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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 4 (ages in Orangemoon) Height: 16.0 hh

Själ has a medium build, part Warmblood and part draft. Her barrel is wide and her legs strong, but she still moves with the grace of her mother's warmblood lineage. Wide-set eyes are set in a straight, slightly refined visage and framed by a long, thick forelock that matches the texture of her mane. She has two horns, the longer of which is centered perfectly in the middle of her forehead and the shorter of which sits directly beneath the first. The top horn is of an average length for a unicorn and the bottom is only about six inches long. Her hooves are covered by light feathering, another nod to a draft line somewhere in her lineage.

Her pelt is true black, marked with four perfectly aligned white socks. White spots speckle her topline, almost reminiscent of little snowflakes raining down from above only to disappear as they creep halfway down her bodice. Her face is white and her eyes golden, giving her the appearance of being perpetually masked. Her mane and tail are black to match her pelt, as are her hooves, and her horns extend straight out from her forehead in a spiral and have the appearance of glass.


proud - distant - antisocial - naive

Being raised from birth to believe in her own self-worth, Själ tends to have an icy, withdrawn demeanor, as though she cannot be bothered to give anyone else the time of day. Unlike her mother, this aloofness is not restricted to any species, but is given to all equines, unicorns, and pegasi who stand in her way. Until her appearance in Helovia, she had only her mother for company, the dying Empress driven half-mad by broken dreams and empty promises. The teachings of her mother are all that Själ knows, and this is the basis of her personality.

As such, Själ instinctively keeps her distance, refusing to trust any who might divert her from her mission. She will, however, be loyal to the death to any who earn their place by her side. She views herself as a natural-born leader, having been told that she is a princess over and over since birth, but her actual abilities are quite inferior to this high notion. She is not well-socialized and, as such, has no idea how to interact with anyone. She tends to be rather prickly and standoffish, preferring to stay on her own for fear of rejection (not that she would admit that). Instead, she tells herself and others that she simply prefers to be alone. This isn't really a lie, but it certainly isn't the whole truth, either.

She is afraid. She is afraid all the time. Her mother placed the burden of royalty on her, but left her nothing with which to back it up. She is afraid to fail her mother, who, despite her faults, did show her unwavering love and devotion. She is afraid that she will never find the answers to who she is and where she came from, nor will she ever find the truth about who her mother was and how she came to be the way she was at the end. She is afraid that she will never be accepted for who she is - and even more so, she is afraid that she will never find out who that is. She feels destined to live in her mother's shadow or be bound to what her mother wanted for her, so she shrinks down inside herself and turns everyone away for fear that she will let them down, too.


Unknown | male | unicorn | unknown | unknown | unknown
Psyche | female | unicorn | black | amber eyes | deceased

Snö | f. Mauja x Psyche | unicorn | chestnut varnish roan | blue eyes | living

Maternal Grandparents
Riekahn | male | unicorn | unknown
Arduenna | female | unicorn | deceased

Aunts and Uncles
Donovan | m. Riekahn x Vega | unicorn | black | grey eyes | deceased
Gabor | m. Alder x Arduenna | unicorn | dark grey | amber eyes | living
Giselle | f. Riekahn x Bellona | unicorn | grullo | white eyes | living
Paladin | m. Riekahn x Tammenia | unicorn | black | red eyes | deceased
Among others.

Ktulu | f. Paladin x Soleil | uniquine | black dun | red eyes | living
Ophelia | f. Paladin x Soleil | uniquine | white | red and blue eyes | living
Rain | f. Paladin x Valhalla | unipeg | silver dun | red eyes | living
Soren | m. Paladin x Soleil | uniquine | dappled grey dun | light blue eyes | living
Varath | m. Paladin x Soleil | uniquine | dappled grey | red and silver eyes | living
Vadim | m. Paladin x Soleil | uniquine | silver grulla | blue eyes | living

Extended Family
Hototo | m. God of the Earth x Ktulu | unipeg | blue-tinted dun | green and red eyes | deceased
Roskuld | f. God of the Spark x Ophelia | unipeg | black | brown and blue eyes | living


Before Helovia

Själ was born outside of Helovia to Psyche the DarkEmpress, in one of her many bouts beyond the borders in the madness that seized her in her last years. Her father was and remains an unknown figure, one of the many mysteries of her mother's past that she longs to find an answer for. However, the Empress told no one of her pregnancy, so it is highly unlikely that Själ's father even knows that she exists.

In any case, the filly was raised solely by her mother, and prior to arriving in Helovia had never met another soul. Her mother had left several months prior, right after Själ had been weaned. She had not told her daughter of her business in Helovia, but she had told the filly where to go if she did not return. When several moons had passed and still Psyche did not come back, the young filly decided that it was time for her to find her missing mother and made for the borders.

Helovia :: Year Five


Själ first arrived in Helovia only to be greeted by her half-sister, Snö. Their chance meeting was not a pleasant one, and Själ continued into the depths of Helovia despite the older mare's warnings. She happened upon the pegasus colt Zèklè, who managed to melt her icy walls and make himself a special place in her heart. Själ met Glacia around this time, though the unicorn did not make as lasting an impression.


Själ wandered until she came upon the Aurora Basin, where Erebos greeted her at the gates. It wasn't long after she had declined his invitation to stay that she found an egg in need of help and rescued it. Suddenly in need of a safe place for her new friend, Själ returned to the Aurora Basin in the midst of a blizzard, where she witnessed Ashamin's companion hatch and heard some stories from Helovian history.

Helovia :: Year Six


Själ met up with Zèklè once more, just in time for her egg to hatch. Soon after, she and her new griffin companion, Ansgar, left Helovia, no longer convinced that it held the answers that the girl sought so desperately.

Birdsong and Tallsun

Själ wandered the lands outside of Helovia, only to find herself drawn back by the prospect of a permanent home.


Själ returned to Helovia and found herself at the Blood Falls with a young filly named Tae. The two were not particularly friendly, but they did not part ways as enemies. Still searching for something, Själ went next to the Green Labyrinth, where she met Hearth. She was beginning to question her entitlement, and she no longer knew if she wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps. It wasn't until being reunited with Zèklè that she became truly lost in her intentions.

Helovia :: Year Seven


Zèklè had invited her to join him in the Dragon's Throat, a prospect that thrilled the young filly. She had developed a bit of a crush on him, and she made plans to meet up with him in order to follow him home. He disappeared, leaving Själ bitterly disappointed and distraught. She met several others in her subsequent wanderings, including Rikyn and Kalona, but it wasn't until she found Nymeria that Själ's loneliness eased. The wolf-mare quickly became Själ's closest friend and confidante. It was shortly after their first meeting that Nymeria came to Själ after having been assaulted by a stallion, leaving the princess furious.

Själ found Erebos again not long after, and the prince of the Aurora Basin convinced her to come back with him one more time. She agreed, and they travelled to the northern herdland, where Själ explored her mother's past. Later, Rikyn hosted a meeting of thieves and spies, and the Order of Robyn was formed. Själ could not shake her memory of Nymeria's pain after her assault, and she decided that she needed to be stronger, to know how to fight. Thus, she found herself sparring with a total stranger, a battle that she (won/lost). She was surprised to find that the sight and smell of blood was intoxicating, and she decided that she would continue training to hone her skills.



Ansgar | f. peregrine falcon x serval | plain griffin | draining clutch | 8 mo.
A body of golden brown covered with dark spots meant to camoflauge; a long tail for balance; long claws for battle; golden brown wings, four foot in span, cream colored underneath to match a cream colored belly; predator's eyes, honey colored; a sharp, hooked beak.

:: [ Item: Enchanted dagger ("Kejsardöme") | Offensive. Made from the remnants of Psyche the DarkEmpress's horn; when its wielder says "döda," it will tirelessly attempt to stab its wielder's target. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can only attack one target at a time; the target must be in its wielder's line of sight and the wielder must maintain focus on the target. ]
:: [ Item: Throwing Knives | Offensive. A set of three small steel throwing knives with black leather-wrapped hilts. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Require aim. ]
:: [ Item: Armor | Defensive. A black leather breastplate with a large, built-in dagger sheath on the right shoulder and three small, built in throwing knife sheaths on the right shoulder. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Provides some protection ]
:: [ Item: Armor | Defensive. Four black leather leg guards. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Offers some protection, light weight. ]
:: [ Item: Armor | Defensive. Black leather face plate. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Offers some protection, light weight. ]
:: [ Item: Cloak | Defensive. A lightweight black cloak with two small silver clasps. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Offers limited protection ]
:: [ Companion: Griffin | Mythical, plain | Draining Clutch | 3 yrs 8 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   6 AGL:   5 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   2.0
5.0 8.5 5.0 62
Notable Accomplishments

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