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Species: Other Gender: Mare Age: 17 Height: 5' 4"
She may be categorized as a Pegasus, but flying she is not able to do without magical help, as her only wings are left fluttering softly sounding behind her ears. Her pearl white body is covered with a rusty, red-brown 'stain' with most of her coat covered in darker (reddish) tiger-markings, although the saturation varies on some places. Her long, ivory mane contain the occasional curl or twist. She has thin outgrown feathering on her front legs, whilst it is shorter on her back-legs. Maren's eyes are gold with burgundy shades and flecks of a pale purple[mid-tones], long white lashes framing them. Most of the time her eyes don't speak much and keep silent, which can be confused with arrogance. Only when some kind of emotion is triggered a shimmering awakens. Overall she keeps a nonchalant attitude and walk, whilst keeping grace. Her voice is a bit outlandish, exotic and talks with a rolling 'r'. In the past she used to correct those who pronounce her name wrong, but these day's she just lets it slip. When shadows drops upon her winged head, in the night or in roofed forests, a shimmering halo appears above her head, leaking small droplets of light. (Writing (c) Yewrezz.)

Hello! My name is Eleora and I am generally into writing, character designing, and derping around both in real life and on Helovia. I'm best known for writing Confutatis the World Eater (and perhaps by now Nymeria) and I'm very untrustworthy at starting threads.

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In school, done some traveling around Europe (I've been to Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Romania, and Norway.) I live in Canada.

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