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Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 6 || Tallsun Height: 16.1
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NAME: Bucephalus The Morningstar
NICKNAMES: Buce, 'Pebbles'
AGE: 5 years, Tallsun birthday
GENDER: Stallion
MANE/TAIL: Thick and wavy, his mane is tangled and knarled and stretches down to his chest. When combed it stretches down even further, halfway between his chest and his knees. His tail is long and full, kept fully groomed and it stretches down to his hocks. Both his mane and tail are black, with the mane having a thick white streak in the middle, and his forelock is white. Tail has a white tip.
EYES: Vivid gold
WINGS: Solid black in color, gold spots fleck the outer arch of his wings. The tip of his primaries are dipped gold and have golden flecks across the primaries.
HEIGHT: 16.1hh
MARKINGS: The most noticable and defining marking of Bucephalus is the splattering of gold birdcatcher spots that curl down his sides from his left face, down his neck, across his shoulder and over his lower back to gather in a clump around his rump. He has three white socks, and his right foreleg has a long white stocking.
BUILD: Adding

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
OCCUPATION: Dragon's Throat Artisan
CURRENT RESIDENCE: The Dragon's Throat

PARENTS: Cassilus(deceased, sire) & Demara(deceased, dam)
SIBLINGS: Telesaan, Leyanna
OFFSPRING: Breccan(M), Tempe(F), Aakesh(M), Hertz(M, adopted)
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Bucephalus(Pure/Altan): Proud, vain yet honest, he is unafraid to speak his mind and challenge the opinions of others. For those he cares for he would fight until he can no longer move, and has a mind far keener than he lets on, even though most consider him clever or silver-tongued already. He has a loyalty streak a mile long, and often has a wit and humor bright enough to make even the grumpiest of horses crack a smile... or piss them off.

Bucephalus(Dark): Cruel, vindictive and arrogant, he lashes out at the slightest provocation, his barbed tongue able to sever bonds he had formed with a handful of words. He takes delight in the tears and anger of others, and in the despair it causes Altan. He is as cunning as he is cruel, and can disguise himself as Altan with ease, waiting until the perfect opportunity to destroy everything his other half worked for. Nothing he says or does can be trusted when He is in control, even though you will never know the serpent's bite until the venom tears you apart.

The Truth: Altan is Bucephalus, and vice versa. Within his soul he is cunning, manipulative and gentle, equally capable of great violence and great kindness. He has little morals, his loyalty once earned remaining for a lifetime until something undeniably powerful shatters the bond, and he would use any means at his disposal to protect those he cares for; murder or persuasion, whichever is the quickest and most efficient route. He can be the jester or the assassin, and meeting with him is like walking on the thin blade of a knife and praying you fall upon the gentler side of the Morningstar.
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What History He Tells
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What Truly Happened
Born in the land of Sehrau, a desert region filled with magic that was audible as song. The first born of Cassilus and Demara, the young black held the hopes of ancestors past, the heir to the ancient royal lineage that traced back to the very first Sehrau pegasus. As with all those of the lineage he held a natural affinity for manipulating what was known as the Sacre, or the 'music' that filled all things. For the first year of his life the boy was carefree, a trickster with humor gentle and playful, bringing smiles and amused shakes of heads from those 'victim' to his antics.

And then the twins were born. The girl, Leyanna, was strong, yet the boy Telesaan was weak, barely able to stand. Altan and Telesaan bonded quickly, the two glued to each other's side, their matching coats, voices and mannerisms quickly becoming a running joke among many that they were twins and Leyanna was the Firstborn. Joking aside the brothers were inseparable, the pair getting into all sorts of mischief, with Altan more often than not taking the blame upon himself. It was Altan that taught Telesaan to fly despite many healers saying he would never take wing, and it was Altan who stood by his brother's side whenever the winter would bring on bouts of sickness within the weaker colt.

By Altan's second year the pair had grown strong together
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NAME: Tribs
CHARACTERS: Cetan, Kvothe, Rue, Breccan and Hawke
CONTACT: PM, preferabbly to whatever account said PM is focusing on.
TIME ZONE: Central(US/Canada)


:: [ Item: Satchel | A single leather 'backpack' of sorts. The straps stretch down around his barrel and split in a Y shape across his chest. ]
:: [ Item: Dagger | A small bone dagger with a black wood hilt. The blade is dyed black as well. ]
:: [ Item: Sheath | A small, adjustable dagger sheath that straps around his foreleg. ]
:: [ Item: Necklace | A multi-faceted yellow topaz necklace with black leather. ]
:: [ Item: Armor | A large shard of topaz wrapped in a silver wire pendant which expands to become his armor at his will. Metal is bulky and colored black as night. Armor may be enchanted to become lighter. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Armor is heavy when worn. ]
:: [ Item: Vial | An airtight crystal vial that is roughly the size of a human palm ]
:: [ Item: Black crown | Black cown with bone centerpiece that is held in place around the base of the tail. ]
:: [ Item: Necklace | Gold chain with amber diamond attached (Stolen from Anayis) (given by Hotaru) (stolen from Mirabella). ]
:: [ Companion: Orange-breasted Falcon | None | 4 yrs 3 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   6 AGL:   3 END:   7
OI:   1 DI:   1 MG:   0 CP:   1
7 9.5 4 67
Notable Accomplishments

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