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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 7 (Tallsun) Height: 15.1

Gender: Mare
Age: Five - ages in Tallsun
Species: Marwari
Horn/Wings/etc: Wears gold headpiece made of engraved gold disks of varying sizes.
Eyes: Hazel
Mane: Flaxen; long, silky.
Body: Liver Chestnut with Birdcatcher spots
Hooves: Three light, right fore is dark with gold tattoo.
Markings: White coronet band on left front. White stockings on both hinds. Gold tattoo on right foreleg and hoof.
Tail: Flaxen; long, silky (just brushes ground, not overly thick)

Official Reference

Najya is a small, lithe Marwari mare. She has the typical light-boned build of a desert breed and the stamina to match. The flaxen trait was inherited from her mother. Najya's coat appears a rich chocolate brown and flecked with birdcatcher spots. She has a gold tattoo on her foreleg; the marking on her hoof is a marking unique to her family line and the marking higher on her leg is unique to her herd of origin.

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Najya is a quick witted, intellectual creature. She has a great thirst for knowledge. She is selfless and often puts others before thinking of herself. She sees promises as binding it will take a lot for her to break a promise. She is extremely loyal and is often to-the-point in terms of conversation. Honesty is something of great importance to her both personally and it is often an expectation she has of others. She is kindhearted and has little taste for violence, for she has seen firsthand what it is capable of.

Najya translates into "free" or "liberated."


Father - Isam - Blood Bay Marwari Stallion with birdcatcher spots - 16hh - name means "safeguard"
Mother- Ayeh - Flaxen Chestnut Marwari Mare - 15hh - name means "sign of god"
Sister - Layali - Black Marwari Mare - 14.3 hh - name means "night"
* no family present in Helovia

Friends & Close Relations
Shahan - Dapple Grey Marwari Stallion - 16.2hh - name means "king of kings"
--- Najya served as his queen consort for just under a year prior to coming to Helovia


Najya was born in a desert kingdom far from this one. The kingdom was made of of scattered herds all ruled over by one. Najya's family was from one of the more distant herds, but they enjoyed noble status within their herd. Her father was a respected guardian and her mother was the priestess of the herd. Najya was the firstborn of her family, with one sister two years her junior.

They were ruled by a young king, Shahan, who was known to be brash and impulsive. His consorts were seen as disposable and when he grew tired of them, or questioned their faithfulness to him, he simply disposed of them. For this reason, he was feared by many families in the region. All of them feared that their daughters were next to meet their end at the hands of a king that no one could understand.

Najya was not one consumed by vanity, nor was she put off by the fears of when the rogue king would return to the village looking for his next mate. Instead of spending days with others her own age, she spent the majority of her time with the elders of her herd - soaking up the legends and the stories that had been passed down from generation to generation. She had a great thirst for knowledge and for stories. She memorized the poems and the songs of her people; committed the names of heroes and their triumphs to memory. Every day was a new adventure for Najya.

The days passed slowly and all too quickly all at once. And it wasn't long before Shahan's search for a worthy mate brought him to the distant herd that lived at the very edge of the desert. And when he walked amongst the people seeking his next consort, Najya surprised everyone...and volunteered for the honor.

Najya bid goodbye to her family, uncertain if she would ever see them again. But she was strong in the face of the decision she had made, and she had the support of her family. She had always been a free spirit. That's what Najya means - "free."

She was taken back to Shahan's herdland at the base of the mountains - far from her family and all that was familiar. She could feel his eyes on her but she did not falter. She was offered jewels and fine things, but selected only the simplest of what was offered. The longest that any of Shahan's consorts had lasted was a matter of days. How could she change her own fate? How could she change a king that no one could understand?

The answer was simple - she wouldn't. She would simply remain true to herself and trust that it would be enough. So when night fell, and the king came to her for the first time since she had stepped from the crowd and pledged herself to him, she offered him a piece of herself - a story.

She spent most of the night talking until sleep claimed them both; and when they awoke in the morning Shahan made her promise to pick up the story where they had left off when he returned to her that night.

And so it continued, night after night. Najya regaled Shahan with the stories and legends of her people (his people, too), and he spared her. And slowly - a friendship began to build. They were not lovers, but they understood eachother and grew very close. Grew to love eachother in their own way. And slowly the rumors of Shahan's brutality died away.

But the calm was not meant to be.

A neighboring kingdom invaded with an overwhelming force, and when it was clear that all would be lost Shahan spared Najya's life one last time - he encouraged her to flee across the desert to safety. The kingdoms across the sea of fire had to have more to offer than the certainty of death here.

So with a heavy heart and wearing the first gift he had ever bestowed upon her - that simple golden headpiece - Najya respected Shahan's last gift and fled. Leaving all she knew and held dear behind her, but hopeful for all that a new future could bring.

**She's inspired by Scheherazade of One Thousand and One Nights if anything sounds vaguely familiar!



A'mal is a white dragon with golden-dipped horns and 3 gold freckles on her right cheek. She's relatively light boned, as dragons go, maxing out at 15 pounds. She has a long, delicate neck with minimal horns and spines. A'mal has claws somewhat reminiscent of hands with very sharp claws on the points of her fingers. She's somewhat more outgoing than her bonded, always curious about the world around her and is quick to investigate. She's kind and trusting of others, with a mischievous streak in her.

Played by

Played by Kiki.

:: [ Magic: Light | creates a bright shield of light ]
:: [ Restrictions | extends 10m radius from body ]
:: [ Magic: LightxTime (U) | Able to create scenes and figures made entirely of light and sound in order to physically project stories ]
:: [ Restrictions | Lasts 1 minute in battle ]
:: [ Item: Circlet | Engraved gold circles connected to form a small circlet; wraps around ears to hold in place atop head. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Non-magical item; no use in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Sword | Offensive. (U) (SWP) Wolf God rib sword from the Green Labyrinth that is tinged with purple poison and produces a shadowy effect ]
:: [ Restrictions | Poison effects last for 30 seconds ]
:: [ Item: Dragon's Throat Key | A small, metal charm allowing access to the bridge to the Dragon's Throat. ]
:: [ Item: Sheath | Leather sheath with gold buckles and tassels that attaches around barrel. ]
:: [ Item: Dirty hair | Dirty strands of hair in a braid. ]
:: [ Companion: White Dragon | Mythical, plain | Shock Breath | 4 yrs 3 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   3 SPD:   4 AGL:   5 END:   9
OI:   1 DI:   0 MG:   1.5 CP:   2
7 10 4 67.5
Notable Accomplishments

- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant

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