, he matured under the guidance of his herd’s military (the Banderi). Despite spending mischievous times with Tembovu and their friend, Kiuaji, his ambition and more insidious aspects thrived in the conquest-driven structure. His drive and initiative were noticed by his superiors, and he was given a command of a small squadron early on in his military career. Unfortunately, he trained his unit to attain results, as violently as necessary and with little regard to discipline. This was well-hidden while working within regiments of soldiers. However, when given an assignment of acquiring a small tribe by himself, his unit massacred warriors, women, and children with depraved abandon. Despite Dorobo’s imperialistic leadership, the image of such vile aftermath was beyond salvage in the public eye. Thus, in shameful fury, Hasovir was exiled has roamed ever since.
Birdsong: Year 7/// Hasovir has entered Helovia; his mind is wary from living a long, nomadic life of solitude. Voices have presented themselves to Hasovir, occasionally overwhelming him and causing headaches or dizziness. He can block them out, however they usually come back around at the most inconvenient times. Hasovir is also going through internal struggles with his moral compass. His past haunts him and attempts to guilt him but his stubbornness is what keeps those emotions at bay.

Hasovir is created by smitty and has recently been adopted by nunu :)

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