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World's Edge Sleuth

Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 3 :: Tallsun Height: 16.1

BREED :: Thoroughbred x Warmblood mix; a pretty mix of Thoroughbred and Warmblood traits. Will likely be a leggy youth but will even out with age. Slender and sporty.
COLOR :: Bay Tobiano
MARKINGS :: Irregular snip
EYES :: Teal with pupils
WINGS :: Brown with creamy undersides. Large and feathered.
MANE & TAIL :: Moderate length. Mane is mostly white with a deep auburn, almost black, forelock. Tail is a deep auburn, almost black.
HOOVES :: Standard, striped
BIRTHDAY :: Tallsun; born year five
SCARS :: Small, scattered scars on her left side just in front of her hip from the Rift Crocodile God's tail. Burn scars on her back legs up to her hocks from the Rift Tiger God's tar.
OTHER DETAILS :: Passionflowers can be used to cure anxiety. Birth Stats

Personality & Headcannons

*She naps more than she sleeps, waking frequently to wander.
*Has an impeccable sense of direction and has a detailed map of Helovia in her brain (at least as much as she has personally explored; she is actively seeking to expand on her map).
*Her memory is quite strong, so she doesn't often forget names/faces though some of the more personal details are likely to be forgotten unless it is something that has made a big impression on her.
*She is a quick learner and tends to be quite observant.
*It doesn't take much for her to become possessive of those she cares about and as such has a fairly strong jealous streak over any perceived threat (real or imagined).

Naerys was born in the World's Edge during the heat of Tallsun, but her birth wasn't an easy one. Her life had been delayed - her first breath almost didn't come and the panic surrounding her parents couldn't have been more tangible. Just as all hope seemed to be lost, the filly breathed but somehow everything still fell apart. Miykael and Alysanne did what they could to put on a smile and hold things together for Naerys - they even partnered up for the Earth God's Ark but after the flood, the two began to drift apart.

Tallsun into Frostfall, the first several months of her life, were fraught with chaos. (IN PROGRESS)



*Nathanael [Miykael x Azura] - m - twin to Barakiel
*Barakiel [Miykael x Azura] - f - twin to Nathanael
*Artorius [Aleksandr x Alysanne] - m
*Elias [Adopted by Alysanne] - m
*Vanity [Adopted by Alysanne] - f
*Merialeth [Miykael x December] - f
*Fenyx [Miykael x December] - f - twin to Vynter
*Vynter [Miykael x December] - m - twin to Fenyx

*Romulus [Mephistopheles x Iona] - m - twin to Remus
*Remus [Mephistopheles x Iona] - m - twin to Romulus

*Iona [Tauron x Skye] - f - twin to Alysanne
*Corso [Zephan x Marlena] - m
*Pascal [Kastiel x Alona] - m - twin to Katya
*Katya [Kastiel x Alona] - f - twin to Pascal
*Shaar [Kastiel x Allore] - m
*Deryk [Kastiel x Analeigh] - m
*Liliandra [Kastiel x Alona] - f
*Malaika [Kastiel x Marlena] - f - twin to Kasimira
*Kasimira [Kastiel x Marlena] - f - twin to Malaika
*Vastra [Kastiel x Nazaire] - f

ADOPTED FAMILY: unofficial; only how she views them
*Rift - m - older brother
*Mauja - m - mentor/father figure/exploring buddy
MATE: None, too young


NAME: Petyr the Sly
SPECIES: Bornean Green Magpie
ABILITIES: Usual bird abilities of flying, scratching, and pecking/biting.
HATCHED: August 16, 2015
SIZE & BUILD: Approximately 12 inches in length (tip of bill to tip of tail feathers) and a 30 inch wingspan with a weight of 125 grams, when full grown. His species is in the crow family and has a similar build.
COLOR: Vibrant green is the most dominant color overall. The top of his head has a slight yellow tinge to it and the green blends into a teal, starting around the midsection. Pale, bluish-white eyes are rimmed with red and a black mask extends from the bill base to the nape. Primary and flight feathers are a reddish chestnut; tertials are pale green with black tips. His tail starts a light green and blends into a darker green, with black and pale green tips. His bill, legs and feet are a vibrant orange-red. (in short, refer to this image)
PERSONALITY: Cunning, intelligent, resourceful. Likes shiny things and has a tendency to be quite slippery.
TYPICAL DIET: Snails, insects and their larvae, small frogs, lizards, snakes, birds’ eggs and nestlings, some fruits and carrion.

Magic & Items
:: [Magic: Earth | Can transform into a black Siberian Cat.]
:: [Restrictions | Immobilized for 10 sec, can only transform once during battle.]


:: [Earth | Purple and white passionflowers grow where hooves touch.]
:: [Restrictions | Of no use in battle.]

None acquired.

:: [ Item: Dagger ("Isabela") | Offensive. A medium dual-bladed, ornate steel dagger with a grey leather grip. ] Design Inspiration


Accomplishments & Awards
FEBRUARY 2016: between love & lust, i never know which to trust, in the Deep Forest.
JULY 2016: big ideas have small beginnings, in the World's Edge.



Avatar :: Araxel at Deviantart
Profile Picture 1 :: Bird at Deviantart
Profile Picture 2 :: Credit to Sarah <3
Profile Picture 3 :: Credit to Tier
Profile Picture 4 :: Credit to Nickel
Profile Picture 5 :: Credit to M.E. Smithers

Face Claim :: Emma Stone [one & two]

Played by
See below!

:: [ Magic: Earth | Can transform into a black Siberian Cat. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Immobilized for 10 sec. ]
:: [ Magic: Earth (P) | Purple and white passionflowers grow where hooves touch ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [ Item: Dagger ("Isabela") | Offensive. A medium dual-bladed, ornate steel dagger with a grey leather grip. ]
:: [ Item: Leather Dagger Sheath | A small, black leather sheath. ]
:: [ Item: Bone | Small sesamoid bone. ]
:: [ Item: Armor | Defensive. Black leather armor, reinforced with thin black metal plates. ]
:: [ Item: Face Plate | Defensive. Black leather face plate, reinforced with thin black metal plates. ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry | Nightingale necklace; circular pendant with an embossed bird beneath a round black opal stone. ]
:: [ Companion: Bornean Green Magpie | Ashen | 4 yrs 6 mos ]
:: [ Earth Amulet ]  :: [ Earth Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   3 SPD:   7 AGL:   5 END:   6
OI:   1 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   1
7 10 4 65.5
Notable Accomplishments

- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant
- February 2015 || The Literal Ship Plot Participant

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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02-13-2015 by Varath

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