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Species: Pegasus Gender: Filly Age: 1 year (FF) Height: 15.1 hh

Aleta is a 15.1 hand rose grey Andalusian cross filly. Her mane and tail are white, save for a small strip of dark brown at the base of her neck and at the top of her tail, a continuation of her dark brown dorsal stripe. She has an indistinct marking that encompasses her right foreleg in a light grey-brown and fades into dark brown where it meets her dorsal stripe. From this marking, a lightning bolt reaches up her neck and over her right eye, jumping and flickering like real lightning. Her wings are large and feathered, fading from dark brown along the foremost edge to a lighter brown at her wing tips. The underside of her wings are white, matching the majority of the rest of her body. Her right eye is yellow, and her left eye is blue.


Aleta was born a dummy foal, meaning that she did not exhibit the normal developmental behaviors of most foals. In her case, she exhibited weakness and disorientation upon birth, and as a result failed to suckle normally. Additionally, as a further symptom of equine neonatal maladjustment syndrome, she was born with a hypersensitivity to touch, which will be present with declining intensity until she is two years old. As a result of this, Aleta as a filly is quite shy and withdrawn, having found social pressures to be too much for her to handle at a young age. She hates physical contact, as it is physically uncomfortable for her; a heavy touch may, in fact, be painful. She therefore avoids crowds, or anywhere that she might be touched, whether on purpose or by accident. She is very distant from most individuals, and has a very hard time relating to others on a social level, despite the fact that she is quite intelligent. She will likely grow to be smarter than most foals her age, but quite immature in terms of socialization.

Loves: music/singing, flowers, her parents.

Hates: touch, social gatherings, snow.

Kaj the Aurelight | male | pegasus | alive
Sohalia the Transcended | female | pegasus | alive

Diniel | f. Note x Sohalia | pegasus | twin of Skysong | deceased
Skysong | f. Note x Sohalia | pegasus | twin of Diniel | deceased
Zenobia | f. Gaucho x Sohalia | pegasus | living
Ivezho | m. Gaucho x Sohalia | pegasus | twin of Rhoa | living
Rhoa | m. Gaucho x Sohalia | pegasus | twin of Ivezho | living
Aelin | f. Gaucho x Sohalia | pegasus | twin of Hawke | living
Hawke | m. Gaucho x Sohalia | pegasus | twin of Aelin | living
Vinati | f. Gaucho x Sohalia | pegasus | living


Year Seven


Aleta was born in Frostfall VII to Kaj the Aurelight and Sohalia the Transcended. Hers was a difficult birth, leaving her with equine neonatal maladjustment syndrome - in other words, she was a dummy foal. She did not stand properly, eat properly, or develop properly. The longest-lasting effect of this was her sensitivity to touch: everything that touched her skin caused her intense, sharp pain. Despite this, within a few months, Aleta was becoming a intellectual, if withdrawn, filly. She travelled with her mother to visit several areas outside of the Hidden Falls, including the Thistle Meadow (twice), the Threshold, and the Deep Forest.


After being weaned, Aleta's mother began to travel frequently beyond the borders of the Hidden Falls, leaving her daughter behind. As a result, Aleta began to seek out her father to pass the time. She also began to explore on her own, visiting places like the Secret Grove and the Green Labyrinth to discover more about Helovia. Eventually, she became fed up with her mother's long absences and went on a quest to find out where Sohalia disappeared to so often. In doing so, she came across Cera, to whom she took an immediate liking. He directed her to the Dragon's Throat. Determined to find Sohalia, Aleta went to the desert land and ran into Gaucho, to whom she accidentally revealed her parentage.


Aleta :: Ah-LEH-tah :: means "little winged girl"

Note to self: don't age to 2 years until FF IX

October, 2016 :: Mini-SWP :: Small Item Prize

:: [ Magic: Spark (P) | Lightning marking on right side of neck moves and sparks on her skin. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Sparks are not harmful. Of no use in battle. ]
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