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Wearing a glowing flower from the heart caves in her mane; from Ilios.

Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 6 years (ages in Orangemoon) Height: 15.0 hh

Xolani is a 15.0 hand cremello Arabian mare with a long, luxurious mane and tail. Her pink skin shows on her muzzle and around her clear, blue eyes. She has beige hooves and no markings of any kind.

Xolani wears a teal, silver-lined feather given to her by Ilios in her mane.


Xolani can be easily described as introverted, sensing, feeling, and judging (ISFJ). Having been forced by circumstance to, more or less, raise herself, Xolani is mature responsible, and dependable. She cares deeply about the things the feels strongly about, and despite her difficult upbringing, she is kind, warm, and generous. She occasionally finds it frustrating to be unable to communicate with many other individuals, given the fact that she is mute, but she is quite friendly and willing. She could be called a dreamer, for despite the difficulties of her past, she has never given up hope that something better waits to be found on the horizon.

Having been criticized for her appearance for so long, Xolani is very self-conscious about her physical traits. While, in reality, she is really quite lovely, she finds herself to be plain and dull, undeserving of any sort of romantic interest. She prides herself instead on her intelligence and eagerness to learn, always seeking out new information. She has some difficulty accepting constructive criticism, however, due to the tendency to assume that any criticism she receives comes from a place of hatred, as it did with her parents.

Xolani is rather analytical and, though she is extremely empathetic, tends to make decisions based on rationality and logic. She is somewhat withdrawn, preferring to have time alone to recuperate after any social situation. She is not a hermit, and strongly desires friends with whom she can enjoy companionship, but she does, at times, find it difficult to make friends and relate to others. Since it is so difficult for her to communicate, she finds it quite challenging to be around anyone for any length of time. Her muteness is another point of embarrassment for her. She does not usually like to try and offer any sort of personal details or emotions, preferring to listen and provide support to others rather than to seek it herself.


Xolani was born of Inyoni, the Golden Pheasant (who was named for her color similarity to a type of bird by the same name) and Gazini, the Bloodied Spear (who was named for the brilliant red hues of his coat).


Before Helovia

Xolani was born to noble parentage in a faraway land. In her homeland, class was determined mainly by the color of one's coat: more extravagantly colored and intricately marked individuals were granted a higher place in society. Magic, too, granted upward mobility. Mating pairs were often brought together not by love, but by the desire to create the "perfect offspring," who often had a combination of vibrant colors, beautiful coat designs, and some form of magic.

Xolani was born of Inyoni, the Golden Pheasant (who was named for her color similarity to a type of bird by the same name) and Gazini, the Bloodied Spear (who was named for the brilliant red hues of his coat). Inyoni and Gazini were well-known in the royal court, and were matched for their potential to create beautiful offspring. Both had strong bloodlines filled with magical ability, and though they did not love one another, they did, at least, get along. Xolani's was a long, difficult, painful birth, and when she finally entered the world - plain, dull, without magic, and mute besides - the pair was devastated. They blamed each other for their perceived failure, insisting that it must have been the other that was insufficient in terms of reproduction.

Soon after, Inyoni was informed that she would not be able to bear any more children, and the pair subsequently fell apart. While Inyoni stayed with the newborn filly, torn by her disgust with the child and her love for the creature she had borne for so long, Gazini began to withdraw. The stallion flirted shamelessly with many other females, surely siring other children, though he refused to claim any of them lest he be dismissed from the royal court for his dalliances. The two fell to bitter fighting, allowing hatred to drive a wedge between them, and eventually turning to blame their sole daughter.

Xolani was hidden away from the world after her parents told the court that she had perished soon after birth. She was raised haphazardly at best, constantly blamed for her parents' hardships. Often, she was left to her own devices, with her mother appearing only to feed her and her father appearing only to jeer. Both parents were unkind and cruel, constantly telling their daughter how horrific she was to look upon, how she had ruined their lives, how she would be forever unloved and unwanted in their land.

Xolani bore this for several years, immersing herself into learning and knowledge. She often snuck away from home to mingle with the common folk, many of whom were as plainly colored and "ugly" as she. There, at least, she found camaraderie, and though she could not communicate with them, she did not feel hated by them. She found libraries and schools to attend, never missed by her parents, and this was her salvation.

Eventually, the pain of staying with her hateful parents became too much to bear. With nowhere else to go, Xolani set out on a journey that she hoped would change her rather unpleasant life. A year later, she arrived at the borders of Helovia, and here she hopes to find her place.

Year VI


Xolani arrived in Helovia in Orangemoon, Year VI. She was greeted by Ilios, who surprised her by not recoiling from her disability. He was the first to treat her as a real horse, and she appreciated his gentle guidance. When he offered her a home with him in the Dragon's Throat, Xolani was thrilled to accept. Upon arriving at the desert island, the two were greeted by Ampere, who promptly accepted Xolani as a member of the herd.

Year VII


Xolani threw herself into herd life, ecstatic to be invited into a family. One morning, she ran into Ru while wandering the oasis and was surprised to find that she was not the only mute creature in the Dragon's Throat. Was it only this herd that was more accepting? Or was all of Helovia as welcoming? She got an answer, of sorts, when she met Johnny at the Endless Blue. He was enthralled by her shifting coat and seemed genuinely happy to spend time with her. Xolani went back to the Dragon's Throat happy to have made a new friend.

One evening in the Dragon's Throat, Xolani was joined by Ilios while watching the sunset. The mare realized that she was developing feelings for the stallion who had offered her so much of himself, particularly when he began to divulge some of his history to her. The moments that they shared that evening would always hold a special place in her heart, even if she was entering uncharted territory with the kind-hearted stallion. Was it love? How was she to know what that would even feel like?

Determined to make the Dragon's Throat her home, Xolani set out to find a job for herself within the herd. She hadn't the skills to be a warrior or a crafter, nor the desire to be a spy or a healer. Instead, she sought out Maren, who allowed her to join the ranks of the Apostles. Not long after, the mare was exploring the Deep Forest when she stumbled across the smell of blood. To her great surprise, she found Ilios nursing a wounded deer. The two of them tried to protect it from the great hunter that was stalking it; as a result, Ilios was given magic.


Ilios invited Xolani to explore the Heart Caves, a place in Helovia that held a very special place in his heart. While there, Xolani realized the depths of her feelings for him. Her pelt revealed her emotions and thoughts, and Ilios responded in kind. Though she was terrified that she was making a mistake (for who could love her - plain, dull, mute as she was?) and that Ilios did not care for her as she did for him (did she, or was it just her desire for love?), it was at that time that their two children were conceived.

Several days later, Maren summoned the Apostles for a meeting.


Xolani :: zoh-LAH-nee :: means "peace" in Zulu.

Xolani will have a male Common Hill Myna companion.
Mthokozisi :: mth-oh-koh-ZEE-si :: means "one who brings joy" in Zulu.

Communicates mentally with her companion using her native tongue, which is based on the South African language Zulu. Helovian is assumed to be a "common" language that was taught in her homeland.

Xolani's emotions are displayed on her coat in the following colors:

October, 2016 :: Mini-SWP :: Custom Item Prize

:: [ Magic: Light (P) | Shifting, watercolor-like markings on coat reflect her current thoughts and emotions. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Dragon's Throat Key | A small, metal charm allowing access to the bridge to the Dragon's Throat. ]
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