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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 6 Height: 17.3


Do not presume that just because I am a seer my fury has been checked

Name: Alune (A-lune)
Breed: Akhal Teke, Friesian & Lippizaner.
Gender: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Body: Bluer than any abyssal trench in the ocean. It's velvet appearance is broken by swirls of ethereal azure and galactic purples and whites, his muzzle and underbelly dipped in the lightest shades. Scattered on his underbelly, flanks, throat and cheeks are pepperings of ice blue, twinkling softly like stars.
Mane & Tail: The purest alabaster, his mane falls in cascading waves while his tail is leonine in nature, sweeping proudly over the ground beneath him. His tail sprouts hair from the base and the end, also pure white but fade to light lilac at the ends. The river length strands are broken by a smooth hairless expanse in between. Littered between the strands are small diamonds that catch the light, further accentuating his luminous strands.
Eyes: Pupilless wells of liquid starlight, they glow brightly when the night chases away the day. They dance and shimmer with hidden knowledge and mirth.
Horn: Two large spires sit as a crown along his bridge, elegantly curved like a crescent moon, with indents at the very base. They appear as if carved from the very moon herself, and glow serenely both in daylight and in the shadows of the night. Two smaller horns are placed behind and in front of the shining spires, they will never be as tall or as proud as their sister horns, but they compliment their everlasting vigil.
Markings: Has a crescent moon on his right shoulder and three markings beneath his eyes.
A silver necklace weaved from links shaped like leaves & thorns, with a glowing blue crystal hanging from it.
Shards of blue & white diamonds scattered in his mane and tail, glow and shimmer in the light/moon light.



Goddess, make me agile and cunning, swift and fearsome. Let my aim be true & actions just, and if today is truly the day you call me home, let me lay upon the cold ground with Scythe shattered beneath the stars.

Wise / Cunning / Spiritual / Manipulative / Observant / Witty / Gallant / Tranquil / Stalwart

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Astral Court

Even the brightest star has humble beginnings
Sire: Theidan — High Guard in the Queen's Service.
Dam: Belysra — Former High Priestess to the Moon turned Sorceress.

Brother: Theldras — Guard of the Council.



In the swirling mists of his eyes, dances the knowledge of a hundred lifetimes
Born in the far northern reaches of Loorien, past the frozen ocean plateau's in a land nicknamed the Isle of Giants. Here the land is forever changed by latent magical energies that have seeped forth from the earth, it bleeds and winds itself into the very fabric of the Isle's existence. Here the creatures and inhabitants grow to unusual sizes, mighty roc's of mythical proportions roost in the tallest peaks while serpentine leviathans lazily meander the depths.

Society is run by mares, who control political, religious and war efforts, while Stallions are often high-ranking war officials, guards, smiths and warriors.

Alune was born to Belysra & Theidan, a former priestess turned sorceress and high guard respectively. He had been chosen from the moment of his conception to be the next Oracle of the Moon Goddess — the first male Oracle the Moon had ever chosen. Her involvement forever shaped and changed his appearance, bestowing upon him an ethereal appearance carried by those who came before, and similar to those who were the Oracles of the other Thalian Gods.

The Oracles were the adopted children of the Divine, mortal beings that spoke on behalf of the Gods. The will of the Gods was wielded by them, and them alone and Alune sat at the head of the pantheon of Oracles. As the White Lady's chosen, for she was the head of the Gods themselves, of the moon and magic, prosperity and shadows — he too wielded her vast tapestry and armory of powers and trinkets. He guided them with a wizened hand for such a young stallion, for every Oracle is born with the teachings and memories of the one that came before.

:: [ Item: Gold Braid | Gold braid with a blue diamond set in gold casing with a swan feather. ]
:: [ Item: Necklace | Silver chain of thorns and leaves with a blue crystal. ]
:: [ Item: Glass Dragon Armor | Defensive. One glass armor set in the appearance of dragon hide and scales. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Heavy but well constructed and good for taking multiple hits. ]
:: [ Item: Pumpkin Vine | A piece of pumpkin vine. ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   7 SPD:   5 AGL:   4 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   1 MG:   0 CP:   0
5 8.5 6 64
Notable Accomplishments

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