the Rift

:: [Magic: Shock (P) | During stormy weather, his lightning markings flash with bright white light in time with thunder that occurs in the sky]
:: [Restrictions | of no use in battle]

:: [EarthxFire (A) :: can cause the earth around him to combust and catch fire with a stomp, burning those in the area] :: [Restrictions :: fire only lasts 10 seconds and only reaches a 5m radius]



Absent Abyss


Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 2 Years :: Birdsong Height: 16.3

Breed: Mustang Mutt x Hanoverian
Gender: Stallion
Age: 2 (birdsong year 5 [jan 15])
Race: Pegasus
Horn: None
Eyes: Blue
Mane: Shoulder Length, Dark Cobalt Blue (almost black)
Body: Blue Seal Dun
Build: Well rounded medium-sized mix of both parents, who will grow up to be average in most aspects (speed, agility, strength, endurance) but will not particularly excel in any of them.
Hooves: Solid, Black w. slight blue sheen
Markings: Orange lightening bolt under left eye and down left side of neck. Wings start off as the blue that shades the rest of his body but end in a deep maroon and orange bands.
Tail: Ankle length, dark cobalt blue (almost black)

The Basics:
- Family Oriented
- Protective
- Dare-Devil
- Brave
- Competitive
- Cocky
- "Ladies Man"
- Silver Tongued
- Doesn't think before doing or saying
- Trouble Maker

- Storms
- Wide Open Spaces
- Nighttime
- Mares
- Competing
- Winning

- Snow
- Tight Spaces
- Cold
- Losing
- Standing Still

Mother: Ampere
Father: Gaucho
Sisters: Zenobia (Gaucho x Sohalia), Aithniel (Sun God x Ampere), Aelin (Gaucho x Sohalia), Grusha (Gaucho x Ampere) , Tae (Gaucho x Ampere)
Brothers: Zèklè (Gaucho x Ampere [twin]), Rhoa (Gaucho x Sohalia), Ivhezo (Gaucho x Sohalia), Hawke (Gaucho x Sohalia)
Adoptive Mother: Alija
Adoptive Father: Bucephalus
Adoptive Sisters: Tempe (Bucephalus x Arvkal)
Adoptive Brothers: Aakesh (Bucephalus x Alija), Breccan (Bucephalus x Arvkal), Levex (Note x Birsa), Aeolus (Note x Birsa)

Grandmother: Eltrask [maternal side], Vorsaska [paternal side]
GreatGrandmother: Naryl [maternal(paternal) side], Asit [maternal(maternal) side]
Grandfather: Voltaic [maternal side], Lir [paternal side]
GreatGrandfather: Azureus [maternal(paternal) side], Enkar [maternal(maternal) side]
Aunts: Tares [VoltaicxIris]
Cousins: Adoxa [TaresxAure(male/maternal)], Alisier [TaresxAure(male/maternal)]
Second Cousins: Cirrus [AzzuenxCassiopiea(maternal)], Azulee [AzzuenxCassiopiea(maternal)]
Nieces: --
Nephews: --

Mate: --
Sons: --
Daughters: Sansa (x Merida)
Adoptive Sons: --
Adoptive Daughters: --
Grandsons: --
Granddaughters: --

Born to Ampere (x Gaucho) in Bridsong Year 5 (jan 15) along with my twin brother Zekle (Zero). When I was laid a monster swooped in and took my egg away from my mother, Alija rescued me and raised me alongside her own children with the help of Bucephalus. Being as I wasn't born, I have no memory of Ampere or Gaucho and believe that my birth parents are Alija and Bucephalus.

Played by
Played By:Semper

:: [ Magic: EarthxFire | Can cause the earth around him to combust and catch fire with a stomp, burning those in the area ]
:: [ Restrictions | Fire only lasts 10 seconds and only reaches a 5m radius ]
:: [ Magic: Spark (P) | During stormy weather, his lightning markings flash with bright white light in time with thunder that occurs in the sky ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [ Item: Sheath | A small, adjustable band that wraps around the foreleg and has a slot to hold a dagger. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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