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Aurora Basin Thief


Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 5 years Height: 14.3
“You can tell me when it’s over,
if the high was worth the pain.”
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Breed: Hispano-Arabian (Arabian x Andalusian)
Gender: Mare
Age: Four years (ages in Frostfall)
Race: Pegasus
Wings: Large and feathered; they’re a dark dusky black, with the primaries and secondaries gradually fading to a pale cream (similar to her body)
Eyes: Beady and black, with no distinguishable pupil
Body: Grulla roan
Markings: Bold barring on her front legs and either side of her neck, prominent dorsal stripe
Hooves: Normal, gold
Mane: Dark dusky black, and extremely long; adorned with roses and gold chains
Tail: Dark dusky black, extremely long, with feathers growing at the dock; adorned with roses, gold chains, and vines

Imogen draws heavily from her Spanish heritage. Essentially she looks like a small, slender Andalusian, with more refinement and definition to her figure, thanks to her Arabian blood. However, she has no “dish” in her face, but has large eyes and delicate, almost sculpted lines to her features. Her movements are a beautiful marriage of grace and athleticism, with her body built nimble and slight.
Items will go here!
• Very racist
• Very religious (of the Old Religion)
• Sneaky and manipulative
• Cat-like
• Narcissistic, attracted to “shiny things”
• Adrenaline junky
• Social chameleon (expert in putting on a charade)
• Confident and selfish
• Sharp-tongued and quick-witted

But you’ll come back each time you leave—
‘cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.
The Truth
What really happened…

• Details here

The Tale
The web she wove…

• Details here

     Abrielle (deceased)
     A pegasus stallion she has since forgotten the name of

     Rukh (no one)
     Kyros (x Ilios)
the glitch
Since her birth, Imogen has had a mysterious heart condition that could stop her heart at any time, without warning. She could live a long, happy life, or hers could be tragically short. She feeds off knowing that at any moment could be her last, and takes advantage of everything (and everyone) she can.

:: [ Item: Jewelry  | A small cluster of red roses that sit on the dock, strung with three sets of thin gold chains that loop around the tail. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. Roses will wilt and have to be replaced regularly. ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry  | Five red roses strung across the neck on thin gold chains; chains blends into mane ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. Roses will wilt and have to be replaced regularly. ]
:: [ Item: Gold Cloak | Defensive. Lightweight, sturdy cloak with subtle shimmer; fastened with a string of red roses. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Offers little protection in battle; roses will wilt and have to be replaced regularly. ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | Red rose encased in glass to preserve its life. (stolen from Frost Fyre) ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   4 SPD:   3 AGL:   6 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
4.5 9.0 5 60
Notable Accomplishments

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