the Rift

-----EarthxLight | Born with the ability to heal any damaged earth.
-----EarthxWind | Born with the ability to sing earthquakes.

-----Currently seeks and holds no companions.

Items & Artifacts
-----Currently carries an enchanted harp.

And breathed upon the frozen mountains,


Hidden Account

Species: Tribrid Gender: Stallion Age: 3 years Height: 17.2hh

Hototo is born with a mane of nearly white with strands of silver intertwined. His body is a blue tinted shade of brown, with points of blue. Dun markings of shining bronze appear as the dun stripe and zebra markings on his legs, and his hooves also look a metallic bronze. Two ram horns begin to grow from his skull, the color of bronze with silver blue tips. His eyes pay tribute to both his mother and father, with the blood red surrounding his pupil and the green of the earth on the outside of his iris. Hototo is built like that of a heavier set Friesian, with long, featherless legs like that of his mother.

Base Color: Blue Dun
Fringes: White, with silvery blue strands.
Optics: Green, rimmed with crimson.
Stretched: 17.2 HH
Heritage: Friesian cross, imbued with the blood of the Earth God.
Embelishments: Dorsal stripe, banding on limbs.
Weaponry: White, blue-tipped dual horn arrangement, bronze hooves.
Scars: None noted.

Through the winter wandering


Hototo has always been a thinker. Even at an early age, he was more introverted and spent most of his time contemplating why things change. He has oddly struggled with confidence, despite his impressive lineage and affectionate family. As he ages, he will gain more bravery and confidence in himself, but always remain humble and a kind soul. He will push for peace and avoid violence when possible, taking most closely after his father.

To hoar the February born;


Sire: God of the Earth
-----Lineage Unknown
----------Paternal Uncles:
---------------God of the Spark
--------------------Roskuld (x Ophelia)
---------------God of the Sun
--------------------Israfel (x Smoke the WildRose)
----------Paternal Aunts:
---------------Goddess of the Moon
--------------------Mesec (x D'artagnan the Nightshade)
Step-Father: Midas
Dam: Ktulu the Constrictor
-----Paladin the Valiant x Soleil the Virtuous
-----(Riekahn x Tammenia) x (Indy the Righteous x Gossamer the Benevolent)

----------Maternal Uncles:
---------------Great-Uncle Donovan (Riekahn X Vega)
---------------Great-Uncle Crane (Indy x Gossamer)
---------------Vadim (Paladin x Soleil)
---------------Varath (Paladin x Soleil)
---------------Soren (Paladin x Soleil)
---------------Tyradon (Terrador the Earthmover x Soleil)
---------------Cael (Terrador x Soleil)
----------Maternal Aunts:
---------------Great-Aunt Giselle (Riekahn x Bellona)
---------------Great-Aunt Psyche the DarkEmpress (Riekahn x Arduena)
--------------------Snö (x Mauja the Frostheart)
---------------Great-Aunt Enheduanna (Indy x Gossamer)
--------------------Eios (x Vayu)
---------------Ophelia (Paladin x Soleil)
--------------------Roskuld (x God of the Spark)
---------------Rain (Paladin x Valhalla)
-----Ranjiri (Midas x Ktulu the Constrictor)
-----Cera (Adopted by Midas)

And bade the frozen streams be free,


Born to Ktulu of the Dragon's Throat.
Meets Ophelia near the Oasis.
Travels with Ktulu to deliver a silver Dragon Egg to Ophelia.
Meets Cirrus and Azulee in the Throat.
Meets Lace in the Heart.
Leaves the Dragon's Throat.
Travels with Ktulu and encounters Abyss.
Meets Shatter and Trojan in the Threshold with Ktulu.
Defends Ktulu's honor from Djinn.
Meets Midas for the first time.
Learns how to fly with Cera and Midas.
Travels to the Edge and meets Israfel, along with Rishima and Lace.
Moves into the Foothills after the invasion.
Goes to the beach with Ktulu, where Midas, Cera, and a few others arrive.
Meets Faelene and Raeden in the Fields.
Meets Midas again in the Meadow.
Meets Vadim in the Foothills.
Wanders to the Throat and meets Aiko Darleane and Azulee again.
Finds out Ktulu is pregnant with his new sister.
Attends the birth of his cousin Roskuld.
Meets the God of the Earth in the Heavenly Fields.
Attends the herd meeting and discovers the Grey are mercenaries.
Runs toward the Fields looking for the Earth God, finds Yseulte.
The Endless Night begins, calls for Ktulu and leaves the Foothills.

I kiss'd the forehead of the Earth


Qoutes on this profile from Percy Bysshe Shelley's The Invitation.

Those Met

-----COTM August, 2013
-----COTY 2013 Most Handsome Colt
-----COTY 2013 Most Shy
-----COTM 2013 Most Likely to be Healer

Genuine Bushman,
Creepin' like Steve Irwin,
Mackin' on them green gals
'Cus them fillies scare him
Ho-to-to: Son of the Earth
Reppin' the bling and the boughs since birth,
Boss of the quakin',
Got that earth shakin'
Vocals like the butta on the muffins sittin' bakin'
In the oven

-- Smithers

Stew'd flowers upon the barren way

Played by

Boom Boom
-----Onni the Illuminant, Osiris, Sage

Like one on whom thou smilest dear.

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
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OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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