the Rift


Dragon's Throat Warrior


Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 6 years Height: 16.1
the façade—

» Warlander x Pintabian
» Unicorn
» 16.1 hh
» Build is tall and stocky, but quite feminine
» Emerald eyes
» Dapple gray with two white socks, a pale face, and a pink snip
» White tree marking sprouts from her dorsal stripe, spreading across her rump
» Black mane and tail
» Two large ashen antlers
» Cloven hooves


art gallery

the pioneer—

Aelfwine suffers from an extreme case of wanderlust. It is difficult for her to stay in one place for very long. She adores exploring new places and lands, especially those of which she’s never seen before. Familiar with the comfort of the trees and grasses, she longs for places she has never been to. The mare has a love for people as well, even though she can be rather blunt on occasion. The idea is that if she gets what she wants across right away, then there’s more time for venturing. She could stare at the stars all night and still long to see the sunrise. Her favorite things mostly have to do with constant learning. Though she is still young, she can handle herself well around others and soaks up knowledge from those around her like a sponge. She could also carry conversations on for hours as long as they interest her. If someone seems to be boring her, she’d do her best to get out of the conversation. The mare doesn’t understand others emotions very well, but she is still learning. Aelf asks many questions which could be annoying to some, but it wouldn’t bother her even if it did. After all, curiosity can be a wonderful thing.

the family—


Anastasia [DAM] x Captain [SIRE]


» Tilney, m
» Tuppence, f
» Bartholomew, m
» Carlisle, f, deceased


» Maude, f, Tilney x Arah
» Byron, m, Tilney x Nephele
» Jude, m, Tilney x Nephele


» None

the preface —


The doe barely remembers much from her birth other than the fact her father was in and out of her life. She knew of her siblings, growing closest to Tilney, Carlisle, and Byron. She adored Tilney with his love of adventure that she and him shared, but admired Byron with his hard headed attitude. Carlisle was the one that Aelfwine could relate to the best, for they were both rather young and beautiful, full of life and excitement. You can imagine the heartache Aelf felt when Carlisle had passed. It was difficult for her to process at first due to her age, yet as she grew it became more apparent that her sister would never be able to accompany her and Tilney on their escapades anymore. That was the hardest part, for Aef as a child. The idea of death was a foreign beast; so much of one that Aelf consistently believed that when she woke up Carlisle would be by her side. Over time, she came to terms with the fact she would never see the painted mare again and set off seeking expeditions to keep her mind off of the tragic event.

When she began to realize how difficult life was without the comfort of her family, she refused to go crawling back to her home. She began to make it a point in her life that she would be able to learn how to thrive without others. After all, if you only relied on yourself then there’s no need for added heartbreak. It didn’t take long for her to adapt to her lifestyle once she had figured out how to do so. She spent a year and a half of her life living in various different climates and pushing herself to her max, until she stumbled upon her sister Tuppence as she laid the skull of Carlisle to rest. Afraid of reopening wounds, Aelf stayed her distance – watching the mare from afar as she proceeded the family ritual. Keeping tabs on the fact that Tuppence carried both their sister’s bones was enough of a leverage to keep Aelf tied down in her adventures. She followed Tuppence to Helovia, unaware that the last of her sisters bones had been stolen.


» now you’ve gone - Meets Caenan, Ezital, and Arah in the Threshold.


» Got lost around Helovia, not encountering a single soul as she searched for Tilney and Tuppence.


» Brace yourself… The flies are coming - Meets Oultik, compliments his companion.


» Past Poison - Evades capture from Knox, is interested in seeing the Falls but then leaves.
» Lost Soul [NSS drop] - Attempts to get a companion.
» you’ll think, “how’d I get here sitting next to you” - Meets Mortuus Nox in the woods at night.
» See in color - Meets Graasvoel. Ends up sleeping with him.
» we all have our days - Meets Hera, helps her get to the Thistle Meadow river before heading to the World’s Edge.
» I’ve been searching - Finally finds Tilney after so long. Meets Maude as well.
» a far off reason - Meets Ryouta and has a less than pleasant encounter.
» let’s get lost - Meets Roux and Esinakh in the Thistle Meadow.


» Ribbons and bows - Does Maude’s hair for the Orangemoon festival in the Basin.
» SWP :: once upon a wave - Finds Graasvoel among the gathering crowd. Meets Kisamoa.
» SWP :: A change in the weather - Stays above the water, doesn’t trust Kisamoa.
» I forget where we were - Meets Ultima and Toulouse.
» wandering roots - Meets Nephele who asks her of Tilney.
» sharing different heartbeats - Meets Caleb in the Frostbreathe Steppe on her way home from the Rift battle.
» [MINI SWP] Trick R Treat - Gets a gift from a goat.


» thread name - Description goes here.

the other —


» Vanya - Common Cerndyr with Lamplight ability.
» Received here after helping a family of otters.

» Prior refusals: one.


» White tree marking along her rump. Trademark of Tilney’s bloodline.
» Small scars on her chest from being attacked by a dragon in this thread.


» Small compass.
» Compass | A compass depicting the four gods and a blank space. Alerts when a god appears.


» Description. OUTCOME. - stealthname


» if you go out you might pass out in a drain pipe vs VOLTERRA. Loss.
» threadname vs XX. Outcome.

Played by
played by —


» All other character accounts are linked below!

:: [ Item: Compass | Small compass. ]
:: [ Item: Compass | A compass depicting the four gods and a blank space. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Alerts when a god appears. ]
:: [ Companion: Cerndyr | Mythical, common | Lamplight | 2 yrs 1 mo ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   2 AGL:   7 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
4 8.5 6 60
Notable Accomplishments

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