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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 6 :: Ages in Orangemoon Height: 15.2
Anzanie is truly the creature of a dynastic line, the pure royal blood of the horned creatures a blessing on the small figure of this dame. Her ivory pelt is splashed with paint specks of mahogany that would have hidden her well in the tropics and deserts of Irrespitine, but simply emphasise her beauty in the new world. Her locks fall down gracefully and in waves of ivory and mahogany to match the pelt she wears with unconscious pride and contentedness. Her orbs are strikingly pale, almost glowing without the need for light to shine upon them. They really are the window to the soul for this dame, showing the gentle nature of a sheltered life. Her horn sprouts from 3 crests deep within her cranium that spiral into one, a silver piece with splendid green jewels from the base. All along her body she bears the craftsman work that comes from a royal family, fixed and molded into her bodice as a full-scale tattoo of the power she used to hold. Now, they are simply decoration that add an exotic twist to the dame.

Anzanie is a quaint creature in mind and soul. What her personality reflects is the beauty of her bodice. Her heart has been brought up kindly and gently by her family and the gods that protected her in Irrespitine. The painted dame has a gentle soul and weakens in the face of negativity. She has rarely lost her temper, nor has she been involved in confrontation. The shelter of the secluded world of her former life has wrapped her in cotton wool to the dangers and misery that the new world awaits for her, and to see if she may strengthen in this world is to be seen.Kindness, love and compassion are the things Anzanie stands for, although her willpower to fight for them would be one to contest. The dame has no real desire to fight, the act actually disgusting her.

  • Sire: Draegos
  • Dam: Irvinie
  • Siblings: 3 siblings, unknown Ancestor of ancient King, Dragos - all powerful, conqueror of the neighbouring kingdom, Aspultina.

    Daughter: Viserra - Anzanie x Misael

  • History
    Anzanie has stumbled upon this new world from the splendour of another. Having grown up in the secluded, exotic far lands of Irrespitine she knew nothing of the outside world. She came from a prestigious family of monarchical descent, hence the jewellery that adorns her coat. What makes Anzanie particularly special is she is the direct descendant of the ancient King of Irrespitine: Dragos. One particular evening, Anzanie had been strolling along the cliffs of the beautiful lands until the demon god of Irrespitine threw her down into the sands below, only to be carried away by the waves. The demon god had been jealous of the power the horned equines had over the land underneath him, particularly of the family Anzanie belonged to. It was a miracle that she survived, having been protected by the gods that she knew and worshipped from birth. They carried her along the waves, her bodice unharmed from the sudden experience of the curse. Having no power to physically drag the dame back to her homeland, the gods had no choice but to let her float into lands unknown...


    Orangemoon - Year Five
  • Gods Help Me Arrives in Helovia. Meets Ráeru and Elsa.

    Frostfall - Year Six
  • Look What I Have! Follows Elsa into the World's Edge to become part of the herd. Now cannot decide whether to follow the path of craftsman.
  • Come As You Are Meets Reginald in the Deep Forest who terrifies her.
  • Let the Fire Rain Meets Misael - a spark.

    Birdsong - Year Six
  • (Almost) Spring Cleaning Finds Tembovu and Alysanne at the glass wall in the World's Edge, helps clean up
  • Eye Spy With my Little Eye Involves herself in the meeting called by Ophelia

    Tallsun - Year Six

  • No Pity Here Meets Tembovu, Nuray and Ruairi. Tembovu is crafting yellow glass beads
  • Spikes Don't Build Themselves Helps Tembovu with raising the glass Spikes for the Wall, with Erthë
  • What is This Place? Wants to recruit Calaerien alongside Erthë
  • Fish Out of Water Crafting glass fangs for Nyx
  • Treat Yourself Crafting a glass chain for Tembovu and a personal item for herself

    Orangemoon - Year Six

  • Change is the Law of Life Meeting held by Tembovu, new king of the Edge.
  • Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My Finds Tembovu with filly Hera. Anzanie is asked to be nurse to Hera.
  • Consequences The birth of daughter, Viserra to Misael.

    Frostfall - Year Seven

  • Just Do It Anzanie finds Elsa in need of crafting items.
  • Mirror Mirror Elsa asks Anzanie to craft items for the Edge (continued).
  • For The Sun Loved The Moon The Dragon's Throat sends representatives to the Edge, Anzanie is asked to craft mirrors for them.

  • Grab The Windex! Travels with Cera to the Throat, crafts the windows for the church. Misael crashes the party.

    Birdsong - Year Seven

  • Frozen in Motion Deimos and Johnny come to the Edge.
  • Coming Home Crafting thread for Rohan.
  • Rise on Glass Thrones Mass crafting with Tembovu and Glasgow.

  • Other
  • Misael

  • Viserra (daughter)

  • Elsa
  • Tembovu

  • Ráeru
  • Alysanne
  • Reginald
  • Hera
  • Cera
  • Ampere
  • Maren

  • Played by
    Played by Danjah.

    Other characters:
  • Abaddon
  • Karalius
  • Lotherarius
  • Ming Yue

  • Assets
    :: [ Item: Glass Crown | Small glass crown that sits around base of horn. ]
    :: [ Moon Amulet ] 
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