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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 15 Height: 16.2
Black, black, black as a starless night in the woods, where no external light can reach it. Only the crescent mark on her rump, as well as the dusky, starry white of her mane and tail, contrast against the black that encompasses the rest of her figure. Even her eyes are black, guarded, inquisitive, but when she is angry, burning with a midnight fire that could quell the most savage of beasts. Thoroughbred and Arabian in build, she is designed for speed and endurance; she stands at 16.2 hands, elegance in every line of her body.

Thanks to an encounter with the Sun God, she has been blessed with dusky gold markings that cover where she was once burned, starting at her hooves and snaking up her belly and flanks. The metallic hairs stain her with a pattern like stardust, nebulae and the night sky radiant across her inky skin.

From the invasion of the Edge, she has earned impressive scars, one across her right breast and the other on the right side of her barrel. They are milky reminders of her loyalty, ugly and obvious and meaningless to a body as mature as hers.

A small purple flower is woven into the mane behind her left ear, a gift from the Moon God. It will live so long as the godess wills it.

Who can define the nature of a moonbeam? She is not easy to touch, to see, to approach. Distant in nature, she is slow to open heart or mind to the penetration of familiarity, let alone affection. Wicked in humor, she leaps forward with sharp barbs when comfortable. Subtlety is in fact silence, a forced separation born from a deep and secret fear that others live in lies, treating her with kindness only out of necessity. Fierce protection is offered to those she loves, fierce defenses offered to the others. Above all, she yearns for knowledge, the moonbeam, seeking answers and then questioning them, questioning everything, questioning until finally she finds something certain - but nothing is certain, so she must keep questioning.

Child of the moon and the desert sands, she rose out of moonlight in the dead of night. But love is thicker than blood, and family is permanent, no matter whose womb one springs from.

Full Lineage

Those Met:

Voraer, The Flame Lord

Anei, The Shadow Mistress

Madyrn and Maskan, The favorite brothers; I fight them with affection, and stand by them through all

Mirage, The beloved sister; I protect her from all evils, and adore her through all odds

GridIron, The foolish stallion. I have no care for you

Rhet, Once bitten, twice shy

Torasin, The charming prince. An innocent young thing, I should like to know him better

Vikram, Love of my family, I will treat you with respect. Hurt her, you die

Atlas, Arrogant child.

Solstice, A spunky warrior.

Smoke and Zaffre, Dignified leader. I would be more familiar with you.

Ascendancy, No opinion formed.

Prometheus and Pyr, A puzzle I desire to crack.

Asur, The wounded soldier. You have broken the shell; you have gained my friendship. Props.

Aurelius, A little gentleman.

Huyana, No opinion formed.

Enapay, No opinion formed

Namid, No opinion formed

Onni, A kind girl

Ink, The intriguing child

Merakerr, Mysterious, my friend

Ophelia, Sweet child, where are you going?

Krishna, An intriguing stallion

Kri, Bold leader, staunch in judgement

History is a story sometimes best left untold. She will tell you an outline, but none yet know the whole tale.

o. Born where the moon never set, she found a mare who recently bore two colts, and was taken in by their family. She stuttered when she learned to talk, which made her more silent than the rambunctious colts.

o. Grew up with her brothers, Madyrn and Maskan, running wild across the Path.

o. Her sister was born, and Rishima found herself adoring the filly, thrilled by the addition to their family.

o. The destruction of the Path forced them to flee, and shortly after Voraer and Anei died, found together in each other's embrace. In this time, she shed her lisp and tried to step into her mother's footsteps, as looking out for their small group.

o. After two years of traveling, the siblings returned to the Path, and found a forest growing where their desert had once been. A stallion named GridIron had claimed leadership of the land: Mirage was appointed Wise one.

o. She captured the affection of GridIron, although the feeling was not returned; indeed, she felt nothing but disdain for the lord. The stallion asked her to be his lady, then vanished, leaving Rishima temporarily holding the title of Lady.

o. Her sister and brothers rediscovered their wanderlust, and she followed them soon after. For a time, she wandered alone, sometimes reconnecting with her siblings and sometimes finding comfort in others. She sought the secrets of the world, and pursued them, and found some. Mostly, she found more questions. Once, she found love... but she has not spoken of that time to any, even her dearest siblings.


o. Arrived in Helovia when the desire to find her siblings grew too strong. She found her sister Mirage in heat, being pursued by the stallions Vikram and Torasin. While the sisters' reunion was joyous, the males did not respond well to her protective streak.

o. The four siblings reunited, and Mirage spoke of her new gathering, the Qian. Rishima and her brothers pledged themselves to their sister's cause.

o. She ventured to the Threshold, where she came across the young stallion Atlas. Solstice, Smoke, and her dragon Zaffre. Atlas' immaturity and arrogance gained dislike from all three mares. It was not long before Madyrn and Maskan arrived, threatening the stallion; Rishima recommended he spend some time as an outcast.

o. Once more in the Threshold, she came across Torasin and the grievously wounded Ascendancy. The two equines led Ascendancy to the Windtossed Foothills, that he might be treated by their medic.

o. Came across Prometheus, the undead unicorn, and his tiger cub Pyr. Mirage arrived as well, and the sisters pondered how one can be both alive and dead simultaneously.

o. Wandered to watch the sun rise from the Heavenly Fields. Here she encountered Asur, wounded warrior, and after some conversation, she came to appreciate his companionship. Asur expressed a desire to see more of Helovia, and Rishima offered to be his guide.

o. She raced Asur to Thistle Meadow, but he did not make the trip. Instead, she found Ink and Onni.

o. Ventured to the Veins of the Gods, where she entreated the Moon God to take her on as a pupil. The Goddess agreed, and instructed Rishima to meet her in the Heavenly Fields two days later.

o. Found Aurelius and Huyana in the Threshold.

o. Followed her siblings to observe the disastrous effects of the Sun God's rage in World's Edge

o. Journeyed to the Heavenly Fields once more, seeking the God of the Moon for her first lesson.

o. Came across the shipwrecked Anzac in Endless Blue, along with the filly Aylin

o. Mirage called a meeting of the Qian in the Deep Forest, where she met other members. Followed her sister to the Veins of the Gods, where they asked the Earth and Moon Gods for help. The Gods gave their followers gifts; Rishima received a storing amulet.

o. Once more found herself in the Threshold, where she met Enapay and Namid. A thunder storm approached, and she suggested they follow her to thistle meadow.

o. Depressed and angry, she ran to the frozen arch and broke down. Mirage and Merakerr found her there.

o. Wandered towards the Deep Forest looking for the source of darkness, where instead, she encountered Ophelia.

o. She found herself in the Threshold, where she met Krishna the Pegasus. Partway into their conversation, Kri arrived.

o. Reunited with Asur in the Foothills. Despite early tensions, they quickly resolved their misunderstandings and a water fight ensued

o. Found a grieving gryphon in Frostbreath Steppe. She offered the gryphon aid, and was given the dying creature's egg to care for.

o. Eager to find food for the soon-to-hatch gryphon, she took her egg to the Windtossed Foothills. Merakerr arrives and helps her hunt.

o. In the Thistle Meadow, she again encountered Ascendancy; now-healed, the stallion conversed with her for a time. o. Found her sister and Couth in the Heart, experimenting with the Moon God's gifts.

o. Kali hatched in the Foothills. The newly bonded pair were soon joined by Merakerr, Mirage, Madyrn, Maskan, and a confused Asur .

o. She came across Torasin telling Query of the wonders of the sun god. She and Solstice both grew enraged by his words, offering him one chance to explain himself.

o. With Mirage, she trekked up to the Heavenly Fields, where they began her quest for darkness. The journey led them across Helovia, all the way to the Endless Blue.

o. Having completed her quest, she returned to the Moon God, where she was given the magic to see into peoples bodies and souls, and Mirage the ability to shapeshift into a dragon.

o. Accompanied her siblings to the Foothills Herd meeting, which she found disorderly and immaturely handled. She left, bringing Ink along with her.

o. Vikram called a meeting of the Qian, which she dutifully attended. Kali grew angry when she saw Torasin.

Played by

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Battle Statistics
STR:   3 SPD:   7 AGL:   4 END:   7
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   2
Notable Accomplishments

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