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Species: Pegasus Gender: Filly Age: 1 Height: 16.0
Breed: Shagya & Thoroughbred
Gender: filly
Age: 1 year
Species: pegasus
Horn/Wings/etc: her wings are slightly larger than a normal pegasus'. Color wise, her wings are palomino with green feathers at the back of them.
Eyes: light ice blue
Mane: Her mane is long, wavy, and white in color.
Body: a light palomino
Hooves: grey
Markings: a white star on her forehead and green swirl markings coming from her eyes.
Tail: Her tail is long, wavy, and white in color.

Standing at sixteen hands once she’s full grown, Galiel is a very light golden palomino with a white star on her forehead, green on her wings and green swirl markings coming from her eyes. She also has a white mane and tail. Her wings are just slightly larger than your normal everyday Pegasus but this doesn’t faze her development at all. Her legs are slender, but strong. She has a lot of conformation akin to that of a Shagya horse, but she has a thoroughbred head.

Currently Gali is a curious little yearling, but at the same time she is suffering from serious depression brought on by losing her entire family and herd. She is also a little bit of a smart mouth right now, but she will eventually grow out of that. She comes off as shy or as a mute when she first meets strangers right now, but that is also largely part of her depression

Once she gets over her depression, Gali will be more caring and mindful of others. She will also be more open and a social butterfly as time goes on.

FYI. this is subject to change.

All of Galiel's family is from a land very far away and dead, to her knowledge.

Like most who wander into Helovia’s borders, Galiel too has a past that haunts her.

Galiel was the second born, and only daughter, to the leaders of a herd in a land far far away from Helovia. Her parents loved her so much that they would give her anything that she ever wanted or needed. But despite this fact, Galiel did not grow up to be a selfish, pompous, or egotistical girl. Instead, she grew up to be curious, caring, and respectful. Of course it probably helped that the herd’s goal was to provide sanctuary for those that needed it and live a peaceful, laid back lifestyle.

Within her first few months, Gali’s mother brought her out and about to meet the herd members. It was then that met and became infatuated with the dancers of her herd. They were strong, they were graceful, they were smart, and they were warriors. Yes, in her herd their warriors were called dancers and fighting was called dancing. Granted most of the fighting that went on was merely for show or sport.

Galiel’s parents beamed with pride when they learned of their daughter’s interest. To become a dancer was an extremely high honor. Not only was it a high honor, but years before Galiel’s birth a soothsayer prophesized the coming of a great golden warrior who would excel at whatever their heart desired. This warrior was destined to do great things, unimaginable things. Galiel’s parents thought that Gali was more than likely the warrior due to her light golden color and her interest in dancing.

As the months passed, Galiel learned a bit from the dancers and a war amongst her land had broken out. Though the ravages of the war had yet to hit her herd, Galiel would soon learn the price of war. Early one morning, Gali’s mother was acting a bit strange like something bad was about to happen. Then out of the blue, Gali’s mother asked for her to go into the woods and get some apples for a gathering and so Gali did.

Gali travelled for hours to the grove of apple trees, collected the apples and travelled back. Except when she got back the herd was silent. The only sound she could hear was that of burning fire. Panicking she drops all of the apples and stumbles into a warzone.

Everything that Gali knew was gone. Everyone that Gali cared about was strewn across the ground haphazardly, their bodies soiled with blood and soot. Tirelessly Gali searched for her family in hopes that they had somehow survived whatever had happened. But they hadn’t. Mere minutes later for initially entering the herd land, she found her elder brother’s corpse, as well as her father’s. Then a few minutes later she found her mother alone, and yet still alive but barely.

They exchanged their words, and Gali’s mother told her how much she loved her and how she was destined for greatness. Shortly after, Gali’s mother also passed. The next several hours were spent weeping and mourning over her mother’s corpse until Gali had no more tears to cry. It was then that she decided to leave and head eastward in hopes of finding a new home, a new family, a new life. As time passed though, Gali’s hope began to diminish and her sorrow and depression began to change her. More and more Gali sought refuge within her own mind versus talking aloud for others to hear. When she did speak it was often in a very lippy, sarcastic manner, and she never seemed to smile or cry.

Now, Gali finds herself within Helovia and can’t travel any further east so it’s either make home or just continue travel the wilderness of the world until she dies.

She has a necklace that has one of her family's crest symbols which consists of two crescent moons encircling a smaller full moon.

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